Wealthy Affiliate Members

I just finished an article about Wealthy Affiliate Community which consists of members and here I am again looking at it from another Perspective and that is Wealthy Affiliate Members.

Well my article will be slightly different as I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and will put myself out there and look critically what constitutes a Wealthy Affiliate member?

These are good questions but most of them I have answered them through articles I have written but lets dig deeper into Affiliate members.

Who Are Affiliate Members?

I am an affiliate member so to answer the question simply, Affiliate Members are just ordinary people discovering  their  passions and turning them into niches.

That eventually grow into businesses and giving value to others while doing it.  They are Like minded people with a goal to succeed and help each other achieve success and empowerment.

These are people you find mostly within Wealthy Affiliate and if you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and whether it’s Legit I have written an article and you can click here! To Read.

You don’t need to be extraordinary to be an affiliate member.

I become one because I wanted to change my life and find something that has purpose.

I am moved into a new environment while I discovered opportunities were not that easy especially being black, not because of racism per se but because of the perception those people had in general about black people.

I don’t play the race card even if there maybe some truth to it, my purpose is to find opportunities and be an example to others that if I can make it so can they.

Giving hope to someone who needs it, is much more important to me.  So this article is not about race but about what constitutes Wealthy Affiliate members.

These members are generous, inside Wealthy Affiliate there’s  equal opportunity, no race cards are played but it’s how much you desire to be successful and the work you put in.

If you work hard whether you are black or white, African or European Kyle and Carson won’t look at that but they will look at your work and they will reward you accordingly.

How Do You Become WA Member?

First you have to have desire to do something and then take action but also research to see what really works for you before joining any platform and if you want to learn more on how to become a Wealthy Affiliate member I have written a Review and you can click here! To read.

I am not going to go into detail as the review does that for me but I am going to outline 5 things that’s I have benefited from being a member at WA.

5 Benefits of Being A Wealthy Affiliate Member

1. Learning How To Build A Website

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, which is free by the way through the Entrepreneur Certification. Once you join you learn to build your first website in Just 5 minutes and the lesson is easy and exciting and click here to see how easy it is.

2. How To Use Social Media

You then learn how to use social media because when you find your niche and build a business, you will need to find your audience (customers) though there are other ways you can do that social media has proved to have more success and you learn social media platforms will do that for you.

3. Learn How To Sign Up To Affiliate Platforms

Depending on what you want to do once you have built your website learnt how to use social media platforms you need to have products or solutions for desired audience. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the programs you can promote and I guarantee you, you will have success.

I have joined a lot of platforms others will be nice to you but once you join them you find so many up sells and you see that they are more interested in your money than solving your problems.

They forget that when one joins any platform it’s because you promised them a solution and not manipulating them into spending and spending.

I try to be fair when I am reviewing platforms because I know the trouble that people go through to sacrifice their hard-earned money and if you promise to solve their problems, I know one cannot solve all problems but if you promise solutions then you have to do just that.

Which you will find with Wealthy Affiliate Members, we are a community that help each other and if you want to learn more about the community click here! To read.

So You learn how to research and sometimes the research is done for us through training and you are helped on how to find the best Affiliate Programs.

4. Learn How To Leverage Your Business

In that I mean how to turn your business into a profit making business. Which is making money.

But you just don’t build a website and then think Success will come there’s a lot involved in affiliate marketing like content writing and here’s the article I wrote 3 Golden Tips To Content Writing. All theses come with the first step of building your website.

Then you go to social media and you learn how to open account where you will promote your business.

Remember not all social media platforms will work for you but you will find one or two that really works well and you will come to learn that there’s a lot of things that go on social media that are not true.

You need to be prepared for a long term goal and a lot of work and hours to even see the tiniest of success.

And success also depends on how you define it and how big your dream to succeed is if it’s not that big you will settle for quick fixes but if you really want success that will last.

Then building a firm foundation is key and that is an article for another day.

5. Success

After you have done the 4 steps above you finally see success, how do you know you ask because I have used these steps and have had success.

Also help others succeed don’t worry about greedy people, you will find them on social media even within platforms but remember when you help others to succeed doors of opportunities will open.

I know few people will appreciate you, others will want to just use you but trust me you will see success. I know it’s very frustrating but success does come be patient.


To become a Wealthy Affiliate member is free all you need is an email and your full names. You don’t even need a computer to be success, you can use a smartphone or An iPad.

I made my first money using the mini IPad and if you look at the work I have done you discover that determination and Persistence leads to success and if you want to learn about Success and determination click here! To read.

What are you waiting for, you have everything in you that you need for you to succeed, remember anything you want to change you can but you have to have strong desire then take action daily and you will be on your way to success before you know it.

And if you found this article interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you and here’s to your Success.



Wealthy Affiliate Community – My Experience

This article is based on my experience within Wealthy Affiliate from the time I joined to today,  so let’s take the journey within Wealthy Affiliate Community-my experience.

WA Community What is It?

This is from my experience and observation and having said that I would define it as a community of like-minded people helping each other succeed in Affiliate Marketing and in our own private lives as well and what do I mean by that? Through encouragement and aspirations.

The experience in the community is awesome. I remember when I joined WA, the welcoming messages that followed was so amazing and also everyone was so ready to help.

Some took time to private message me giving me guidelines and who to follow if I wanted to get the best of the community which I did and here I am seeing success and happy.

Kyle and Carson built the community on the basis of giving and receiving my own words but he says pay it forward, you receive according to the input you put in, but I have learnt to only interact In a hasty manner wherever I go.

It is a good practice and because this is an international community you are dealing with diversity and different cultures and backgrounds.

One definitely has to be good at communication skills and emotional intelligence but always be ready for those who have a negative aspect about things I call them sour grapes. The ruin everything..Lol

So Wealthy Affiliate Community is about like-minded people who share same goals and are willing to help each other achieve success.

What Do You Find Inside

We have newbies, seasoned affiliate marketers, from doctors, engineers, IT, Nurses, programmers, and the list goes on, each looking to find their best Niche or Passion and turn that into a business.

Awesome right I know it is. You find intellectuals, programmers and excellent business minds. The blog, train, motivate and encourage.

If You are feeling down the community has your back, are you stuck with your website? You will get help or you have run out of ideas you can ask directly within the community and I guarantee you someone will be there to help.

It is a very well organized community and the respect for one another is amazing.

Everyone is there to make you feel at home, valued and respected.

Nobody has ever made me feel like I didn’t belong there or I didn’t have what it takes to succeed, trust me I have been in many communities.

And you can feel when people are just tolerating you or they feel you are beneath them in terms of culture and background but not Wealthy Affiliate it is a true home for anyone who has a dream and wants to put in the work.

The Community has a lot that you can use to succeed like I mentioned you have blogging and training that members do to help other members and we also have a live chat that you can use to interact with other members and build amazing relationships.

So it’s not only about work but also about business opportunities and having fun connecting with others and learning about different cultures and how people think and behave.

It is a platform for growth opportunities mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What Can Be Done To Make It Better

The only thing I feel they need to do is build communities within Facebook groups where people can come together in real time and get to know each other.

I feel it helps build trust and it can really help answer questions especially if interacting using Facebook lives which is phenomenal.

Every business platform is using this to leverage their business, I may be wrong but I have not seen a Wealthy Affiliate Community on Facebook.

I have seen members reach out to me and we have built amazing friendships but I am looking forward to having a Wealthy Affiliate Community on social media.

I feel this is the only thing that they need to work on to make it even better but that’s my opinion.

The knowledge is exciting and I love the tasks which are given inside WA, they challenge you to come out of your comfort zone and to think outside the box.

I am usually a very busy person but I do find time to interact with the community and write blogs within the WA community.

I have amazing people who are always there when I need them for business but also for personal things as well.

How Do You Join The Community

There’s a free training called Entrepreneur Certification and it’s absolutely free, no credit card requirements, just your email address and your full names.

It gives you access to the community but you really do get full benefits if you Join Premium and If you want to learn more about either the entrepreneur certification or Wealthy Affiliate? I have written a detailed Review and you can click here to read!

Remember If you have no money for premium which is an Awesome opportunity you can still join for free and make use of the community.

You will never know what you can achieve in your life until you take action.  As Richard Bradshaw says “Take Action Daily”

It’s those daily routines that will open opportunities and make you realize your true potential 3 years ago I had no idea I would be able to be an affiliate marketer but I had the desire to do something about my life.

To find myself again, you may ask to find yourself again? Yes you heard me right I had gone through so hard stuff and in the midst of that, I had to leave my own Country of origin into a new Country with a different language and culture.

I had to overcome the obstacle of the language barrier first then learn the Culture which was totally different from mine.

You only discover how much you don’t know when you get into a territory that is not familiar and chaos erupts and in that process you kind of lose yourself but then when you find your feet.

You can conquer and Wealthy Affiliate helped me in finding not only my purpose but finding myself again.

But I had to have desire coupled with taking action and now I am enjoying what I am doing.

I have built amazing friendships, opportunities opened up, learnt how to use social media constructively and today I am a very happy person and full of gratitude.

You see I found a Community that helped me see all that, that when one door closes never despair there’s hope all you have to do is hold on to that faith and hope that there’s greatness in you and the best is yet to come.

Someone opened my eyes when they said no matter how difficult life may seem nothing stays the same life is about movement and things will change.

And that statement changed everything in my life and yes things have changed I am happy again, I can laugh and I love my life because of finding a community that was there for me, encouraged me, motivated me and how did that come about desire and taking action.

You can do it, If I did it and I have overcome every obstacle I had in a foreign Country with a language barrier and no one to show me how to navigate.

I depended on my instincts and trusted myself to succeed. I discovered a strength in me I never thought I had and so you can You!

And if you found this article interesting please leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.


Wealthy Affiliate Costs


Online business can be very costly, I have come to learn that through joining Wealthy Affiliate.   So today let’s take a look at how much Wealthy Affiliate Costs?

As with any business you have to plan, set goals and then move towards that but what about those that join without having the knowledge of having an online business or any business in general?  How can they succeed once they join Wealthy Affiliate?

First let’s discuss Entrepreneur Certification which is a free Course, how much does one benefit from it?  Yes Entrepreneur Certification is free but it’s only there as I discovered upon signing up, it’s there to motivate you to want to upgrade to premium which is actually the back bone of WA.

Wealthy Affiliate and Costs

Well it depends on where you are in life in terms of finances, and how quick you want to succeed, but also how much time you have at your hands.  Having said that let’s break down the costs for a beginner with less money to spend.

If you sign up for the Entrepreneur Certification which is absolutely free, and you upgrade within the 7 days of you signing up, you only pay $19 for upgrading to Premium Membership.

But Premium Membership is $49 and you can also do a yearly membership but this is for another day but for a beginner you pay $49 monthly and you also have to prepare to pay for domains which is about $13 yearly renewable.

This are the only Costs you have within WA, but you have an option to have a siterubix domain which get indexed as well and it does well for free.

I joined with less money but these are the two steps I took and I have seen good results and succeeded in my business online as an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s Jaaxy keyword Research Tool But this is when you have started seeing success and you want to have a more advanced keyword research tool and if you are interested you can read my Jaaxy  Review!

Other than that Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform that is consistent with its cost, there are no hidden up-sells.  What I have written above is exactly what you will find inside WA.

You can start your Journey just paying premium membership of $49, you can then use siterubix domains and you immediately start promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

You start getting paid and you then can get into other options.  Wealthy Affiliate caters for everyone.  Seasoned Affiliate marketers and newbies you will find what works for you financially.

How To Avoid Costs Within WA

First as a newbie, you have to have time to dedicate to your work, I am fortunate that I have other things that cover me financially which leave me with a lot of time but I also have a house to think about.

I have another businesses  to add to my list of things but I do have time which I use to research and write content.  And if you are interested in learn 3 Tips For Content Writing click here!

Find Time to dedicate to your website, sometimes I am busy but I found time like 3 hours to 4 to write and  research ideas regarding content writing.

If you can dedicate 3 to 4 hours everyday, you can write 6 articles minimum every week, I have managed to write about 14 articles  in 2 weeks which comes to 7 articles a week.

Not bad you see, I have no money to hire someone to write my content but I have a desire to Succeed and desire is a very powerful tool if combined with taking action daily.

Researching and Reading

I did write an article about this and I keep on emphasizing the need for researching and reading but also from experience.

I find writing from experience makes you never run out of ideas.  You have to have a passion for books.  I ready mainly self development books and I find them helpful in bringing up ideas,

As I have always said Affiliate Marketing is not easy you need to really work hard and write content which can be very challenging.  So do you spend a lot of money within WA? Absolutely not, if you can spare $50 every month you sacrifice that, you will definitely get some success.

Success does not only come through monetary methods but through also connecting with other people and it brings growth and purpose and I have touched on that in my article I have written regarding wether Wealthy Affiliate is Legit and you can click here to read!

I have sacrificed $50 every month by giving up something I love which is parfums to using that for my online business.

Which now has started coming back through promoting Wealthy Affiliate and I want to save that so that come December I will be able to pay my yearly membership and plan also to upgrade to Premium For Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Costly My Conclusion

No WA is not costly, but affordable all you have to do is find time to work on your niche or business, upgrade only to premium which has a free keyword research tool you can use and siterubix domain.  These two I have used and have had success.

WA gives you many options from a free webinar weekly, free training,  free live chat and a community that is willing to help you until you see success isn’t that amazing?  I think it is.  So If you want to learn more I have written a Wealthy Affiliate detailed review and you click here to read!

Being  successful now is easy all you need is Internet, you can also do your research through YouTube and google free of charge and have success.

Is it possible You ask?  Yes it is that’s what I have been using and have had success.  I have a desire to succeed and I take action every day.  And I listen to audio affirmations both for having a positive Mental Attitude and business success as well.

I wake up early around 04:30 and dedicate sometimes even 5 hours of my time to work on my website and I know for sure that will bring me Success in one way or another.  All I have to do is find time and persist.  The saying Rome was not built in one day is what keeps me going.

So you see, you don’t need a lot of money to start with Wealthy Affiliate you just need as little as $50 with desire coupled with passion and you will definitely see success.  I can assure you there are no upsells with Wealthy Affiliate and you have so many options.

The Community helps with free trainings which you can capitalize on and succeed.  I hope you found value reading my article and if you did do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

And if you have an questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate and Costs please send me an email or reach out to me through social media and I will be of help.

Having said that I wish you success and hope to see you inside WA.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

Alot of folks have written about this but I am going to write from my own story and experience.  I joined Wealthy Affiliate 4th July 2017, I was searching for something that could change my life and give me purpose and I stumbled through WA.  What really caught my eye was their free training but Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

I have just said what caught my eye was their free training, you only needed to create an account using your full names and email address.

I thought that was cool and being the curious type I decided to give it a try and OMG! I was so happy and excited.

Discovering new things excites me and building a website in just 5 minutes that was amazing for me.

Remember I mentioned I had zero knowledge about affiliate marketing or the online world but I used to be on google and YouTube everyday and the thought never crossed my mind that I can do the same until WA.

I was so excited that after finishing the Entrepreneur Certificate.  I joined, and you can click here! If you want to learn more, I had to upgrade to premium, shortly after.

Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit?

It depends how you define the word scam, I have seen people get scammed every day and I was once almost scammed but because of coming from Africa and having some friends who knew about these scams.

I got a good education from their stories so I always try to research as much as possible and I have ways to protect my personal information.  Enough of  that.  Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes it is very Legit, the only catch to Joining is understanding that affiliate marketing is not about quick money.

It involves alot of hard work.  Some people get lucky and have a break quicker than others but if you join with a long term goal in mind you would have put yourself on a road to success.

And if you want to know how long it takes to succeed in Affiliate Marketing? Then you have come to the right place here is an article that explains in detail.  click here to read!

You have to be willing to put in a lot of hours and you have to love to read and research I feel this is the backbone of affiliate marketing, why do I say so?

Content writing is key and to be able to come up with good content like 3 times a week as they say, you need to come up with good ideas.

You are talking about writing good content that no one is writing about, I usually read like 4 good books and before I know it  I have a lot to write about and they come out naturally and that in there is key.

Getting back to the subject of Wealthy Affiliate being Legit, Yes it is and if you work really hard you will see fruits of your hard work.  For some people it may come in big chucks and I respect that.

But some in small bits then boom!  growing to big chunks.  I really love to work hard because of the pride of achievement that comes with that.

I know you always have those that quit before they see results and they go about saying negative things about WA.  I am Zambian from Africa never met Kyle or Carson but I promised myself that I will work hard until I see results having a long term goal in mind and finally I did have my break and Wealthy Affiliate Paid me on time and here is proof below.


Can I See Results and Succeed?

I have written an article 7 Tips for Success and you can click here to read.  I usually write about things I have discovered within my Journey as an affiliate marketer.

Things that have worked for me not that I have not had moments of doubts I had them when I tried Amazon Associates that didn’t work well because of the time frame they give or because I should have waited until my website grow bigger I don’t know but when I tried promoting WA.  There I found my break and that’s where I am putting my effort.

You see Wealthy Affiliate has actually worked for me and I am very happy it’s not mainly about making money, I really do want to make money but through WA, I have learnt to use social media which has opened many opportunities like meeting people from all walks of life and create amazing friendships and business opportunities.

Is It Just About The Money Aspect?

If you look at it like that then you will make a huge mistake, there’s more that comes from being an affiliate marketer you learn to brand yourself not only as a business but as yourself.  I want to brand myself because that for me will leave  a legacy for my Son.  He will be able to look at my work and get inspired to be whoever he wants to be.

You learn about social media platforms you find what works and what doesn’t work.  Facebook, Instagram and twitter work best for me.  Pinterest I used it as  dream board for me, in that I mean I can create my dream life on Pinterest through creating boards all these I discovered when I joined WA.

I am in Italy and it’s very difficult to find a Job and when I looked around I decided I will found something to do and I did.

Now through my work I can encourage other women who are stuck to dust themselves up and find their voice and purpose as my friend Leslie Gunterson says she wants to change the lives of 10,000 women but I want to change more and if African women are among those then I will be happy.

You see All these ideas started coming up when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, the money aspect is great but giving hope to someone through them finding a purpose, or a calling, if they can find something they love and use it to change other people’s lives then Leslie Gunterson’s wish has come true.

You can discover so many exciting things through Wealthy Affiliate and if you are interested in learning more and finding your true purpose here is the Review I did which explains WA in details.

So You see the Money is good but being a solution to someone’s problem is even a higher purpose than just money because if you can be a solution you can make money.

So having a long term in mind is key  and remember that WA is legit and if you join with a broader picture in mind.  You will discover that your Journry within  WA will be fun and full of adventures of learn and coming up with amazing ideas.


Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, it is a program that can move you towards success.  It is not about Kyle and Carson but about yourself.

Your dreams and goals and how badly you want to success, it’s about patience and perseverance and I have written an awsome article about that and you can click here to read!

Come Join the WA Family and you will not regret and the beauty about WA is that  the Entrepreneur Certificate is absolutely free that’s where I started from and look where I am.

Trying out things with an open mind never hurts.  I love what I am doing and it has given me hope and purpose.

And If you found this article interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you and here is to your Success!

May Challenge: 5 Critical Days To New Me

Product. : 5 Critical Days To #NewMe Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life

Price : Free

Owners : Leslie Gunterson

Where To Find It : Facebook Group New Life New Money New    You

Website : lesliegunterson.com

Overall Rank 95 Out 100

When you are an entrepreneur or doing online business, you encounter a lot of obstacles and challenges, so having communities or groups that help you be accountable for your work and actions in order to see success is a must. Today I thought of writing about a product I tried it’s actually a training called May Challenge 5 Days To New Me.

This is a training that helps you unblock anything that is stopping you to reach your goals or realize your dreams. We all have goals and dreams.

We all want to succeed and speaking of success I have written an article about 7 Tips to Success you can click here to read. So I will not go into details about that.

What is this 5 Day Challenge

This is a challenge about a new you done by Leslie Gunterson, we connected through social media and then I signed up for a 15 minute one-to-one talk.

And we discussed many exciting things but because of having a trip, I had to schedule my training to July because I will be in Africa until mid June.  I need time to settle down shake off the vacation and then get to work.

It is usually difficult for us to work in July in Italy because that’s when the fun begins right into the 2nd week of Settembre which means September in English.  But I will find time to work.

So back to the topic, this is a challenge where you come up with what’s bothering you through a list called Bugger List. We all have issues, righ? things that are bothering us or making us lose sleep. If you know what I mean so it’s easy to come up with that list.

She actually touches on 5 things that can change our life’s to being a new me with a new mindset that brings change sounds exciting right?

I know I was so excited because I am a firm believer of affirmations and creating a life that I want and if you are interested in learning if affirmations really work here’s an exciting article I wrote click here! To read.

She starts with Day 1 right to day 5 but she also gives tasks that you do to be a new you, she has a saying that I really love “the old you cannot create what you want now” I do agree with her,  from my own experience I am Zambian born and when I moved to Italy.

I tried to use the old me into a new environment and those of you who have moved to New Countries and settled there you definitely know this, it does not work.

You need a mind shift more like a paradigm shift, I call it a total overhaul which is so scary because you leave everything that was so familiar and you get into an unfamiliar territory.

It was the most scary thing I have ever experienced and I had to be strong and get rid of everything that was not serving me.

I was lucky to have an Italian friend, (elderly) who was patient and tried to explain things but when you are going through a life crisis nothing makes sense.

You are gripped with the fear of unknown that’s what I call it, so if you can relate breath and hang in there. You are just being stretched so you can handle the new environment look at it as being in School.

So when I saw this 5 day challenge by Leslie Gunterson I knew I had to take it because I had changed into a new me but still had some stuff that I had to let go of so I joined and came up with my bugger list and some tasks and if you want to learn more here’s the Name – New Life New Money New You of her Facebook Page.

Here is the Overview

Day 1 : Bugger List with Tasks

This is about banishing overwhelm forever with the mentioned List. I will not go into details you have to join her group to get the most of this training and other training she offers.

Day 2 : Dealing with Negative Emotions and 2 Ways To Release Negative emotions.

Day 3 : 3 Things that block your success in any goal or desire focusing on what you don’t want. This was a good one for me I have a very fortunate life I can’t complain.

But I tend to create my goals and desires, achieve them, then I  lose everything I have  created which through her help I discovered had to do with my beliefs.

I am excited for what is in store as She coaches me in July which of course you will have s full review of what my goals will be though I already have them.

She touches on how we sometimes take action and then doubt. I can definitely relate to that can you?

Day 4 : How To Be Clear on What You want. This was really fun for me and I love going bold some people laugh at me and some are negative but if you knew me well you will understand that I love big bold things that others are scared of. That’s just fuels me and gives me energy.

I love new and exciting things, I get bored easily so I am Always on the look for new knowledge or something creative and exciting.

So when I am on social media mostly it’s learning. I do interact with friends and family but you either find me writing articles, helping people or watching training replays from communities and groups I have Joined.

Day 5 : Taking Action On What you really want. I don’t need to go into details because I know this is the most fun part.

You want to do it because partly you are curious to see if what she teaches manifests or you are tired of the old you which will never create what you want.   If that’s you then Join her group it’s free and so is the training.

I have written some very bold things I want to create and my trip to Africa came through a 7-day affirmation challenge I did and I did manifest exactly what I wanted.

It was so interesting because I went there out of curiosity but I had an open mind. Some guy in the group challenged us to go higher curious as I am I  laughed, and said let me try this amount and Boom I got the exact amount from a source I least expected.

So I tell everyone try out things with an open mind and positive mind you will be surprised the creative power that unlocks within us.

Where ever you are and whoever you are, if you are reading this article believe in yourself. You do have creative powers you don’t need money right away.  You need to change your beliefs about money.

You need your mind, your mouth and your beliefs, Napoleon Hill says “the law of the mind is the law of belief” whatever you can believe you can create so dust yourself up and get into that creative mold and take actions daily by following the tasks given in the 5 day challenge.

And If You Found This Article Interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you and here is to Your Success.


Product. : 5 Critical Days To #NewMe Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life

Price   : Free

Owners : Leslie Gunterson

Where To Find It : Facebook Group New Life New Money New    You

Website : lesliegunterson.com

Overall Rank 95 Out 100




Determination and Persistence Drives Success

Have you ever be hit by life’s challenges and you have no idea what to do, it’s like you wake up one day everything seems to be going on well and suddenly every is turns upside down. You need every strength in you to spin the wheels and that’s right spin the wheel but how? Determination and Persistence drives Success.

Yes you heard right, you need determination coupled with Persistence because this world sometimes can be unfair, you discover how unfair the world is if you dream big and you want to succeed.

People will throw everything at you to stop you from being you, from dreaming, succeeding it’s another different Battle.

Questioning Yourself

When you are determined to succeed people will watch how you speak, how you interact with others, what you overcome and some are just ready to set traps so you don’t achieve your dreams but do not despair their’s hope and it’s called Determination but how do you develop that?


I don’t think you learn how to be determined it’s within you, I remember as a young girl, I had people in my life who just kept saying negative words like you are nothing, you will never mount up to something, you are stubborn.

Remember when people don’t  figure out who you are, they resort to name-calling.

But I never let these words stops me, I would feel anger rise within and I would  say in my heart I will show you that anything is possible and I would work towards whatever was put in my way until I succeeded.

It gave me a strange satisfaction that I can not put into words. A Joy that no one can ever give you and I was about 7 years old.

I am from Africa, Zambia to be precise and nobody taught me about determination but I cultivated it by myself I don’t know how but I had it within me.

Trust me I have been thrown all kinds of stones, Friends I never used to care much about what they said I could handle them because I was a strong willed child.

But when family throws stones and laughs at you.  That’s a different thing.  Because we get love and assurance from family but don’t you worry you can overcome that as well I did.

I never used to get into arguments but I used to use my creativity to find solutions to all my problems no matter how big they were and when I saw that I used to win.

I developed that strength but I didn’t know it was called determination until later in my adult years.  Where their’s determination their’s faith.

I grew up in a Christian home and faith was a driving force in our home but I am a thinker and a very practical one, I am analytical so when it came to faith I would dismantle a belief look at it from the analytical point of view and I would think until I found what really worked which made me be criticized even more but I never gave up I was determined to win and I won most of the times.

Do You encounter Failures with Determination?

Absolutely and a lot of it, because people will try to prove you wrong especially if you are a dreamer but always remember their’s always a way,  you just have to find it,  ask the right questions and be determined knowing everything passes no matter how long it takes.

I went through a problem that lasted almost 6 years, it drained me I questioned everything I ever believed in, I had a paradigm shift in my thinking when I came out of my comfort zone being my Country of origin going into a different country with a different mindset and culture.

There you discover what you believed as your values don’t work, you need to do an overhaul and this is were most people fail and others get it.

In this phase of growth you find that you have to let go of what does not save you in order to embrace new things and a new mindset which you have no idea whether it will serve you are not and this is were Persistence comes.


I am not going to be giving definition but I am writing from the point of experience, because experiences are different depending on were you were born, what you have been taught, your educational background and the list go on.

Books are an amazing source of opening your mind to creative thinking but reality is something else.

Remember I mentioned that I am a thinker and very analytical and as such I discover principles that work with the universe because when you discover those principles you can use them in any given environment so I pride myself at decision-making.

I like to make tough decision because of benefits that come with that so when I moved to Italy.

I was so confident that I would win and that’s when I got a rude shock, I made decisions that I knew would work because I understood principles work in any environment, I was determined combined with faith, I persisted but nothing worked and it scared the hell lot of me.

I didn’t know what to do but I was determined to find an answer that’s what determination does it finds a way and when you persist doors open and answers come in but you will have moments of doubts, fears, panic don’t be alarmed these are normal things that come with growth.

So I was like what is going on, I kept on praying and asking questions to myself, researching until I came across a book that  talked about emotional intelligence and their right their I had my answer I was so excited that I read the whole book in 2 weeks and the Author is Daniel Coleman.

What Gave Me Answers To My Questions

Determination and Persistence, but I didn’t  have success because so many things were happening at that time in my life but it was a start which lead me into Affiliate Marketing then lead me into other amazing opportunities.

Success Atlast

After much travail and headaches and overcoming barriers of cultural differences, I managed to shake off what did not save me, I have a lot of people who have seen me integrate into Italian culture and I am a Zambian but they get confused thinking I have given up being Zambian.

I just look at them because I have come to discover that when somebody doesn’t get you drop it don’t get into an argument, I am Zambian and very grateful to be one but I live in Italy this is my home now so what ever worked in Zambia will not work here.

Common sense right wrong people are different and they perceive things differently so all you do is listen to them.

Respect their opinion and move on and remember don’t take man’s opinion as gospel truth take from “Think and Grow rich” by Napoleon Hill which I agree with him.

When you put your life in man’s hand you are doomed for failure and regret.  Be You, love yourself but never ever give up determination and Persistence it will drive you to success.

No matter the obstacles, the fears or whatever you are going through always say “It’s a Phase It Will Pass”

Hope you enjoyed my article and if you found this article interesting, do not hesitate to leave me a comment down below and I will definitely get back to you.

Here’s to Determination and Persistence coupled with Faith.

Do I have enough retirement income? here is a SOLUTION

Everyone retires at one point or another, some get s retirement package through being married and your spouse dies, not that one likes to get retirement like that.  But such is life and you work with what life hands you in a heart of gratitude and positivity.  Others through paying a pension scheme.  Well I have asked this question over and over again searching for answers Do I have enough retirement income? Here is a solution.

Retirement Not Enough? Get Answers 

You know it depends on what kind of pension you have and how much you saved up, you will soon discover that money is never enough and that money is important.

I inherited a pension and at first I was happy thinking It will atleast solve all my problems.  I live in Italy north Italy to be precise where the cost of living is very high.

And most people are satisfied with having a pension, I am very grateful but I also know the limitations that come with it.

I live in the outskirts of Italy so I cannot speak for everyone living in Italy but where I am it’s like that’s all everyone looks foward to.  I came from the Capital of my Country of Origin where I was  used to multitasking and making money.

Though I am from Africa and people have a wrong impression of Africa especially for those living in European Countries but you can’t blame them.

Sometimes we do give them reasons to think like that but enough of that, right now let’s dig deeper into whether when one retires they have enough income,  it depends.

Some do have a good pension depending on  how much they were paying and others don’t, mine is not very big but it’s  not very small either of which I am so very grateful.

But I still need money for other things like going on vacations, eating out, clothes.

Saving up for old age.  So I started searching  for ways to triple my pension, triple I mean I start making extra income so I do not touch my pension and in that it triples.

I researched and looked at many platforms, some looked suspicious until I came across a platform that was offering a free training.

This  free training is there to specifically help you test if this program is a fit for you if not you walk away without paying anything.

You are not asked for credit cards just an email and a password so here is my number 1 Solution.

My Number 1 Solution – Affiliate Marketing

I came across this when I was passing through a very trying moment and it was a blessing in disguise and the platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

I will not go into details because I have written a detailed review and click here! to read.

This is not a get rich quick money but it’s about hard work putting in hours, being on social media, engaging with the community.

It’s hard work but the rewards when they start coming in are worth the effort.  I am a firm believer of being grateful for small things.

But I can assure you, it will guarantee you some good income that can help you triple your savings or your pension if you have.

You ask how do you know because I am making money, not much but it’s sorting out some bills.

It’s a great platform if you have time like I do but you will discover that other opportunities will open up as well and then you will have to make a choice as to what you want to do.

It is a great place to start in You are looking for more opportunities and build a solid business.

I love Affiliate Marketing because it’s about researching and writing which I am very passionate about.

And It teaches you how to build a business from scratch you doing the work and when you succeed, it feels so good because of how much work you have put in.

My Number 2 Solution  – Kulabrands

If Affiliate Marketing is not a fit for you I’ve got you covered, I have a royalty based income platform called Kulabrands and I have also written a detailed review and if you want to learn more click here to read.

It’s a very exciting platform with lots of social media interactions, so you are not afraid that maybe you are dealing with scammers.

These are people who use social media especially Facebook and they do a lot of lives where you interact with them and you can reach them through emails.

They do respond quickly and I love them because of there willingness to help others and they believe in team work and if they forge forward and push through their struggles they will be unbeatable.  I love a platform that believes in working hand in hand.

They believe in team work and building each other up, they encourage direct and help you achieve your goals or dreams.

They have multiple groups according to brands and you interact with the founders in real time which is crazy awesome right  but they don’t have a free program like Wealthy Affiliate.

Which One Is The Best?

Both are and they are different, they don’t compete with other, how do you know you ask?

because I am using both platforms.  I have written a review Wealthy Affiliate verses Kulabrands which explains in details how different these platforms are and if you are interested click here! To read.


~ My Number 1 Solution – Affiliate Marketing

~ My Number 2 Solution  – Kulabrands

– Which One Is The Best


I have looked at whether the retirement pension is enough and what best solutions for making extra cash can be.

Whether it is for a vacation, for buying a house or eating out whatever it is that you desire.  We also looked at  wanting to triple the pension which is my dream and desire.

I have also given two options as solutions to the problem if the retirement is not enough as it is for me.

You don’t need to research much though I always encourage people to do that.  I have done half of your Job so there will not be an excuse as to why your life can’t change.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to try their platform free of charge and you can decide if you like to upgrade to premium but they will never ask for your credit card.

I can assure you that once you try their platform you will Join because of how exciting it is, I joined a month after testing their platform.  I couldn’t sleep until I joined I was so excited with the trainings and the tasks are fun.

Kulabrands is about funding inventors and branding them, then you get to receive the products of whatever project you funded and you start waiting for royalties.

I love the community which on Facebook fantastic, I love their trainings done by Deborah Lynn Caswell and Others. I am about to get into another training and I will definitely write a review.

I really do enjoy both but you don’t have to be like me, you maybe interested one and not interested in another but whatever you decide will be based upon your preferences.

I hope you found this article informative and if you have any question or you just enjoyed the article do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

I wish You success and I hope you can find a way to triple your pension and enjoy it.  And here is to Your Success!

Setting Goals and Affirmations Do They Work

I am a lover of experiments and all my topics are on things I have tried and achieved either by having success or failure because I believe that’s how you learn. And today let us look at Setting Goals and Affirmations Do They Work?

Interesting topic right? I know it’s interesting, but I have come to learn in this life that they are human beings that are different and there are some who get it, then they are those who want to question everything and they are those who just don’t believe but that is not going to stop me from writing this article.

Someone out there may get it and their life can change and then I will be happy that writing this article was actually worth it. So having said that let’s get into business.

What Really Works?

I am a firm believer of both setting goals and affirmations. Why do I say that, in case you know nothing about affirmations.

I will give you a short definition of affirmations and why they are important, but also make you understand how setting goals and affirmations work hand in hand.

I will also tell you how I have used both goal setting and affirmations to create financial break through which also helped me  pay off my debts all through the power of affirmations and this was the first time I had used them.

I use prayer and worship as a form affirmations but today is entirely about goal setting and affirmations.

What is an Affirmation?

It is an action or process of affirming something, like you repeating something over and over until your subconscious mind picks it and then bring it into the space of time. More like your creative powers.

So now we know what affirmations are so when we combine affirmations and setting goals does that work, my answer is yes it does but you have to be consistent.

How Does Goal Setting and Affirmations Work?

I am glad you have asked that question, you see to be able to do affirmations you have to have a goal in mind.

You have to set a time frame of when you want that goal accomplish but when it comes to affirmations you just speak into the universe and wait for a response but you should also be able to recognize the answer when it comes.

I just had an experience where I did combine prayers and affirmations, I wrote a certain amount of money through an experiment I started this affirmation.

I didn’t believe it was going to happen and I never paid much attention. Then grow a Law of Attraction group then young woman gave a task of saying affirmations for 7 days and she asked as to put I figure and I did and did my affirmations.

To my Surprise My Bank called me and suggested a figure of the first affirmation I did and at that time I did not pay attention then they asked for a lot of documents but finally everything was done and they did an amazing Job to sort out all my issues.

Then this lady she’s Italian looks at me and says I think I will give you this amount. I didn’t not pay attention because I kind of forgot about it but then I went home as I was going through some affirmations I found the paper I had written on and OMG! It changed to the actual money I was getting.

I was so blown away and then I truly believed that the subconscious mind can actually create our realities but not the way we plan but the best way possible for us.

I did clear my debts. Started afresh and I had a surplus which indirectly she showed me how to do it and I am truly grateful she did.

So you see I had to set goals of doing my affirmations in stages, from 7 days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days, that is one affirmation I am 100% sure happened.

I have others where I was dealing with fear, unforgiveness and other internal stuff and I have found so much peace and I have energy.

I look forward to my new day every morning. I know when you set goals and you are consistent and persevere you will definitely win.

My Bonus For You

If You want to learn how to set goals and you want practical steps for achieving success? Don’t go far I have an answer for you, Wealthy Affiliate is that answer for you.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to set goals but also how to achieve them. You will learn also how to turn what you love or are passionate about into a business.

The Starter Membership is Free and Premium Membership is $49 but if you sign up for free and upgrade with 7 days you only pay $19.

I will give you a free training as bonus and I will be available for you 24/7 until you see success.

Goal Setting How do you do that?

First you have to be clear about what you want and why you want what you want, this can be from a vacation, to buying a Car, a house or evening having enough money in the bank.

Once you know what you want, draw a plan how you are going to achieve your goals for me I use prayers, affirmations but I will also outline steps of action to take towards my goals. I leave my mind open to possibilities and look around me for opportunities.

You have to be able to listen to your inner self for direction and a door will open especially if you are open-minded. I love using setting goals together with affirmations because they actually work wonders for me. I didn’t believe them but I had an open mind to just try and I am glad I did.

So Whether you are doing affirmations or you are just setting goals, you need to plan and then take action, you have to know what you want by having a clear goal in mind, write it down and affirm every day. Trust me you will be amazed at how creative our minds can be.

Remember the mind works based on your belief system and it manifests what you want according to what you believe in. So if you want to change anything in your life change your mindset and your beliefs.


~ What really works

~ What is an affirmation

– How Does Setting Goals and Affirmations Work?

~ Goal Setting How Do You Do That?


I have talked about goal setting and affirmations, how they work, the importance of having a clear objective of what you really want and being focused. You have to be consistent, perseveres and you also have to have an open mind, you learn to let go and not dwell on the affirmations but to allow the universe to reward you.

I have seen goal setting and affirmations bring amazing results and I know how power the mind is and how creative it is. So next time you want to achieve something try some affirmations and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear what else you do if you want to create or achieve something in your life.

I hope you find this article informative and if you have any questions or story on how to set goal and how to use affirmations do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Here is To Your Success


Success And Money What Is The Difference

Everyone wants to succeed and have money maybe you don’t but I do.  Not only do I want to Succeed but I want to have money as well, so today I decided to find out about Success and Money what is the difference?

What Is The definition Of Success?

Many confuse success to having money that’s when they think they have succeeded right? Wrong I looked at the definition of success and this is what came out of google search, Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Let’s look at these two words aim and purpose. And I have written an article on the 7 Tips to Success click here! To read.

Aim for example can be losing weight,  I am aiming to lose weight in a month so I set a goal and when I managed to lose my weight in that time frame I have succeeded.

And what about purpose for me I would choose purpose as the reason for which something is done, created or for which something exists.

So this could be a business or your passion which could lead you to understand your existence.

Now that we understand success as being an aim or a purpose let’s now understand the definition of Money.

What is the Definition Of Money?

I also looked up what money really is and this is what came up from Google, the definition of money is a current medium of exchange in form of coins and banknotes.

So you see this is talking about a medium of exchange in order to have something for example if you want to buy a dress you will need money as a form of exchange in order to have it.

Now you see though success and money are used simultaneously they are two different things but are both important for you to pursue.

If  You aim at anything it will give you  purpose which will then make you succeed  and when success comes it can help you find ways to turn that into monetary gain which in turn helps you to use money as medium of exchange for anything you need in this world.

3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

I often see people desperate to have quick money or to search for ways to make quick money, just as the concept is good and exciting I am not a fun of doing things quickly.

Don’t get me wrong hear me out there are times when you need quick money for a project or when you get sick you want to pay for your hospital bills.

You would need to have money at hand as a means of exchange to get what you want but first you need to succeed at something in order to have money.

Here Are 3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

1. Setting Goals

To be able to set goals’, you need to know what you are aiming for and what your purpose is or in other words what you are passionate about it.

And once you find out about that you need to be focused and set achievable goals’, I tried the quick money setting goals’ thing and it failed but my long time goal succeeded and why did my long time goal succeed? Here is why?

2. Patience

I had set to goals’, fortunately, one was for a short term goal and the other was for a long term but inside of me I knew my short term wasn’t realistic but I had set it when I started my online business which was one of my requirements.

Even when I was writing that goal I felt it and I listened to my instincts and watched for the outcome.  Which was correct.

But for my long term goals’ I had peace and I knew the time frame I set for myself was actually achievable, so was my instincts right Oh Yes, and this has nothing to do with our belief system but just being realistic, I know about belief systems coming from Africa were you find so many limiting beliefs.

But this is about being successful in setting our goals’ which can be from as simple as losing weight to having financial freedom in all these when you set goals’ you need to patient and how does patience come? I am glad you asked.  Which leads me to next and last one of the 3 ways to achieve success and money.

3. Persustence

Yes you heard me you need patience in order to develop persistence, I am a winner, I love to set goals’ and achieve them and I do most of the times.

Why? It helps me be disciplined in decision-making,  just as I am quick to make decisions regarding opportunities there are those times when you need to wait for the right moment to move,  in order for you to have a huge success.

Success and money comes down to what you really want as an individual based on your values and goals’, and how much you want your success to be.

But also how much money you want to make and the period to achieving this and once you do, in  whether you have lost weight or made money.  When you achieve that goal then you have succeeded.

As you can see success and money can be used simultaneously but they do mean two different things and is it wrong to want both? Absolutely not I want to be Successful both in my goal settings which most of them include making money in my online business.

My first priority is helping people that is why I do  what I do, I like helping people discover the right information or knowledge so they can make good  independent decisions.

When the Bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge it just means that,  I know this coming from my background and humble beginning of being raised in Africa.

Africa is beautiful but it can also be challenging and overwhelming especially for women and young girls.

I was passionate at a young age and I loved reading finding knowledge,  I was just obsessed with knowledge, I couldn’t understand then but now everything makes so much sense.

It’s the thirst for knowledge that helped me make the right decisions which then shaped my destiny.  And if you are interested in shaping your destiny? Here is my article on 7 Tips to Success.

Have I succeeded and Made Money

I can safely say, I was born a very fortunate child and I am always grateful to God that he gave me that desire for something more, the desire to look around and say to myself I want more.

And that put me on a road of success.  Not only with money but also with my dreams and goals’ in life.  I know there are people who don’t believe in God or you can say a higher being but I do.

And I believe if you just listen deep down in your hearts and your  surroundings then we will discover how our higher self were God resides, that he is real and he speaks within our hearts.

And that is a topic for another day today it’s about success and money.

But I can say with Confidence that I have had many successes and I have also had financial success.

For me Success is little things that I achieve everyday like saying affirmations for 7 days, 30 days or 90 days.

I love exercising and I would set time frames and achieve those things.  It has greatly helped me decision-making and success does boost our self-worth.

Have I had Failures

A lot of them, but most of them were either lack of proper knowledge or things beyond my control.

I love order in my life and to control things which I have discovered brings a lot of suffering and frustrations.

But  coming out of your comfort zone when you are being stretched can cause loses.  I will write an article about my experience one day.


~ What is the definition of Success

~ What is the definition of Money

~ 3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

– Have I Succeeded and Made Money

– Have I had Failures


We have looked at success and money, I have given definition for both and I have also looked at the 3 ways to achieve success and money.

These are principles I have used and have had success and money. I have had a lot of money but I also had a lot of losses but the 3 things that has always been with me is setting achievable goals’, patience and persistence.

Even when you incur loses you still need to set goals’, to be patient knowing it’s a phase it will pass.

But also being persistence because persistence does give you a break if you don’t quit and Always be grateful for what you have whether you are succeeding or having loses.

Gratefulness opens amazing doors of opportunities.

Low hanging keywords Do They RANK?

Whether it’s writing content or finding the keywords that rank we need to understand what brings success and that’s why I am writing this article on Low hanging keywords do they rank?

Good question, I like to write my articles from both research and experience, in that I mean trying to understand low hanging keywords from research which involves reading and if you are wondering why I put my emphasis on reading then click here to read my article on 3 Golden Tips to writing content which involves even understanding low hanging keywords.

What is a Low Hanging Keyword?

People have different definitions but I don’t like to complicate things I love simple and straight forward solutions, which are easy to understand and implement and as such a low hanging keyword is a low competition phrase you type into a keyword research tool to help you know if you can rank with the that phrase, like when you are searching for something using google search engine.

Here is the the example of a Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy Lite.

And if you want to learn more about keyword research tools, understanding them and how to use them in order for you to be ranked then here is  the Article I wrote which explains in details. Click here!

It is easier than you think but you have to understand low hanging keywords and how to find them but bearing in mind always your targetted audience that is very important.

So now you understand what a keyword is but do they rank? My answer is absolutely they do, but you have to be bold to take risks and experiment to really find out what works and what doesn’t.

How To Find The Low Hanging Keywords?

Like I mentioned the best way I do that is by using the keywords research tool inside Wealthy Affiliate, you may ask what is Wealthy Affiliate? Good question ! It is an affiliate marketing platform that helps build a website in your chosen niche then  turn it into an online business and here is the Review if you want to know more Click here!

But with low hanging keywords how do you find them? Simple You type in your phrase but it has to be what your audience might be searching for in order to solve their problems.

Thus you might wanna find those in the hope of solving their problems.  Keywords are phrases your audience are typing in the search engines to find solutions here is the Example of a keyword I typed into Jaaxy Lite keyword Research Tool, “How to build a website in 5 minutes” and below is what came out.

So once you type in the phrases, the keyword research tool comes up with all the phrases relating to what you want as keywords.

Then you will want to click on the QSR to see the competition as I have done in the above example, bearing in mind that you are looking for low hanging keywords, you choose keywords that are 0-100 QSR.  For me personally I love those that are zero – to fifty.

And these get indexed all the time, just as some may be scared to use zero QSR I found them to be easy to get ranked but you have so many choices from 0 to 100.  So you will definitely find keywords that get indexed.

What To Avoid 

With keywords, especially if you are looking for low hanging keywords you need to avoid keywords that are above 100 but 300 is a no go because that has too much competition.

Once you have your low hanging keyword then you can move on to writing your content and if you want to learn more about good content writing click here!

How To Find The Best Keyword Research Tool 

Now that you know about low hanging keywords, you want to move on and find a good keyword research tool, but where do you start from? I am glad you have asked that question.

I have two solutions for you, and the first one is to sign up for Jaaxy keywords Research Tool and here is the link for a full Review.

Remember I said I will give you two solutions and I have given you one, now the second one is joining Wealthy Affiliate either through Starter Membership which is free or through premium membership which is $49.

But if you join with the first 7 days of joining the starter membership which is totally free.  When you Join within the first 7 days you pay only $19.


~ What is a low hanging Keyword

~ Examples of the Keyword Research Tool Called Jaaxy Lite

~ How To Find The Low Hanging Keywords

~ What To Avoid

~ How To Find The Best Keyword Research Tool


Now that you know what the low hanging keyword is and how to find these.

But you also now know what To Avoid and also where to find the best Keyword  Research Tool I have also provided the links where to find detailed reviews both on Keyword  Research Tool and how to write good content from these keywords.

You definitely now have everything you need to be able to use them to get indexed and eventually succeed in your business.

I know having an online business is not easy but if you can take action daily and follow the tips from those who have success in their businesses wether it’s low hanging keywords or driving traffic to your website or Just how to use social media. You now have some pointers.

You will need to find keywords that work.  And once you do, you may be lucky and start ranking but you will have to start from somewhere and  experiment.  Research to find what works for you.

Want A Bonus? Ask Me HOW?

Remember I gave you two options either Signing up with Jaaxy or Just by Joining Wealthy Affiliate. But the Bonus I am offering is for Joining Wealth Affiliate.  If you Join the Starter Membership which is free and then within the 7 days of Joining you upgrade to premium membership which you will pay only $19.

I will give you a free training inside Bootcamp as a bonus and you get to have a feel of how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and make your money.  You ask is it possible?

Absolutely I made my first money within 6 months of starting Bootcamp, I say 6 months to be precise but maybe I made money earlier than that but by 6 months I already had money coming in.

But I can only give you that Bonus if you Join the starter membership free of charge then upgrade to premium within 7 days,  I will also offer you my help in your Journey until you succeed.

But You have to upgrade first to qualify for the Bonus and for me to be available to give help and guide you in your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

I hope you found my article interesting and if you did please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or leave your comment in the section below and I will definitely get back to you or if you have a question you can email me or follow me through Instagram or Facebook by clicking the social media buttons.

Hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate and here is to your Success!