3 GOLDEN Tips For Content Writing

Content writing can be challenging,  let alone good quality content.  So how do you know how to write content? I am glad you asked.  There are things you have to understand and do in order for you to be good and write quality good content that get indexed by google and other search engines like bing and yahoo.  Having said that, do you want to know how to write good quality content?  Here are 3 Golden Tips for Content writing

Here Are 3 Tips For Good Content Writing

1. Reading

I cannot over emphasize the importance of reading in order to write good content.  When you incorporate reading,  you will be amazed at how ideas will come to you naturally.  You ask me? how many books can I read per month?  I never tell people how many books to read because we are unique individuals and some have passion for reading like me. Some don’t.  So you have to see what really works for you.

I read like 3 books in a month, whether it’s a hard cover or Audio books which I find fun I wear clothes with pockets so I just slip my phone in the pocket while working or cleaning and I will be reading a book, through audio reading, isn’t that amazing? (using headphones) I think it is.  Reading helps me come up with great ideas for writing so you may want to start its very important in Affiliate Marketing.

2. Researching

Whether you want to write about products or anything regarding your niche you want to write based on facts and knowledge that helps others find solutions to what they want to solve.  It can be a decision regarding a product or just making a good choice. Usually in  a chosen niche.

Knowledge is not as before, we have a lot of sources to find what one is looking for so you want to make researching your best friend.

3. Experience

When writing reviews I love to use experience whether it’s for a platform or a product, a platform I mean online courses I will enroll for the lowest price get the feeling of the platform and their effectiveness then I write without being partial.  I write my experience combined with my research.

I will research which involves reading, to research you have to love reading so you see these 3 tips are golden because without them Affiliate Marketing may seem overwhelming.  If it’s a product I will buy a product use it have a  real experience go back to my research and come up with good content.  This has worked like magic for me and I have had success.

Success How You Ask?

First your content will be yours coming from yourself and since we are unique beings,  I can assure you it will be unique based on your experience.

There’s nothing more important than writing with your own style and writing does not need to be difficult, it has to come out naturally.

Like anything in life just start writing.  And before you know it you will  be so good at it.  I started writing my articles with 450 words.

And those 450 words seemed like eternity but I never gave up,  I am fortunate because all my 3 Golden tips are my greatest strengths.

I love reading, researching, discovering new things and I am a very curious person which brings trouble sometimes.

Being curious gives you the courage to take risks which is exciting because you are looking to discover something hidden like on a treasure highland looking for treasures.

What To Avoid

Avoiding copying other people’s work, anyway now we have algorithms that can detect that and it will hurt your work.

So try to use the 3 Tips I have given you and you will be amazed how much you will learn and gain from reading, researching and experiences.

Looking For A Platform with A Program For Content Writing?

Look no further, I have a solution for you.  And it’s called Wealthy Affiliate but before we go any further I have written a Review about this program and you can click here! To read.

And if you have read now let’s move forward to what is inside Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have not had time to click and read Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing program which teaches you how to build websites, learn how to write content and how to understand SEOs so you can leverage your business and become successful. But I am here to talk about the platform they have for writing content.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a free starter membership but for you to really use their content platform well you have to be a premium member.

I am a member so as I am writing about this site content which helps you when writing content, checks your grammar but not only does it check your grammar it will search in the search engines to see if your content is unique before publishing.

Remember I talked about your content being unique because for you to really find success in anything you do.   You have to be authentic and how can you be authentic you ask by being unique and so should be your content writing.

Your content should be able to teach, educate and empower into making good decisions which will in turn help you to solve problems with whatever you are looking to solve.

If it’s solving a problem of writing good content. You will now have the knowledge that you need first to develop interest in reading, then have a strong desire to do your research diligently coupled with experience, you are sure going to have success.

These are tips I have used and from writing 450 words which were overwhelming I am now writing 1,300 words and I intend to write 2000 words by the end of this year.  So you see reading also motivates you to have desire, determination and persistence which are fundamental to any success in life.


~ 3 Golden Tips For Content Writing

~ Success how you ask?

~ What To Avoid

– Looking For A platform with a program for content writing

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I will personally help you climb the ladder of success holding your hand and offer you an amazing training absolutely free! So what are you waiting for Hurry and Join!  And who knows you might be the next billionaire.

Always remember to dream big!



As with anything in life it depends on how much you want to see success but if you do,  you will discover that learning about these tips and implementing them will both improve your content writing but also put you on the path to having your own style in writing content which will be uniquely yours.

Isn’t that amazing?  I think it is and if you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get in touch with you.

Here’s to Your Success!


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