Success In Affiliate Marketing – What’s The TIMEFRAME

This is a topic where you find many answers but when you are really honest Affiliate Marketing is not a walkover you need to really work at it in order to seeing success.  I decided to write about Success in Affiliate Marketing what is the time frame?  Well when I Started I thought it would take 3 months that was my goal to make my first money.

But To really see success I would give it 2 years max, that is if you don’t procrastinate.  You have a lot of things to learn and experiment with when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

From creating a website, finding or buying a domain to learning how to write content, SEO you name it and sometimes it’s really overwhelming.

I love knowledge, I read a lot which has made me love Affiliate Marketing very much because it’s about reading, researching and experimenting which are fun for me personally.

Routines bore me whether it’s in relationships, work or my lifestyle I love to change things though I am not really good at changes, I embrace them because I can’t stand stagnation.

What is The Time Frame For Success in Affiliate Marketing?

From my experience I would say 2 years, this is not for everyone they are those who have made it as early as 3 months, 6 months or 1 years it really up to to an individual but for me to even see some kind of success it has taken close to 2 years but when you talk  about connecting with others and branding that is something else.

Branding and Connecting With Others

Branding is all about connecting with others but especially if you connect with the right audience, when dealing with the online world everyone is selling something so you want to brand yourself first before you can see real success because that is what I really want, To be Successful.

How To You Brand Yourself

Through Social Media mainly, you can use other mains but social media is the number 1 tool you can use if you want to brand yourself and get connected to others, you watch and learn first that’s the method I have used I don’t pitch people with products and stuff because everybody is doing that.

I believe in connecting with others, helping them reach success and engaging in communities but before you even do all that you have to find which social media platforms work best for you.

Here are my favorites : Facebook is my number 1 I have learnt well and it’s an amazing platform for connecting and branding yourself.

Instagram and whats app though it’s about messages and videos, it’s actually following in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram in its own way as a platform and looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Twitter is also something I use with Pinterest. For Pinterest I also use it for vision boards, you can be very creative and improve your creativity and for me I use it as a learning tool in whatever niche I want to have, great tool to use.

You see learning all these do not take 3 months because with any new thing you want to learn,  you want to research, experiment, see what works and what does not work and find your own signature in that I mean what works for you. , become a master at affiliate marketing.

So I would definitely give it 2 years and if you work smart and diligently you will absolutely see success.  But you may also have your success earlier than that it depends on You as an individual.

What is the Worst Thing You Can do In Affiliate Marketing?

Procrastination and lack of patience these are the worst by far, because when you work so hard and you are very excited and, then you don’t see redults you kind of want to give up.

But if you can set realistic goals and if you want to learn more about that I have written a post on the 7 Tips Towards Success though it’s success in general I was writing having the affiliate marketing in mind because I am an affiliate marketer.

In there you discover the steps you need to succeed but never ever procrastinate or be in a rush or wanting to make quick money with affiliate marketing it just never works.  Set realistic goals and take small steps having short and long time goals in mind.  Be passionate and find a Niche you love something you can do for a very long time.


~ I have talked about Affiliate marketing and the time frame for Success max 2 years

~ Branding and Connecting

~ Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp and Twitter

~ How you can brand yourself through Social Media using the above platforms.

Bonus : Wealthy Affiliate Entrepreneur Certification

Yes you heard right I am giving you a Bonus a Starter Up Membership absolutely free. ( Click here To Join ) All you need is an email address and your full names and you are free to go but if you find that this is what you really want to do feel free to reach out to me by leaving me your details in the comment section and I will respond to you as quickly as I can.

Remember if you decide to Join and you upgrade to premium with 7 days you pay $19 instead of paying premium membership which $49 that is an Awesome Offer you don’t want to miss but at the end of the day you decide.


I started my Journey if Affiliate Marketing in July 2017 and I have worked so hard both branding myself and learning how?  Finding the social media platforms which works best for me . My aim was not to making money quickly but trying to understand how I can be different and empower others.

How I can find other people’s problems in Affiliate Marketing and help them prepare but not only prepare  their minds but find solutions through the struggles I have discovered while working towards affiliate marketing.

But my passion is really connecting with others and helping others find their true purpose in life and becoming who God created them to be. To provide knowledge that they can apply not only to their businesses but to life in general that is my core purpose.

Do I want to make money absolutely, that’s why I am into Affiliate marketing but want my readers to have good information that makes them make good decisions and feel good about them then I will know I have succeeded.

Success is not only about money but it’s about relationships and empowerment, so we can make this world a better place because the more people are knowledgeable to make powerful decision in their success stories the more lives will be touched and Changed and Affiliate Marketing is giving us that opportunity.

You build a website, you find a niche you love, you write content and you connect with your audience before you can leverage your Niche and I feel that is Amazing.

So Yes You can succeed in Affiliate Marketing but you need to have the patience and set realistic goals towards your success.  And If you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

Here is to Your Success !

7 Tips Towards SUCCESS

Every human being here on earth wants success whether educated or not. It is human yearning to be someone, to feel important or just to make a difference. Since we all desire I have decided to give My 7 Tips Towards Success.


So what really is Success and how can we define success let’s take this ride to understanding it. A good definition of Success is “The Accomplishment of An AIM or Purpose” so whether you are aiming for something or you have a purpose in life you want to succeed. Not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment but for me it also boosts my confidence.

You can define Success individually look at how you understand it, for me Success can be defined in many ways, goals, desires, dreams and relationships. I want be Success in these areas but how do I do that? I am glad you ask, that’s why I am here so give you 7 Tips Towards Success.

Here Are The 7 Tips Towards Success

1. Desire

Desire is a powerful tool, but desire without action is just that desire. You have to desire but also have a way to bring that desire into its equivalent manifestation. But to do that you have also dreamed.

2. Dream Big

When you desire you open your mind to dreaming not the kind where you go to sleep and rest but you dream big in your imagination. There was a time I went into this house and I felt a strong desire of living in that house I visualized myself in that house. I forgot about it. 7 years later the Landlord refused to give the house to anyone she did everything for me to move the house.

It happened that at the time I was thinking about moving into a bigger and spacious house, today as I am writing, I am Living in the same house, I love the house and I am very happy. I desired them I dreamt. about it through visualization and today I am in the house. You can change and create anything you want.

3. Set Goals

For me this is the most important part of all the equation of success because you can desire, Dream Big but without a proper plan of setting goals your desire and dreams will just be that. But how do you set goals you ask? You don’t have to set big goals that you cannot accomplish.

Set small manageable goals and take one step at a time and before you know it you would have accomplished each one of them.

Concentrate on yourself knowing that you will reap good benefits at the end of your goals but it will teach you discipline which is fundamental for navigating through your action, decisions and emotions.

4. Stay On Course

Once you set goals it’s very easy to procrastinate, but stay on course knowing whatever you are doing today will make you reap amazing benefits in your near future.

I know staying on course is not easy but if you take one step at a time you will definitely achieve your goals.

5. Persistence

Yes I know you can desire, Dream Big, set goals and stay on course but they are things and obstacle that you don’t foresee but it’s persistence that will make you achieve whatever it is you want.

I usually don’t tell people what I am really doing, I will talk about it but not in details. You will discover that few will encourage you but even though who encourage underneath they Hoping you fail.

But believe in yourself and continue setting small achievable goals and with persistence you will be unbeatable.

Never ever stop dreaming big because you push your mind to be creative and come up with good ideas, your mind is a very powerful tool.

6. Patience

Most people fail to succeed because they want easy way outs, fast money, easy ideas without thinking and working smart, I say working smart because you can be hardworking and still not be successful but working smart is having the ability to recognize opportunities and grabbing those opportunities with both hands.

Working Smart means having the patience to do your work well or to build a solid good foundation, rising to success is not difficult but having a good solid foundation is, why because anything that does not have a strong foundations fails. So to have a solid foundation for your success you need patience.

7. Relaxation

Working without rest will burn you out and after all you need a good sound mind in order for you to have good constructive ideas and you can only do that by having time for yourself to relax.

There are so many things that can relax you, a vacation, a good rest, Music, a good book, just time to yourself alone in the quiet of your home or in a hotel, watching a good movie, dancing and the list goes on. It is important to give your body a very good rest.

You may think it’s not important but I live in Italy and People here live long but I have observed their Culture which I find to be very rich they have July right through Mid September this is a time they rest, most have their family homes and it’s just part of their Culture to spend this time enjoying themselves and resting alone then with friends.

Italians live long, half of my street is filled with elderly people ranging from 85-98+ most will start showing aging around 93 years old.

They are active and do most of the things from cooking, cleaning their homes, gardening it’s amazing and mind blowing to watch.

I am learning to integrate this into my lifestyle and I am so grateful to be part of this great culture.

Summary Of What I Covered:


~Dream Big

~Set Goals

~Stay On Course




Do You Want Success? Ask Me How?


I know you want to be success and you say listen I don’t know how to start you have come to the right place I have a course for you. It’s called Starter Membership into Affiliate Marketing and it’s totally free. Once you see that you are interested you can decide to Join Premium which is $49 but it’s $19 if you join in the first 7 days of your sign up.

You think well $49 is too much then reach out to me and I will find something that works for you.

There’s always something you can do and knowledge that you organize is a very powerful tool to have.  So reach out and I will give you a hand,

Need A Bonus?

Remember I mentioned affiliate marketing? If you sign up within 7 days you pay only $19 but it’s gets even better I will be your guide and will offer you another free training with the program and you have access to me throughout your training and you can pm me anytime until you find your feet. I think that is AWESOME.


I am sure by now you have learnt and understand the 7 Tips Towards Success, I know you are now ready to use those principles and if you have found then useful I would love to hear from you by leaving me a comment below and I will definitely get back to you and here is to your Success.

I hope to see you inside the platform where you will find like-minded people who will help you not only to dream big but also how you can set goals, stay on course, persist until you succeed how cool is that I feel it’s absolutely great.

The Number 1 Awesome TIP For Beginners in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is very challenging especially if you are a beginner, I know because I was one and what was worse was I had Zero knowledge.  But I promised myself I would learn and today I thought I might help someone who wants to make that decision of getting into Affiliate marketing, here is The Number 1 Awesome Tip For Beginners in Affiliate Marketing.

I will not go into details about what affiliate Marketing is you can read my review in the Wealthy Affiliate Review I did, It actually covers everything about affiliate marketing as well as online business because that is what this is all about.

Today I just want to highlight the greatest assets to becoming good at this and to know how to navigate to the success you desire.

I am writing this article because I see a lot of people misleading others and it is painful and frustrating when you are not fully prepared for Affiliate Marketing.

First it is a lot of hard work, research, you have to love reading as researching comes with the territory of reading.  So having said that here is my Awesome Tip.

The Number 1 Awesome Tip For Beginners

You sign up and you have no idea what you are getting into, you see people making goals and others saying they have made money as early as 3 months.

You Joined because you want to realize your dreams, you want to take a vacation or you just want to make quick money but can you really make money that fast?

That’s the question I asked myself and I had set a goal of having to make €500 in the next 3 months but I knew deep inside I had to first understand Affiliate Marketing.

So I set also a long term goal which I believe is very achievable now because as I worked towards my goal I believed within me that the long term goal was going to yield results and I was right.

So My Number 1 Awesome Tip is Patience, You need patience because you have first to understand what works and what does not work.

You need to understand about SEO, Keyword Research, How To write good quality contents, how to use social media and which social media platforms will work for you. You also need to know how to research and where to go to find valuable content.

I write mostly reviews which I love, I have the patience to first research but also get the experience about a subject or a product. I know researching is very good but research and having firsthand experience with a platform or a product is an excellent way to write quality content.

And as I said Doing All these things need Patience for remember Rome was not built in one day. That saying is very true when it comes to Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing

You have to also set a long time goal, for me that helped me not to give up or reach a plateau, I love reading and writing but My sole purpose is to help that one person that has sacrificed all he has to start this business only to give up half-way through because of lack of proper guidance.

And I am writing this article to really drive the point that you need patience to see any success. You need to research well and you also need to love learning new things or affiliate marketing will become a challenge to you,

Not everyone can have the eye to see through platforms, we learn along the way and it may be true some do make money within 3 months but I didn’t make money that fast, but I can confidently say you can make money within 6 months depending on which platform or program you choose. I have made my first money through Bootcamp which available once you Join Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has a Starter Membership which is absolutely free, all you need is an email address and your full names. You get to learn then decide if this is what you want.

And trust me when I saw that it was free I was so amazed and I signed then I discovered how cool Affiliate Marketing was and boy I jumped in the next month.

The the way did you know that if you Join within 7 days after your sign up you get to pay only $19 cool right! Awesome discount, If I were you I would grab this and if it does not feel alright you are free to walk away at least you will be happy you tried something.

Never miss a good opportunity when you find one. I hope you have got my Awesome tip and you will use it to really succeed in affiliate marketing.

Is The Tip Worth Trying?

Absolutely I have used it from time to time, not only in Affiliate Marketing but also life in general. They are moments that you need to make quick decisions but they are also moments that you need all the patience so you can truly succeed. It all comes down to what success means to you.

For Me I really want to soar beyond my wildest dreams and as such I plan, set goals achievable ones and push forward. I love winning and so I always put a definite purpose in place I write what I want and the time frame I want to achieve that goal then I research and find out what things I need to do in order to reach my success.


I talked about affiliate marketingaffiliate marketing, the review I have written in case you want to know more about affiliate marketing, I then gave you my number one tip which is Patience but not only did I give you the tip but I touched also about goals and how to achieve them, by having a definiteness of purpose and pursing that purpose by setting long terms goals which are achievable.

Hope you found this article interesting and if you found it informative please do not hesitate to leave your comment and I will definitely get back to you.

To Your Success!

Wealthy Affiliate and Commissions My EXPERIENCE

Starting online business through affiliate marketing was very exciting, I had the zeal and the passion but I was never prepared for the hard work that was needed. And I almost gave up but being the way I am I don’t like to lose I continued grinding until Two ago which I got my first break and I decide to write an article about Wealthy Affiliate and Commissions my Experience.

I have written an article on how I started my Journey with Wealthy Affiliate after suffering a major depression, and if you want to read to you can be encouraged knowing there’s hope for you click here!

Can You Get Paid Commission with Wealthy Affiliate?


You know I see a lot of people wanting success quickly and I am guilty of this as well but if you really work hard you will have success. Success comes with focus and persistence mainly, passion is good as is it the driving force behind success but I honestly think you have to fight and not give up.

So getting paid commissions from WA?

You are Asking if you can get paid? My answer is a definite yes, below is my commission paid to me its not much but I am super excited that I have my success story now.

Kyle and Carson pays you on time. All You have to do is focus, work hard and deliver quality content and the sky is the limit. I believe in them and they pushed me beyond my comfort zone into living my dream of being a writer. I am grateful I made that decision to start.

I have two website and when I started with Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago, I had no idea about what affiliate marketing was and how to even scale my business, I just started. I wanted to change my life and do something meaningful and here I am.

My first article had 450 words but I was excited to start writing, I love writing and I hear people say you will reach a plateau I hope it does not happen but I usually don’t plan what I am going to write about weird right but I trust my guts, my dream has a young child was to become a Journalist.

I come from a Country where they don’t really believe that you can give up a dream and it can come back in another form writing is really what I love so I feel I confused myself I am actually a writer. And after discovering that I am at peace because I can write without someone telling me what to write about and for me that’s Awesome.

The Lessons I have learnt from WA

As always we learn from mistakes so we can be better and do better, learning about affiliate marketing has been easy because I had to start with zero knowledge but what lessons have I learnt from being an affiliate marketer? Here are my 5 tips or lessons learnt:

1. Patience

When you start anything in life whether it is business or a relationship, you have to be patient first of all, you have to learn the ropes of how to navigate and in Affiliate marketing there’re tons of information you need to understand before you can even dream about success.

2. Research

If you really want to succeed in affiliate marketing, researching should be your best friend, not only researching but experimenting with products you write about especially reviews, I am into skincare and I have the patience first to research about a product but also buy the product, you use it documents the results so I write from a place of both researching and experimenting.

3. Social Media

Online Business has changed and everyone is on social media, I remember when I started I used Facebook to just connect with my family but now I am using it to brand myself, to connect with like-minded people and create amazing friendships. So to really sees success you have to make use of social media.

Find which platform works best for you, I have tried LinkedIn, it has not worked for me, but Facebook is my best friend, and I am so passionate about it, it meets all my needs and as such its my number one platform and so is Instagram.

Pinterest comes 3rd and Twitter comes 4th but I have time to spend on these platforms and I have seen amazing results and success. My first success story actually came through social media I connect with someone who made me meet other like-minded people and through that I got my referrals. And that is the power of social media.

4. Reading Books

I cannot emphasize the power that is in reading books, it opens up the mind to powerful ideas, I love reading its my passion, I love it so much that when I am reading I become a character, I get excited, I cry, I laugh and out of that comes my creativity in both thinking and writing. I can say reading unlocks my creative thinking.

5. Meditation

I meditate through prayers, affirmations, listening to audio books and meditating on them. It clears my mind from all clutter and gives me a clear mind, I am at my best when my mind is clear and quiet that’s when I get answers and ideas. But sometimes I get them when reading or washing dishes, and these are moments when my mind is quiet and clear.

So you definitely get paid commission by Wealthy Affiliate and the commissions come on time, but to start receiving these commissions, you have to Join Wealthy Affiliate and membership is free.

All you need is an email address and your full name and voila you unlock the world of affiliate marketing which in turn will unlock many wonderful opportunities, I am enjoying the doors of opportunities that have opened for me and I know I have amazing things ahead of me.

How Did This Come About?

I made a decision to do something about my life, I had moved to a new environment and things that worked where I came from never worked where I was. I was in a new Culture and new system of things. I had to learn to let go of what was not serving me. Which was very hard. Letting go of what is familiar to me was the most difficult decisions I have ever made in my life.

I had to let go of everything I believed in, my belief system, and also I had to embrace a new Culture, a new language and everything was happening so fast. In case you are wondering I am Zambian born but based in Italy and I came to Italy through marriage.

All these were part of my Journey and my growth but I had to take action, you can dream big desire but unless you take action nothing can change in life.

Yes I am so excited I got my first break and I was paid a commission but that I can also have a chance to inspire others as well not only to dream big but to also take action and have a purpose and a goal in life.

Get on board and let’s help others succeed also by coming together and sharing ideas and dreams but also finding tangible solutions that can help others.

Here is to Success

5 Tips Towards Success in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be very challenging if you really do not understand it well, But what if you are a newbie or you know little or you really want to find something to do, to bring you extra income, that’s why I am here and here are the 5 Tips towards Success in Affiliate Marketing.

So What Is Affiliate Marketing?

I did my own research and one that was so clear and good as in definition is a YouTube video done by Loes Knetch and Here is her profile to Link here! To her lesson

Here is the definition of Affiliate Marketing from Loes Knetch, it is a maze of possibilities and one of the opportunity is affiliate marketing, you build a website, you apply for Affiliate at a company. You promote the products from the company on your website. People click on your links and they buy products.

The company delivers and takes care of the payment and you get paid a percent of the sales amount.  And this is the best definition you can have.

I have been in Affiliate Marketing for 2 years and It has not been easy but it’s worth it, you have to have a goal in mind.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, my guts told me to have a long term goal, I did have a short term goal but again my instincts were right.

I discovered massive exciting knowledge but I had to really understand how affiliate marketing works.

I  read articles of people claiming to make huge sums of money in a short time, I followed every lesson diligently but I have not made as much as they claim, I am sure they have, I have not just had that Luck.

What is involved in Affiliate Marketing?

You learn about building websites, keyword research, which involves the best keyword Tool to use and how to find those keywords.

You also learn how to find the best Affiliate companies or programs, Amazon is one of those. Learning how to write good quality contents is key and Learning how to insert links so people can buy products.

How to use social media to drive traffic to your website, which social media platforms can work best for you.

You also have to think about getting recognition, and branding yourself.

So all these things have to be learnt and understood, you will also make mistakes, and Sometimes Procrastinate, but don’t give up these are normal phases you go through but as you get a grip of how affiliate marketing works you start to enjoy the ride.

I love to engage and connect with people on social media platforms like Instagram Facebook and Facebook works best for me.  I use Pinterest as well but not as much as Facebook.

So what are the 5 tips towards Success in affiliate marketing? I am not going to give you from researching from other people but from my own personal experience in affiliate marketing.

I have been an affiliate marketer for almost 2 years and I have had success in branding Myself and if you want to learn more about that Click Here!

They are so many things you have to learn and understand and depending on what your goals is, you will work towards achieving that goal.

I have not achieved the financial goal as per se but I have had amazing success, in have opportunity to work from home through Yves Rocher and I have a website specifically for cosmetic products and if you want to visit the website you can Click Here!

I Joined Wealthy Affiliate and it is an amazing platform where you learn affiliate marketing and if you want to learn more I have written a Review and you can Click here to read. So going back to the 5 Tips towards success in affiliate marketing, here are my tips.

5 Tips Towards Success In Affiliate Marketing

1. Set Long Term Goals

I know a lot of people say you need to set short term goals and long term goals, but with affiliate marketing, I would set a long term goal because it is a realistic one, you save yourself from unrealistic expectations and from Procrastinating.

I felt cheated and betrayed when I worked so hard, followed very lesson and achieved a goal of writing 64 articles as a newbie and nothing happened.

But I do not give me, I procrastinated abit, felt disappointed but I dusted myself up and pick up myself to continue my work, but I would have appreciated if someone had mentioned that a long term goal is more realistic.

So my advice is in affiliate marketing set long term achievable goals.

2. Research

Do your research well, in finding the right affiliate platform or University, for me I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, with this one you learn to think and do your work from scratch which makes you appreciate your achievement. Remember it is your hard-earned money you are to invest in your business, so research and invest wisely.

3. Follow The Training

This is so important if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you have to follow the trainings’ step by step, you have tasks given which pushes you towards your goals and success as an affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate as trainings’ to è quick you but I love Bootcamp because of its in depth both in action taking and lessons. So If you want to try out Wealthy Affiliate we have a free Entrepreneur Certification which is absolutely free no credit card required. So what are you waiting for Click Here! For my review.

4. Make Use Social media

I cannot emphasize the importance of social media, Facebook is leading, especially since we have even Facebook lives which will surpass YouTube in the near future, the only secret is to engage 20 minutes before you go live.

I absolutely love Facebook live, Instagram is also amazing, but I have not yet mastered Twitter and Pinterest, though I do use them a lot for engagement.

But for me Facebook is my power house, I love it and I do see amazing results.

5. Make Use The Community Of Your Platform

We have a Community inside and if you want to succeed then make use of this community, you have people whose sole goal to succeed and did I mention that we have weekly webinars one by Magi studios that is the name he goes by inside Wealthy Affiliate, Great guy with a lot of knowledge, and you don’t want to miss that.

So If you can apply these 5 simple tips you will see some success in one way or the other, I have not seen monetary success, but I have had success in learning how to use social media and branding myself on Facebook. I have 4,900+ followers, reached 5,000 then dropped down.

But I am slowly becoming an influencer and I love what I am doing, I am also working for Kulabrands but that is another story for another day.

I hope you find my article informative and if you would love to learn more please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to You.

To Your Success!


7 Days Facebook Lives Challenge By Debbie Stone – My Review


Product : 7 Days Facebook Lives Challenge

Price     : $ 17.00

Website : Paypal Link

Founders : Debbie Stone And Annette Fluit

Overall Rank : 95 out of 100

Exciting things are happening in social media marketing and Facebook lives are such, I recently took a course with Debbie Stone and Annette Fluit called 7 Days Facebook lives challenge.

What Is The 7 Day Facebook Lives Challenge?

Well I am sure we all know what Facebook lives are but for those who have no idea it’s when you go live on Facebook to engage with prospects and friends in real time.

It is one of the most powerful way to drive traffic to your website but also very powerful if you want to brand yourself.

It is much easy than YouTube but I feel that it’s becoming more powerful than YouTube, it does not cost money but it does bring results.

I first came to know Debbie Stone through another group and she reached out to me and asked if I could try a 5 day Facebook lives challenge for free, boy I was so scared.

But I promised I would do it, then thought about it and got cold feet, nI tried to lie to say I was feeling sick but I am not good with lies so I text her through messenger and said I will try to do it the next day, but then suddenly I just said if I don’t do it now I will always be scared.

So I  summed up the courage and did it.  And It was not scary but Fun.  I discovered fear can be conquered by taking Action.

Unfortunately Debbie Stone already knew that I was just scared, which she mentioned later on and we laughed about.  Then I tried the second and the third time.

Now she asked if we could participate in this closed group on Facebook for 7 days, the first time I couldn’t because I had other things going on but she found time to do it again, the following month and I jumped right into it.

It was so fun and we interacted with each other, supported each other and we Learnt what to say and what not to say.

If you are not using Facebook lives then you are missing out a lot, yes it is very intimidating at first but Debbie Stone with the her Co founder Annette Fluit always use a closed group which can only be accessed by group members.

It is very safe to use and nobody is judging and everyone encourages one another.

Annette fluit is fun and an amazing trainer, you can Join either through the link On the website or one through Annette’s link and here it is If You Want to Join!

Is It Worth Your Money?

It depends on what you want to achieve and how important your success is, but for me it helped me come out of my comfort zone, help me to speak in public though speaking in public doesn’t scare me that much because my late parents were in Ministry and we grew up speaking in front of audiences.

So this is individual it all depends on how much you want to find prospects and engage on Facebook, I find it to be a powerful tool and for me the money is worth it.

Once you Join Debbie Stone and Annette Fluit introduces you to other free training where they teach prospecting on Facebook using Fan Pages, Business pages and how to attract people from your personal pages to your websites and business pages.

You don’t necessary talk about your businesses, on your personal page where you usually do your lives, but you learn how to get people to engage with you so you can scale your business.

Very powerful tool and the results are massive. I love Facebook and it has really worked for me.

I have managed to brand myself and every day I am gaining presence and people Acknowledging my presence and influence and I am enjoying Facebook, once you understand how it works it is so much fun. So Jump along and Join Up by click here!

What Are The Benefits?

1. You achieve an understanding to overcome your fears and you stretch by coming out of your comfort Zone.

2. You achieve an understanding how to send friend requests, follow people and like, comment and use emojis.

3. You achieve an understanding about DMOs. If you want to know what that means Then Join and let’s have fun.

4. You achieve an understanding on how to brand yourself and become an influence on social media mainly Facebook.

5. You achieve an understanding to just have fun and connect with others.

And if you really want to learn about Branding You, then look no further I have written a review on a platform called BrandingYouniversity, awesome training and if you are interest please click here to read my review.

Can I Recommend The 7 day Challenge

Absolutely, you will fall in love, with these two people women, they neither look at color or where you come from, they look at potential and are willing to walk you through all the training you need to scale your business. They are mature and they only purpose is to see you succeed.

Trust I have met petty women who are competitive and entitled but these they know what they want and they are there to see you succeed regardless of your background. They will encourage you, motivate you and be patient. They understand the Importance and difference and uniqueness.

So I, definitely recommend this program and if you found this article informative, please, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get in touch with you.


Product : 7 Days Facebook Lives Challenge
Price     : $ 17:00
Website : Payapl Link
Founders : Debbie Stone And Annette Fluit
Overall Rank : 95 out of 100
Verdict : LEGIT

Is Online Business As Easy As Everyone Says – My EXPERIENCE

When I started this online business, specifically affiliate marketing, I knew nothing about online business or affiliate marketing but I Was impressed by Wealthy Affiliate and how easy it Was to build a website in less than 5 minutes. But Is Online Business As Easy As Everyone Says, here is my Experience.

My online business started in July 2017 when I started to turn my life around and do something and if you are interested in reading about my Journey please Click here!

Back to the discussion, is online business easy as everyone says? Well here is my take on this one, like I mentioned early I started in July 2017, and it was very exciting learning new things and doing simple easy tasks within Wealthy Affiliate.  The community is amazing and they are always ready to help.

Knowledge Within WA

The training is excellent and I was so excited because I love learning new things, but then I got abit overwhelmed with the knowledge, though Kyle one of the founders teaches the training with Magi studios who holds webinars once a week. I discovered that it’s not as easy as people make us believe.

The knowledge is there no question about it, you can follow the tasks and still not see success as quickly as others claim, I am not disputing that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform and that maybe some have made money as early as 3 months.

That has not happened to me, but it does not mean I have not learnt things that have helped me scale my business and acquire knowledge about affiliate marketing.

I am saying it’s not as easy as everyone portrays, you have to first understand a lot of stuff and if you want to read my article on Wealthy Affiliate as a platform click here.

The Time Frame For Understanding Online Business

I can’t really say the exact time frame for one to see success and start making money but I can firmly attest that by Six months you can be able to understand online business, why do I say so, I was so motivate that I set a goal of writing 100 articles on my new website within Six Months.

Unfortunately I only managed to write 72 and 65 got indexed by Google but I have not yet Made money not even a single penny, I am writing about my personal experience and each individual is different but I would love for my readers who want to Start their online business to be prepared financially and mentally and emotionally.

So that they don’t procrastinate when they see the results not coming as anticipated.  I will say to really get recognition and to start seeing good results both on your website and social media give yourself One Year Six Months.

This time frame will make you understand online business and what you are doing wrong and how best you can scale your business for success.

5 Things You Need To Do To See Success

1. Tasks

Follow the training diligently and do all your tasks but don’t concentrate on making money quickly, have a long term goal in mind as that will help you not to procrastinate.

2. Organize Your knowledge

I know knowledge is powerful but it’s knowledge that is organized well that is even more powerful, so find out what works for your business, research and read books about successful people.

Once you fully understand how to use the knowledge acquired you are not far away from success.

3. Set Goals and Accomplish them

Setting goals can be very challenging, and some do follow through, some procrastinate but I have learnt to set small goals or tasks that are achievable.

Then moving them slowly to bigger tasks.  But the secret lies in achieving the and never be in rush and work on your pace.

4. Dream Big

See the big picture of how you want your business to be, but also connect with like-minded people, people that will speak positively in your life, who want to see you succeed and who will also encourage you.

But never allow anyone to stop you from dreaming and stay away from negative people.

5. Believe That Anything is Possible

I am reading a book by Dr Joseph Murphy “The Cosmic Power Within You” where he talks about the law of the mind, The Law of the mind is the law of belief quoting Dr Joseph Murphy, I do agree with him as I believe if you believe,  a way will open up and I love saying where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Nobody should ever make you doubt yourself,  you have a power within, you can achieve anything and become whoever you want to be.

You don’t need much but just belief and your mind will set into gear and find a way for you. I am talking from experience, yes obstacles are there but if you persist and persevere you can conquer anything. Just Believe.

Is Onlne Business Easy?

It depends on the individual and for me, I would say it’s not easy but it’s achievable, when you believe in yourself, you join a platform of your choice to learn about online business.

You follow their training but importantly you do your tasks, you learn to organize your knowledge constructively, you set goals and accomplish them but most importantly Dream Big.

And If you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you but for now I say dream big and believe anything is Possible.

To Your Success

2019 Cindy’s House Of Affiliate Marketing what is In STORE



Happy New To All my readers, I hope You all had a wonderful 2018 and that is gone, we are now into 2019 and Let’s take this Journey and see what is in 2019 Cindy’s house of Affiliate Marketing what is in Store? Well my Journey began in July 2017 when I decided to do something bold and different.

I had just come out of depression, very acute depression but you sometimes know God works in ways we cannot even begin to image or think. I will just write a brief story of how my journey started with my affiliate marketing and what prompted the decision.

There are times in life when life throws a curve ball, and July 12th was when my life changed drastically, I lost my late husband and through that process I moved to Italy because of family issues and it was the beginning of a very trying moment. I lost a husband but I also lost myself in the process which lead to depression.

I thought the world had turned against and I kept losing everything, I lost my Car to someone I trusted and Who manipulated the whole thing, I learnt that those who preached honesty are not honest at all.  But I take each trial as a learning process, I got betrayed by people I thought were my friends.

After all these trials and just life turning upside down, I started thinking.  Is this the life I really want? Where have lost myself? And I questioned Who I Was.

I know I had done all the Right things and I do believe the saying “bad things happen to good people. I had the ability and intelligence to navigate through my problems which need Logic.  But I did not have the emotional intelligence I need to withstand the storm.

Here is the Picture of our River Tagliamento where I would walk to find my Peace

It took a lot of hard work and listening to self motivations and Affirmations to finally find that Peace, so I decided to search on Google for some online courses, I went to reviews and that’s when I saw Wealthy Affiliate.

Finding Purpose

I knew I had to start doing something in order to come out all that Was going on around me and I know a dull mind is the devil’s workshop.

So I found This Platorm Called Wealthy Affiliate and I signed up because they had a 10 Lesson Free Entrepreneurship Certiciation and since it Was free I decided to give it a try and I Was blown away.

What really Made me Join Wealthy  Affiliate is one of the founders Kyle and the Community.  He followed up me, encouraged me to Dream again, I had gone to a Town where if you talked about dreaming And perseverance, they looked at you like a mad person, it is in this process that I also learnt Why Jesus could not trust man because he knew what Was in man.

So Kyle wrote me and spoke Just the right words, I knew I may have been far away from Canada but I had Found people Who thought like me, Who were not only dreamers but also doers.  And I Was happy, I love knowledge but I Found constructive knowledge put into small manageable tasks.

Exciting Tasks, and I buried myself into work, which later lead me to Avon and Yves Rocher Italy, I love Cosmetics but my passion is reading, writing and Wealthy Affiliate gave me both.

And I also realised my depression Was gone, I Was alive and doing what I loved the most, writing and knowledge.

Overcoming Obstacles

You never what life may bring, no matter what you Are going through theres hope and not only is there hope but you can also discover many wonderful opportunities and meet amazing people, never give up and keep on believing in yourself.

In the Process I meant Richard Bradshaw from Kulabrands, you know they Are people that Are put in Your path to motivate you and He is such a wonderful mentor and motivator, so you dont Miss the fun and  Join Kulabrands click here! And You Get to meet Richard Bradshaw.

Dream Big With Kulabrands

Kulabrands is fun and you meet wonderful people always willing to go an extra mile to Help you succeed, you will meet Kenneth Russell, amazing with PR, he is a people person, and he Makes everyone feel at home. Just As Wealthy Affiliate and Kulabrands Are two different you can use them both.

You can find Richard Bradshaw and Kenneth Russell either through Kulabrands or on their personal Facebook Pages, you will be glad you did.

I have grown by moving from Native Country Zambia, to Italy and finding something to do, that I love through Wealthy Affiliate which opened doors for me to find other opportunities.

I just followed Kyle’s simple and exciting tasks and here I am in 2019. Loving what I ma doing, when I started With Wealthy Affiliate I had 750 followed on Facebook now I am almost Closer to 5,000.

I also have a very active Instagram Account and Pinterest, and 2019 looks fun and exciting, Yes the money part is good but what Makes me thrive is connecting With people and encouraging people to find their Purpose.

I rose from losing everything, including losing Who I Was to finding my voice again and loving life and enjoying every day.

So what is holding you back? is the death of loved one, I have been there,  is it financial loss, or betrayal by friends or family members, it does get better, you just have to find something you love and do it With passion.

I love connecting With people and learning new things so I find Facebook works for me. And Instagram is getting exciting for me as well.

So what is in Cindy’s Store House For. 2019?

First Wealthy Affiliate will always be my Number 1, it has given me so much and lead me to amazing adventures and I have met Awesome people Who have Made a difference in my life. So find Your interest what love the most and pursue it, by giving Your gift to the world, I love writing but I also love reading books and I am a true believer of self development books, I love audio books in particular.

There is So Much going on with Wealthy Affiliate and If You Are Interested in Learning More here is my detailed Review, click here!

Kulabrands, I am excited about this Platform and the vision ahead, I do enjoy being part of the kula Family and helping inventors realize their Dreams and we get royalties and if you want to learn more click here for my Indepth Review on Kulabrands.

I might also go into Perfumes, but that is a story for another day, but for no what is in my store house is Wealthy Affiliate and Kulabrands. I might write an article about another exciting Platform, But I need to listen to their training. So look out for some exciting news in the coming downs but for now I just wanted to share my Journey.



Understanding How To Make Money Online


I am here again and today we are on Lesson 2 of the Entrepreneur Certification Courses, if you have no idea as to what I am taking about.  I have you covered I wrote an article about the Wealthy Affiliate Training but today is all about Understanding How To Make Money Online.

As I mentioned in my earlier article, this is a 10 Courses Training and I am on Lesson 2 from the Emtrepreneur Certification Course.

To Read Lesson So You have a Pretty Good Idea Of what I am writing about please Click here!

Is Affiliate Marketing A Quick Fix?

It is not so easy to understand how to make money online?  I have heard so many stories of people coming up with insane figures of how they have Made the money.

When I find the formula they use, don’t worry I will be the first to write an article but as for now I have not discovered their formula.

So is it easy or it is not, this is a tricky question, but it also depends on what Niche you have chosen, so in this Lesson Kyle actually tackles that and my answer is you have to be prepared to work really hard and to not be in it for quick money fix, that is the closest I can come to giving my answer.

What is In this Lesson?

Well first you learn how you will earn the money, this about website building, finding a Niche, learning how to google and find keywords in Your chosen Niche, this is the exciting part.

I always get excited when I discover new knowledge, other people get overwhelmed but I get excited Strange right.

You learn about customer and how To get them to Your website so they can buy a product from you as this training is about affiliate marketing.

You also learn How an affiliate can earn a commission and how to be ranked in Google, you don’t want to Miss the excitement of receiving a message from Wealthy Affiliate that your content has been indexed by google it is so exciting.

Trust me you will find that Message and it is so fulfilling after all Your hard work and especially if you are a newbie Who had no idea of what a Niche is and How to find keywords that will get ranked in Google. Or even how to build a website.

There’s a lot that you learn along the way, and trust me some things take time to understand but they Journey is worth taking, you will pat yourself on the back.

Below is a a link to Lesson 2 with Kyle that really walk you through understanding How to make money and all the nice stuff that comes with money making.

Is The Training Worth It

Definitely and the best part is this is a free training, well you are able to see whether this fits Your needs and Your budget, after all it is Your money and you want to spend it wisely so that at some point it comes back To You.

There’s no credit card needed all you need is an email and a password, so if I were you I would want to try it out.

And the only advice I can give for newbies is you might want to wait for a while until you have at least created a lot of articles before Joining affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as some people want to portray it and you might want Also to consider Joining for a long term and maybe find something else for quick money fix.

They a lot of  people Who say they have Made money in less than 3 Months and I am sure they have but for me, I concentrate on learning all the right Stuff so when they time comes to make money, it will be BOOM!

Cool right, You also want to know how social media works, which is my favorite in all I am doing, I love connecting With people so social media has been a fun ride.

Lastly you are given step by steps tasks to do from the articles and videos, So I hope I will see you in The Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Can I Recommend This Free Course?

My Answer is a definite yes what do you have to loose after all it is a free Course.  Try it out and you will not be disappointed I guarantee that.

If my article has been informative please feel free to love a comment and I will definitely get back To YOU. There is more Stuff coming up and I have more articles regarding the Entrepreneur Certification Training so you may Wanna hang around for free training, I love them, they may not give you as much as the paid programs but it’s a start.

You might want start from somewhere! So here is To Your Success and Hope to see you inside the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Wealthy Affiliate Entrepreneur Certification What Is IT?

You know everyone wants to be successful these days, and the Internet is what everyone is using, knowledge is a very powerful tool to use but organized knowledge, No one can beat that, that’s what I I am writing today about Wealthy Affiliate Entrepreneur Certification what is it?  If, You really what to succeed then this is a powerful question to ask yourself.

I always encourage people to do their own research when it comes to online education and Universities, because you are investing money and you would want your money to pay off, I love to pay for something but also to get value from what I am paying for, be it books, education, clothes or whatever it is that I want to invest into.

Without going way from the topic. So What really is Wealthy Affiliate?

And how to I sign up for this? Am glad you asked, first I would love to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate by Clicking here to read the Review.

Entrepreneur Certification

This is the training you do when you first sign up to join Wealthy Affiliate. It is a 10 Lesson Courses which walks you through the tasks of creating an online business that generates Revenue.

Remember I mentioned that knowledge is powerful but knowledge that is specialized and organized is much more powerful in that it will use tested and accurate steps that guarantees success.

This is what Entrepreneurship is, it teaches, you what you need to know to be an affiliate marketer and how t succeed with your online business.

Your first Course is Getting Rolling and this is a 7 course training where first you are introduced to the founders Kyle and Carson then a video follows with tasks to do. You are introduced to 4 steps you need to take and here is the table below.

This is the beginning of an exciting Journey if the Internet world and online business, you get to learn amazing courses which Opens you to a whole new world of possibilities.

I remember I was so excited when I started that I actually finished the Certification course in Just two weeks, it was so fun and exciting especially the tasks.

Seeing for the first time building a website in 5 minutes did blow my mind away and you have a forum where you brain-storming the name of Your business with the Help of the community and you come to meet amazing people inside this community.

But it is the doors that the training Opens that really got me excited, I had no idea how come to love social media and even start helping others find their Purpose.

It Was my intention To be someone, to put my Thoughts on paper and this training just did that for me.

You learn to Dream by setting goals and the time frame to reach and achieve Your goals, I Was Smart to have set a long term goal.

I have not really realized the short terms goals but I have come to experience amazing opportunities and friendships.  This course is not only about making money but about making a difference in this world.

Helping that someone Who has stopped dreaming, so they can pick up their Dreams, believe again make their Dreams come True.

So what are you waiting for Join Now!  the Wealthy Affiliate Community by Joining this free program and then if you fall in love With it, you can upgrade to premium but that is another story for another day.

Today is the Joining The Entrepreneurship Certification free so Hurry and Join by clicking here. And I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Look out for next articles. I have 5 more articles coming up on this training and you wouldn’t want to Miss that.

Is this Training Program Legit?

Yes it is and I definitely recommend it the only thing I do emphasize is Join With a long time goal, so you don’t lose Your enthusiasm along the way, because this training requires hard work and discipline, like everything else in life, how badly do you want it? That is a question you Have To answer.

If You Found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I definitely get back To YOU. To Your Success!

Look out for my Next Articles with Videos Included free to Watch and learn, exciting right!