3 Major Pitfalls For beginners in Affiliate Marketing

When you start as a newbie with online business especially affiliate marketing you are excited and want to conquer the world but then soon you realize it’s not what you thought so here are 3 major pitfalls for beginners in Affiliate Marketing.

Information Overwhelming

Knowledge is power when it is organized correctly and you take action, by that I mean you apply the knowledge you gain through a plan or an action.

But in Affiliate Marketing you find that you have massive knowledge from understanding Your Niche, SEOs, Social Media Platforms And PPC.

As if that wasn’t enough you have to learn how to create good content and finding keywords. And because you are excited and you want to succeed with say 3 months or 6 months.

Because that’s the information you have. Trying so hard to understand all these leads to information overwhelm because if you are not careful you would end up confusing yourself and going round in circles.

What Should You Do with Information Overwhelm?

The best way to handle information overwhelm is taking small steps and if you are an affiliate marketer you can find those small steps if you Joined My Number 1 Affiliate Program and if you are interested in a platform that will help you manage information overwhelm click here To read.

Break your information into manageable tasks and find time to do them without wanting to learn everything at one time. Affiliate Marketing is not a short term online business. It is about hard work through content writing and promoting other people’s products.

As you continue working towards your business, you will discover what works and what does not work. Take time to research and find which information you need first. I have used these methods and have worked wonders for me.


This is huge one that every one experiences as you continue building your business.

The most important thing to remember in Affiliate Marketing is the phrase “Rome was not built in one day” if you can remember this you will not only conquer procrastination but enjoy your journey of being an affiliate marketer.

When Setting Goals it is also good to be realistic because if you are not and you get frustrated, then procrastination has its claws in you.

I do procrastinate not because I am frustrated but because my life is a busy one though I work from home. I have lined up things I do and by the time I am finished I find that it’s already in the evening.

How Do You Overcome Procrastination?

Just wake up and start what you want to accomplish, if it’s writing content just start with one thought by the time you know it you have finished your content. Whether it’s exercises, House chores or just whatever it is you want to accomplish you have to take action.

I have moments where I don’t really want to exercise, I do it every morning so I would just say my affirmations they do put me in a good mood always.

Then I have a long list of my favorite songs and I would play two of them, then move to exercising and I can bet you a dollar it works all the time. Just start and you will be surprised how your mind will get into gear.

Time Management

This is a huge one for me, and I bet it is for you. Time just flies, I have a schedule I follow every morning, But I still have issues managing my time to accomplish everything I want to in a day. But then I have to create a plan, to manage what I can do each day.

You also have to remember you can only accomplish only what you can, you need high energy to do that and to have that kind energy you need rest. Your body needs rest to be able to function with clarity.

How To Manage Your Time

Since I am not good at time management I am only going to share what works for me so it can help someone who struggles to find enough time to do everything that is needed to be done that day.

First come up with a plan of how you want your day to go and what you want to accomplish. Break them in their order of importance.

See how much time you would like to spend on each task. For example I wake up early around 4:30am and I pray for 1 hour 30 minutes.

I then read for another 1 hour, I exercise 30 minutes and then write one content every day. This I do in the morning when energy levels are very high.

I found working like this, is easier to manage and I hope to get better. What about you? How do you manage your time? let me know in the comments below.


We have looked at information overwhelm and how to overcome it, we also looked at procrastination and how to overcome it, then time management.

I have outlined how to overcome time management by first understanding when you have high energy levels, because then you know you can be able to accomplish so much.

But I also touched on having low energy for me this does not work for me because I can’t think properly when my energy is low I tend to rest and maybe watch a movie to relax.

Let me know when is the best time for you to work and how you manage your time.

Whether You are in Affiliate Marketing or just online Businesses these 3 I have mentioned are pitfalls and you need to overcome them in order to succeed.

And If You want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing to help you manage the 3 major pitfall you can click here to read a review about Wealthy Affiliate.

A platform where we learn affiliate marketing but we also learn how to avoid the three pitfalls by doing tasks every day that pushes us towards success.

I hope you have found this article informative and if you want to learn more about these major pitfalls do not hesitate to leave your comment below and I will definitely get in touch with you.

And here’s to your success.

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21 thoughts on “3 Major Pitfalls For beginners in Affiliate Marketing”

  1. The one I found most to be in line with me from the list up here is procrastination. Oh my God! That beats is a dream killer. I would have woken up and plan what I wanted to do until when another thing pops up and I decided to do it later. Most times, my blog suffers a lot from content due to procrastination. Thanks so much for given a suggestion as to how best I can tackle it. I will put this to mind to always do it when I have planned to do it without putting time or anything into consideration. “Wake up and just do it” will be my new motto. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your comment and you are so welcome glad you found help and you can now make some changes. All the best 

  2. Wow, this is really helpful to be hones. I think this three problems are not just something that has tondo with affiliate marketing but with anybody who is Just starting a business. I like the fact that you have explained how to overcome every one of these pitfalls. I also have a problem of time management and while reading this post, I realised that Early in the morning is when I get full energy bar. I think I should make use of that time judiciously. Thank you for the tips. Best regards.

    1. Thank you for the comment and I am glad I would help you make some changes.  All the best and here’s to your success.

  3. Even advanced marketers like me, we often find ourselves not getting the results that we want because of these pitfalls. Thanks for bringing this up, it reminds us for what to do so we won’t land in mediocrity. When there’s new lesson to learn, we have to consume the lesson bit by bit so it won’t overwhelm us. Right now, I’m studying PPC and how to use paid ads to get better results in affiliate marketing, and I find the lessons a bit overwhelming. Thanks for the tips you shared here, I now know what to do.

  4. Cindy! A good job you have done covering these points. They are so on point. I assessed myself and found I fall into all three pitfalls from time to time. Thanks for the advice given especially on taking small steps because it is common for me to want to do so much at once and I end up getting confused. I sure will take the advice. procrastination is another major one.

    But for time management some times I do a “to-do list” and then prioritize them. That has been of help too. Thanks

  5. I would have to concur about procrastination and time management. Often I have the time, but I procrastinate. Doing nothing sometimes feels like so much more fun than focusing hard on my goals and ambitions. I like your advice of assigning an amount of time to each task. This ensures that you won’t spend too long on something. 

  6. Hey,

    This article is just what I needed to read!

    You have here a great article to read that helped me to understand what is going on, too many things in my mind and by the end of the day I realize I did little or nothing at all… procrastination!

    I took a few notes and your tips about how to deal with these three Pitfalls for beginners who wants to start an online business, and with so many other goals, like exercise, will help me and everyone who wants to success on anything they have in their mind.

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read to help many to finish with procrastination and start achieving our goals!

  7. Time management is my biggest pitfall. Sometimes I get caught on social media and forget that I had to create a new piece of content. And just like that, I can spend the whole day being overwhelmed with all the information that I find on social media and my work does not go forward.

    I really think you made a great list and helpful to help beginners to organize themselves and work better to achieve their goal of creating a successful online business.


    1. I know social media is huge I usually deal with Social media early in the morning around 4:30am when everyone is sleeping and most Americans are awake 😂 I am in Italy, like I would be there for 1 hour 30 minutes mainly because I am in groups and need to engage and write articles.

      Be on Social media for constructive reasons.  To your success 

  8. I like this post and would love to have read it when I first started out.  I have certainly expereinced all of these things.  My opinion is that they flow from one another – overwhelm flows to procrastination as we don’t know which to start first which flows to poor time management as we spend so much time dealing with the first two.

    I would love you to  hear your opinion on timeblocking as a means of assistance here.  I know you dicuss priortisation as a means of time management which is a great asset to have, but timeblocking is a little stronger where you set a time to do a task, then when that time is up, you move on regardeless of whether you are finished or not.  It sounds funny but if done correctly and you add another time block later to finish a task, everything gets done and because you have a timeframe for everything, it removes the overwhelm stress as well.


    1. Thank you for commenting time-blocking though I said you have to allocate a timeframe it’s the same principles.  And I do agree with you.  

  9. You are so spot on! I am a night owl, but when I finally decide I’m awake, I get out my Chromebook and get started. Your plan of praying every morning is really inspirational. I need to do that with better regularity; procrastinating with prayer and Bible study is a detrimental habit. Best wishes with your site; I am so happy you are out here!

  10. Oh boy. I just left you a comment, but I’m afraid it might be in the wrong place. To avoid being repetitive, let me just say that intend to check back and see more information as you go along. It isn’t always easy being an affiliate, and you are so right about people, like me, needing to be more time-efficient. Best wishes!

  11. Cindy, your post covered the pitfalls well. Regarding time management, I learned to focus on activities during my peak productivity time that directly impacts profitability and the success of my business. In other words, I only do activities that add value to my business. Reading email, socializing on Facebook, and other time-wasting efforts should be avoided if an entrepreneur wants to achieve their goals.

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