2017 Instagram Review – How It WORKS


Product : Instagram

Website : https://www.instagram.com

Price : Free

Owners : Mark Zuckerberg – (Co-Founder Kevin Systrom)

Overall Ranking : 90 out of 100

Whether you want to just Connect With family or friend, you have a business, an affiliate marketer and in advertising everyone is using Instagram. This is a social network app where you can share photos and videos from a smartphone. My Review is about how It works, the benefits both for Personal and business use.

This social working app is can be used by Teen, young people born from 1980-1990 but also businesses and affiliate marketers can take advantage of this fast and powerful growing network. Everyone can create an account With a profile and a news feed. The main emphasis of Instagram is mobile visual sharing, by photos or videos.

7 Ways to Interact on Instagram-:


Being Followed




Private Messaging

And Saving Photos.

Instagram is free on iOS and Android devices, the account is free, you can sign via an existing Facebook Account or by email, you have to have a username and a Password. On the app, you also have the ability to post on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can Aldo create a Business page which you can make public to maximize the potential of Your marketing strategies.

For businesses and affiliate marketers, advertising companies, Instagram has 700 million active Monthly users as of today and you can leverage that Your businesses. Also, B2B businesses with actual product can create beautiful images and photos to get audience attention. You can maximize use of Instagram by the following :

Use of Hashtags#

Use Trending Hashtags#

Monitor Your Brand Hashtags#

Focus on Your Customers and make Your followers famous.

Be Creative with your Posts and Video, you can also Launch a Product live on Instagram.

Remember hashtags Help Social media users to organize and sort out their content and hashtag when used properly can produce amazing results.


Nearly 70.7% of American businesses are using Instagram following the release of Business Profiles in May 2016. Which include features such as : Prominent Contact Information, Power Analytics Data, and the ability to create Instagram ads.

The Good


Increases Creativity through Pictures, easy way to communicate With fans and followers.

Professionally- You can learn new ideas and Connect with like-minded People.

You can build a Pre-Launch Product With other Brands.

You can in engagement by building trust and Personality.

When it comes to websites, you can increase traffic through Your sites visibility.

You have Free advertising where you can showcase Your Products and Services to gain a huge following. As Instagram thrives on Visual Content.

The Bad


Excluding Other Mobile users.

Instagram has Limited Features.

I read an article from The Statistics Portal and this is what they had to say Display In 2017, Instagram’s net mobile display advertising Revenue is projected to reach 2.39 Billion US Dollars, surpassing Google and Twitter and it shows how powerful this can be as a marketing tool.

Tools and Training

I was able to find a reasonable course through Udemy.com. Display The Complete Instagram Marketing which was costing $10 and I also find a step-by-step Business Tool on Facebook.com and this is the description: Display Instagram offers tools or Businesses to help Customers get in touch. Once you convert to a Business profile on Instagram, you can get access to new features like : Contact Information, Instagram Insight and Promoted Post. Facebook.com does provide a step-by-step guide to get you started.

For the told you can find VSCO Cam(Photo-editing), Photosharing app such Repost for Instagram, use follower management app like Crowdfire and infogram. You can find all the Information on blog.hootsuite .com.

But if you are looking for a good training on How to maximize Your online businesses or website look no feather than Wealthy Affiliate University.

I Promise you will get all the tools and training you need on How to use social Networks the benefits of have social networks, please free to click here and you will find all you need to get started.

My Final Thoughts

If you want to build Your brand, gain trust, improve your Personality or increase traffic for Your websites, Instagram is what you should be looking for and open not only a Personal account but a Business one as well. I find so many benefits and you can find like-minded people within you brand and Niches. The benefits are endless.

And if you find this article useful or you have done a review please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I Will definitely get back to you.

Name : Instagram
Website : Instagram.com
Owners: Mark Zuckerberg
Price : Free
Verdict: It is legit



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