2019 Review – Stone Cold Truth About Network Marketing Online

This is a Facebook group and I am reviewing this group after being with them for close to a year, What is Stone Called Truth About Network Marketing Online?

This is a Facebook group of like-minded people who came together to help each other  learn and build their businesses.

It is run by Debbie Stone and We do engage a lot with each other. One thing I love about this group is diversity and creativity.

And Did I mention that Debbie Stone is in Network Marketing and I am an affiliate marketer.

But that doesn’t matter because we find common ground. We do have fun in this group.

She comes up with little tasks we do and then she chooses a winner through a fair draw and she then sends the Prize to your address without asking for postage and I think that is noble and Awesome.

We just had a task where we posted our favorite books and since my passion is reading,

I was super excited and I saw amazing books posted from other group members and I can’t wait to lay my hands on the books.

She also runs a Facebook group called Stepping up to Facebook lives and I have written an article about that and you can click here to read.

What is this Group About?

This group is about like-minded people who have come together to help each other find solutions to their online businesses.

Some are network Marketers and some are affiliate marketers.

But this group is amazing in that Debbie Stone comes up with creative ideas to encourage participation and there’s always a winner with a prize.

This group is amazing because we encourage each other, we share ideas and we have tasks where we use affirmations to make our day positive which is exceptional.

Now we coming up with a creative idea of reading a book and brainstorming as a group, I love reading and this is really exciting for me.  I am really looking forward to this activity.

How Do You Join?

If you are on Facebook then it’s much easier just type in the search bar Stone Cold Truth About Network Marketing Online and look for Debbie Stone, just to make sure. The group is free and we have a book challenge coming up 1st September 2019.

Click on friend request and sent, it’s as simple as that if you do not have a Facebook personal page you might wanna create one.

The world has changed and now we can connect with like-minded people from all over the world and have amazing online friendships.

I hope you can come and have a look and see the exciting things happening, the amazing like-minded people willing to help you achieve your dreams.

The Benefits Of Joining This Group

  • Learning about different cultures
  • Connecting and making new friends
  • Learning how to achieve your dreams and goals through tasks given
  • Having Fun
  • Learning about each other’s interests and likes
  • Empowering one another to be the best version of ourselves.

Facebook groups have become the main thing and You can learn a lot by joining groups based on your interests.

I love knowledge but I am fascinated about having wisdom so the groups I join are based on those facts. It is amazing how you can learn and grow.

You also learn to understand the diversity of Cultures and traditions, you discover that some beliefs you think work for you doesn’t work for others.

I am in Italy and most Italian homes have wine and beer on their table as part of their meals for health benefits and they live long.

So if you come from a Culture where beer is forbidden like it’s a terrible sin then you find that you have two conflicting beliefs.

But if you have an open mind you will try to merge those two beliefs to have something that really works for you and not others.

I love Wine and a beer or two for me is not an issue but to someone it’s an issue and they are cultures where people are controlled by the opinion of others.

But when you join such groups you gain knowledge and it will open your eyes to really know what you really want to believe.

I strongly believe there’s no devil, this is my opinion the only devil that is there is ignorance. For me I strongly believe the only thing that sets the mind free is knowledge.

When the mind understands the principle behind every belief through the power of knowledge it’s like a light bulb comes on and darkness leave.

Joining these group teaches you the power of principles and choices because we often fail to understand that whatever things happen to us is because of a choice we made.

Whether we listened to a family member, friends or our own inner being we at some point made a choice.

And choices have consequences and so does beliefs. Research before you believe  anything any man says and be your own Judge because you are the only one that can decide the course of your life.  By listening deep inside and finding what makes  you tick.


I feel this is an amazing group,  if you want to grow but at the same time have fun then this group is right for you.  Everyone is kind and helpful.

Debbie teaches kindness through her acts of kindness every Wednesday and she has either a live or an audio to teach something about kindness.

It is amazing to learn to be kind to others so that this world can be a better place, when we learn to be a bridge of hope by encouraging one another.

And that help can be seeing someone succeed through their online business in whatever Niche of their choice.

You know the online world has its challenges but if a group puts their heads together to teach each other their wins but also learn from their failures.

There’s sure going to be Success and here’s To Debbie Stone  in her Facebook Community group called Stone Cold Truth About Network Marketing Online.

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22 thoughts on “2019 Review – Stone Cold Truth About Network Marketing Online”

  1. Thankyou for your review Cinderella.
    I love the way it shines through how much YOU enjoy being a part of the community that has been created in the group.

  2. This is awesome.You have correctly shared about this group which I earlier in the year actively took part in.All amazingly wonderful people on there with Debbie,Annette,Cinderalla,Delroy and the others.I look forward to being back on board.

  3. Congratulations Cindy on writing such a great and informative article.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes

    Delroy M

  4. Wow! I will join this group right now on Facebook. I like initaitaves like this that can help everybody without any goal towards profit making. Being a platform for marketers to interact and share ideas in a friendly manner while going ahead in their respective fields is great and I’m definitely going to give it a go. Thanks so much for sharing this

  5. I really like the possibilities that we have online, the possibility to connect and exchange our knowledge. And being a part of a community can really help us improve our businesses regardless of our business niches because the online tactics are completely the same, may it be for an MLM or an affiliate marketing.

    And I am sure in your facebook group, you realize that online marketing is similar and the end goal is still about sharing knowledge and making money.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. A good post on getting socially merged with likeminded people who love a book and joining a group earns you a productive life in terms of enriching yourself of various cultural experiences I believe in respecting other peoples’ way of life, value system, belief, and tradition. Through the platform of commonality such as reading books, has made me realize how social integration goes digital and nothing we can do about it. The good news is it is one of the best contributions to humanity the power of the internet. I am a person who loves books and also welcomes the exchange of ideas and information with respect and an open mind without necessarily accepting other opinions or beliefs. The peaceful co-existence and uniting in the common point is the right way to go. Stone Cold Truth About NetworkMarketing Online as an FB group adm. Debbie Stone is a great place to be.

  7. It’s good that you have found such an amazing group on Facebook. Most of the groups for marketers that I know are just spam groups where members just splatter their links. The group that you have discovered, this group by Debbie is truly amazing as she tries to connect with every member with a touch. I think I’ll the group even though I have already threw in the towel for network marketing.

    By the way, since your joining of that group, have you been targeted by other members for recruiting to their network marketing teams? I ask this because, I don’t like to be recruited or become a prospect to recruiters.

    1. Thank you for your comment and no I have been with this group for a year and nobody has asked me to Join their company.  I strongly believe you have the power to say No..You can’t refuse to join groups because someone must try to recruit you? It’s called freedom to whatever anyone wants.

      Let’s not take that away from people.  

  8. Thi s is really nice I must confess. I don’t think I have come across any form of group or platforms where the initiative is just to assist one another to be better in thier various field without one person sitting on top of the chain benefiting from it. This is a group anyone and everyone who wishes to be  good in what they di should be in. Thanks for the information

  9. I do know from experience that having like minded people around you, and people in the same business niche as you, can only help in the long run. 

    More often than not these people can suggest ideas to you that are completely foreign – something you would never have thought of yourself, and these ideas can be the turning point in your business. 

    Sounds like an interesting group, I’ll be checking these out (especially since they’re free!)

  10. There are many principles of network marketing and affiliate marketing that overlap. I’m sure that it can be useful to share tips and tricks as an affiliate marketer with a network marketer. At the end of the day, you want to get your prospects to the call to action. 

    The book challenge sounds pretty cool and it is coming up in 2 days! I should check it out!

  11. This is  one of the best and most important platform I have come across in a long time. Most groups are always after making profits for themselves using those who join as a means. For anyone or a group of people to come up with such important idea is undead worthy of admiration. I would inform my friends about this platform and I’ll join myself. A really nice post.

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