How To Write Content For Your Website

I have seen so many people struggle with writing content and most even procrastinate after hitting a wall so I decided to write an article on How To Write Content For Your website.

Writing content can be abit challenging but not impossible. To be an effective writer I feel you have to just start writing naturally.

Don’t be afraid just start that’s what I do I know you have to learn about what makes you a good writer but you also have to remember that to some writing is a gift.

They don’t struggle, it comes naturally without much effort but to those who have to really develop the talent here are some few tips to guide you into being a good writer.

How Do You Write Content For Your Website?

First before you even start writing content you have to know your Niche and your audience first.

Which  you learn if you are building your website within a platform and if you are not and are struggling check out the review I did about this Amazing Platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate you learn how to write your content for your website.

But you also learn about finding your niche, and learning about keywords which is very important for your website building.

You then research topics according to the Niche you have chosen but I usually write from the experiences and failures I have had with writing content for my website, while working within Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

I target beginners to help them from not making the mistakes I made when I started writing content.

I had a website where I wrote 68 articles but I had to let that website go because it was two years and nothing serious was happening but it taught me how to research and write articles.

Every failure has its equivalent seed of opportunity and I used that website as a learning tool for content writing.

You should not be afraid once you find your niche, you learn about keywords and how to find the ones that work and get you indexed.

Best Tips For Content Writing

  • Research Your Niche Well
  • Write from both Knowledge and Experience
  • Learn To Write Naturally – Don’t force anything
  • Research Other People’s Work Within Your Own Niche

Now Let’s look at these tips one day one, researching your niche you want your content to be in line with your chosen niche but to also have content that is based on facts.

So the first step is to understand your niche and then finding the right audience. Because targeting the right audience is key to your success.

Then after you have understood about your niche and audience then you write from both experience and knowledge.

Knowledge in the expertise of your niche and experience in what has worked and what has not worked.

You write to help others make better choices and succeed. And that should be the number reason for writing content beside making money.

Writing naturally is not forcing yourself but allowing the right words to flow effortlessly and you will find that you have what to write about.

If you feel tired or you hit a wall. Stop and relax go for a walk or even watching a movie to relax your mind then come back to writing.

Find work done by others and compare notes that’s what I meant by researching other people’s work, not to duplicate their work but to gain insight and understanding and find common ground.

Need Help On How To Write Content For Your Website?

I am glad you asked, remember I said write naturally but what about those that are not gifted? What happens?

How do they learn to write their content for their website? Here is  an awesome platform called Wealthy Affiliate, here you can can learn how to build a website but also content writing.

And for those who have the natural ability you can still learn from others and become even better.  So if you really want to know about WA click here To Read.

I have done amazing reviews one when I first Joined Wealthy Affiliate and the other Just now I have written one review for 2019 which shows growth and the changes done since 2017. That’s when I joined WA.

So If You really want to learn more about content writing click here to read the article I did.  So Wether you want to start a website or to learn about content writing, Wealthy Affiliate has the answer.

My Opinion

I believe whether you a natural writer or you want to improve your skills practice will make you improve and be better.

I remember the first time I started writing content, the first blog had 450 words and it took forever for me to finish even though writing is my passion.

But the more I continued to write the more I improved and now I can write articles with 1,500 words my  goals is to write 2,000 then move to 2,500 and so forth but if I didn’t start I was not going to get better.

Wealthy Affiliate has a starter membership which is how I started but after really wanting to pursue my writing skills.

I joined to become premium which is taking action.  And here I am now enjoying my writing and I used all the above tips I have given you.

Writing Naturally is the easiest way to write content but sometimes one feels like not having anything to write about.

But the good thing about being natural is when you pick the pen or your note pad and start, words just flows and by time you know it your content is finished and ready to be published.

I hope you have found this article informative and if you have, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you.

Whether it is the website you want to build or you just want to improve on content writing I have your back.

Here is to your success and to content writing.

How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Business

Building a business is not easy let alone an online business. Especially if you are new to the online world and today I want to write on how to build an affiliate marketing business.

Where Do You Start from?

You start from wanting to change your life, can be by having extra income or it can also be a full time online business.  But that will depend on what you really want.

But how do you start since they are a lot of scammers out there? I am glad you asked that question and I am here to show you how to build an online business and succeed.

You should do your own research first but you can also read my review that I did about one awesome platform called Wealthy Affiliate and you can click here to read.

This is an affiliate program that will teach you how to build affiliate marketing business online.

You have two option with this program either to sign up as starter membership which is free.

Free because Wealthy Affiliate gives you the chance to test their program before you decide to upgrade and I will come to that shortly.

You are given a choice to decide whether this program is a fit for you, isn’t that awesome and if you are interested which you will definitely then you can upgrade to Premium Membership.

The Premium Membership is $49/Monthly and $359/Yearly. Wealthy Affiliate caters for everyone and one thing I love about this program they don’t have too many upsells.

You can work with only the premium membership and still make money.

I have started making money through their affiliate program and it’s been amazing and exciting to finally have success so I am writing from being Successful with the affiliate marketing business.

5 Things You Need In Order To Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business


You need to know what exactly you want and have a desire to succeed and before you know it, you will be on your way to achieving that which you desire to achieve.


You definitely need to have either a computer, tablet or smart phone, I made my first sell from using a mini iPad but what made me successful is desire, then I came up with a plan and took action.

Affiliate Marketing Platform

You need to find a good platform that will teach you all you need to succeed in your affiliate marketing business.

And I have a solution for you but you first have to do your own research or try the program and if you are interested, then you can decide to Join and About Joining? I have written an amazing review and you can click here to read.


You need to have patience as affiliate marketing business is not a quick and get rich program, you need to learn to get an education in Affiliate marketing, gather the right knowledge then see how you can plan and turn the knowledge into something that works for you.

Work on Your Pace

As much as we start our businesses to want to succeed and help others. We also need to know that Rome was not built in one day. We need to work hard, research, learn the ropes of the business and then success will come.

The above 5 things are what will stir you in the right direction and I have already used them and they have helped me to succeed. You don’t need to follow every crowd.

You have to learn from others of course but you also need to take each day as it comes and work according to your pace.

Want the Best Affiliate Program Click Here To Join

As I mentioned I have used all the tips I have given and I didn’t wait to buy a computer.

I had internet and an IPad Mini as you have worked on it you know that it is very challenging but my desire was stronger than the challenge. I was persistent until I succeeded and If I did so can you.

You say no I don’t have an IPad Mini, but you do have a phone and internet right? Then you have no excuse and a phone I mean a smart phone or even IPhone. Both these I guarantee you will give you success.

My Opnion

Having an online Business is not easy but with determination and persistence you can succeed.

All you need is a proper plan and the right knowledge to start. Now we even have YouTube it’s like a University you can find anything.

Then there’s google, Yahoo and Bing all these you can utilize them to have the knowledge you need to know where to start from.

Reading reviews about platforms is also one the ways you can be knowledgeable when deciding to start an affiliate Marketing Business.

And remember I have given tips which are desire, Internet, affiliate marketing platform, patience and working within your own pace.

If you follow these you will see that your business will start to make sense and if you want me to help you with anything regarding affiliate marketing business reach out to and I will be glad to help you out.

You want to know how to go about it and what pitfalls to avoid then check out my article I wrote about 3 major pitfalls to avoid as you work on your business and if you really interested Click Here! To Read.

And If you found this article interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely reach out to you.

Hope you Will be driven by a strong desire after reading this article and you will take action to better your life and find what really works for you.

Until then there is to Your Success and hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate which is ran by a wonderful community of like-minded people.

Here is to Your Story desire and Success.

2019 Review – Stone Cold Truth About Network Marketing Online

This is a Facebook group and I am reviewing this group after being with them for close to a year, What is Stone Called Truth About Network Marketing Online?

This is a Facebook group of like-minded people who came together to help each other  learn and build their businesses.

It is run by Debbie Stone and We do engage a lot with each other. One thing I love about this group is diversity and creativity.

And Did I mention that Debbie Stone is in Network Marketing and I am an affiliate marketer.

But that doesn’t matter because we find common ground. We do have fun in this group.

She comes up with little tasks we do and then she chooses a winner through a fair draw and she then sends the Prize to your address without asking for postage and I think that is noble and Awesome.

We just had a task where we posted our favorite books and since my passion is reading,

I was super excited and I saw amazing books posted from other group members and I can’t wait to lay my hands on the books.

She also runs a Facebook group called Stepping up to Facebook lives and I have written an article about that and you can click here to read.

What is this Group About?

This group is about like-minded people who have come together to help each other find solutions to their online businesses.

Some are network Marketers and some are affiliate marketers.

But this group is amazing in that Debbie Stone comes up with creative ideas to encourage participation and there’s always a winner with a prize.

This group is amazing because we encourage each other, we share ideas and we have tasks where we use affirmations to make our day positive which is exceptional.

Now we coming up with a creative idea of reading a book and brainstorming as a group, I love reading and this is really exciting for me.  I am really looking forward to this activity.

How Do You Join?

If you are on Facebook then it’s much easier just type in the search bar Stone Cold Truth About Network Marketing Online and look for Debbie Stone, just to make sure. The group is free and we have a book challenge coming up 1st September 2019.

Click on friend request and sent, it’s as simple as that if you do not have a Facebook personal page you might wanna create one.

The world has changed and now we can connect with like-minded people from all over the world and have amazing online friendships.

I hope you can come and have a look and see the exciting things happening, the amazing like-minded people willing to help you achieve your dreams.

The Benefits Of Joining This Group

  • Learning about different cultures
  • Connecting and making new friends
  • Learning how to achieve your dreams and goals through tasks given
  • Having Fun
  • Learning about each other’s interests and likes
  • Empowering one another to be the best version of ourselves.

Facebook groups have become the main thing and You can learn a lot by joining groups based on your interests.

I love knowledge but I am fascinated about having wisdom so the groups I join are based on those facts. It is amazing how you can learn and grow.

You also learn to understand the diversity of Cultures and traditions, you discover that some beliefs you think work for you doesn’t work for others.

I am in Italy and most Italian homes have wine and beer on their table as part of their meals for health benefits and they live long.

So if you come from a Culture where beer is forbidden like it’s a terrible sin then you find that you have two conflicting beliefs.

But if you have an open mind you will try to merge those two beliefs to have something that really works for you and not others.

I love Wine and a beer or two for me is not an issue but to someone it’s an issue and they are cultures where people are controlled by the opinion of others.

But when you join such groups you gain knowledge and it will open your eyes to really know what you really want to believe.

I strongly believe there’s no devil, this is my opinion the only devil that is there is ignorance. For me I strongly believe the only thing that sets the mind free is knowledge.

When the mind understands the principle behind every belief through the power of knowledge it’s like a light bulb comes on and darkness leave.

Joining these group teaches you the power of principles and choices because we often fail to understand that whatever things happen to us is because of a choice we made.

Whether we listened to a family member, friends or our own inner being we at some point made a choice.

And choices have consequences and so does beliefs. Research before you believe  anything any man says and be your own Judge because you are the only one that can decide the course of your life.  By listening deep inside and finding what makes  you tick.


I feel this is an amazing group,  if you want to grow but at the same time have fun then this group is right for you.  Everyone is kind and helpful.

Debbie teaches kindness through her acts of kindness every Wednesday and she has either a live or an audio to teach something about kindness.

It is amazing to learn to be kind to others so that this world can be a better place, when we learn to be a bridge of hope by encouraging one another.

And that help can be seeing someone succeed through their online business in whatever Niche of their choice.

You know the online world has its challenges but if a group puts their heads together to teach each other their wins but also learn from their failures.

There’s sure going to be Success and here’s To Debbie Stone  in her Facebook Community group called Stone Cold Truth About Network Marketing Online.

3 Major Pitfalls For beginners in Affiliate Marketing

When you start as a newbie with online business especially affiliate marketing you are excited and want to conquer the world but then soon you realize it’s not what you thought so here are 3 major pitfalls for beginners in Affiliate Marketing.

Information Overwhelming

Knowledge is power when it is organized correctly and you take action, by that I mean you apply the knowledge you gain through a plan or an action.

But in Affiliate Marketing you find that you have massive knowledge from understanding Your Niche, SEOs, Social Media Platforms And PPC.

As if that wasn’t enough you have to learn how to create good content and finding keywords. And because you are excited and you want to succeed with say 3 months or 6 months.

Because that’s the information you have. Trying so hard to understand all these leads to information overwhelm because if you are not careful you would end up confusing yourself and going round in circles.

What Should You Do with Information Overwhelm?

The best way to handle information overwhelm is taking small steps and if you are an affiliate marketer you can find those small steps if you Joined My Number 1 Affiliate Program and if you are interested in a platform that will help you manage information overwhelm click here To read.

Break your information into manageable tasks and find time to do them without wanting to learn everything at one time. Affiliate Marketing is not a short term online business. It is about hard work through content writing and promoting other people’s products.

As you continue working towards your business, you will discover what works and what does not work. Take time to research and find which information you need first. I have used these methods and have worked wonders for me.


This is huge one that every one experiences as you continue building your business.

The most important thing to remember in Affiliate Marketing is the phrase “Rome was not built in one day” if you can remember this you will not only conquer procrastination but enjoy your journey of being an affiliate marketer.

When Setting Goals it is also good to be realistic because if you are not and you get frustrated, then procrastination has its claws in you.

I do procrastinate not because I am frustrated but because my life is a busy one though I work from home. I have lined up things I do and by the time I am finished I find that it’s already in the evening.

How Do You Overcome Procrastination?

Just wake up and start what you want to accomplish, if it’s writing content just start with one thought by the time you know it you have finished your content. Whether it’s exercises, House chores or just whatever it is you want to accomplish you have to take action.

I have moments where I don’t really want to exercise, I do it every morning so I would just say my affirmations they do put me in a good mood always.

Then I have a long list of my favorite songs and I would play two of them, then move to exercising and I can bet you a dollar it works all the time. Just start and you will be surprised how your mind will get into gear.

Time Management

This is a huge one for me, and I bet it is for you. Time just flies, I have a schedule I follow every morning, But I still have issues managing my time to accomplish everything I want to in a day. But then I have to create a plan, to manage what I can do each day.

You also have to remember you can only accomplish only what you can, you need high energy to do that and to have that kind energy you need rest. Your body needs rest to be able to function with clarity.

How To Manage Your Time

Since I am not good at time management I am only going to share what works for me so it can help someone who struggles to find enough time to do everything that is needed to be done that day.

First come up with a plan of how you want your day to go and what you want to accomplish. Break them in their order of importance.

See how much time you would like to spend on each task. For example I wake up early around 4:30am and I pray for 1 hour 30 minutes.

I then read for another 1 hour, I exercise 30 minutes and then write one content every day. This I do in the morning when energy levels are very high.

I found working like this, is easier to manage and I hope to get better. What about you? How do you manage your time? let me know in the comments below.


We have looked at information overwhelm and how to overcome it, we also looked at procrastination and how to overcome it, then time management.

I have outlined how to overcome time management by first understanding when you have high energy levels, because then you know you can be able to accomplish so much.

But I also touched on having low energy for me this does not work for me because I can’t think properly when my energy is low I tend to rest and maybe watch a movie to relax.

Let me know when is the best time for you to work and how you manage your time.

Whether You are in Affiliate Marketing or just online Businesses these 3 I have mentioned are pitfalls and you need to overcome them in order to succeed.

And If You want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing to help you manage the 3 major pitfall you can click here to read a review about Wealthy Affiliate.

A platform where we learn affiliate marketing but we also learn how to avoid the three pitfalls by doing tasks every day that pushes us towards success.

I hope you have found this article informative and if you want to learn more about these major pitfalls do not hesitate to leave your comment below and I will definitely get in touch with you.

And here’s to your success.

My Vacation To Africa – Zambia

I am Zambian but based in Italy and I have not been to my Country since 2015, that’s the last time I visited, my Aunt Called me in mid 2018 and told me her Son was getting married and I needed to attend. My Aunt is actually my late Dad’s Sister and so the Son is my first cousin. I had to go and I am writing this article about my Vacation to Africa, Zambia .

I have been in Italy 12 years and I am going to my 13th Year. Coming out of your comfort zone is the most difficult thing one can do.

Because you have to let go of the beliefs that are limiting and not working for you where you go to a new Country with a different Culture and Mindset.

You have to let go of what is familiar and embrace what is new.

But after having done that and embracing the Italian Culture which I love so dearly because it does suit my personality I had to go back to Zambia to visit.

And To also listen deep in my spirit to see my growth and Change.   I believe it is very important to self examine yourself.

The Bible says do not despise small beginnings, I am grateful to be Zambian and I love my Country so I was happy to go and visit.  But Italy is my home now.

The Long Journey

We left Italy through Venice Marco Polo Airport, passing through Johannesburg then Lusaka, our Destination.

We arrived at Kenneth International Airport it was exciting to be home after 4 years.

What Has Changed in The Last 4 Years?

So much has changed in terms of infrastructure but the mentality is still the same in that I mean Zambians love quick money and we are abit lazy.

I found people still believe you have to give your hard-earned money to whoever asks but I had to just keep quiet.  I didn’t take a vacation to have conflicts.

In my heart I just said we are given the same 24 hours and some of us, we were given odd cards but we turned them into opportunities.

But it’s all about mindsets and beliefs that’s one of the reasons I left.  But enough of that.

I saw a lot of changes as I mentioned in terms of infrastructure but the Hospitals are still the same.

I visited UTH and nothing as changed in terms of healthcare. Having a productive Country starts with having good healthcare.

A productive mind is one which is balanced mentally, spiritually and healthy wise but again we all are entitled to our own opinions.

Poverty levels are still going high and where there’s poverty people can do anything even losing their dignity to just get money.

Honesty is a disease to most people in my Country.  As I observed I saw that even in government offices to just get a document,  stories come up so you can just dip in your pocket and give them something.

That is called corruption but if it can be overlooked at grassroots level how do you think the Country can develop?.

I am not going to compare Countries I am just going to talk about my beliefs.

I believe in Education not only that but education that will give you knowledge, because true knowledge opens your mind to many possibilities out there.

You will not wait for the government or your Family to create opportunities for you. You will be creative and find solutions to your problems.

Why do You Think God created  us with brains? To think, to be creative, to find solutions so we can better this wonderful world we have been given.

What Did I love About My Vacation

Meeting my friends though I have a few and despite having setbacks because Zambia can be challenging, mentality wise.

But you know you just pray that people will really come to realize how much they have can creat and powerful their thoughts are.  Thoughts create.

We are creative beings and whatever anyone has at the moment is the same total of their thinking nothing more and nothing less.

So I had fun meeting a few of my good friends.  I met my family and I met An Uncle who was my Late Dad’s best friend and cousin that really made me happy.  He is an amazing man and we sat and had a good chat that was fun for me.

Meeting My Family

I was happy To Visit my Uncle who is now the eldest in my late Dad’s Family.

In the African Culture when a father dies uncles step in and so do Cousins and they become a father figure.

I have amazing Uncles who have been my pillar and I don’t believe that when you don’t grow up with your dad it’s very difficult to be stable in life.

(My 2 Uncles and the 3rd Uncle Through Marriage)

My Dad died when I was 17 years old it was a time when I needed him the most but He had already done his work, he loved me unconditionally.

I had the best relationship with him and when he died his brothers who happen to be my Uncles just loved me with the same kind of love and I am very stable both in decision-making and life in general – it all comes to the mind .

But I was very glad to see my Uncle and To spend time with him and I also saw my favorite Uncle An Amazing man and I am so blessed to have wonderful Uncles it really is a blessing.

I met Aunties as well and my late Dad’s cousins and my own Cousins. It was so fun. Because nothing in this world beats being around family.

My Cousin’s Wedding

That is the main reason I had this vacation. Though I had my own personal things to do which was abit Challenging, again we are talking about beliefs and entitlement.

But the wedding was amazing and below are some of my photos. I won’t share my Cousin’s photos but find below are some of my photos at the Wedding

(The Family from the Bride).

I spent a week at a friend’s house though the short visit didn’t go that well, I do have a wonderful friend who is like a Sister to me and we did have an amazing time.

She’s smart, caring and a giver. She took me to her farm one day and it was getting dark she had no lights but that did not stop her to plant her plants.

She used her phone and finished her work.
I sat silently and watched and she taught me a powerful lesson one I will always carry and remember.

That when I am stuck there’s always something I can use to accomplish anything I ust have to see what I have around me.  I admired her and I do respect her work ethics.

She’s success and very generous. I have met many people in my life but I have never seen that kind of generosity one I intend to emulate and that’s how my Vacation came to an end.  But I did enjoy myself.

My Own Growth

Going back showed me how I have grown not only mentally but emotionally as well and I was amazed. Things that used to bother me didn’t.

I handled rejection with grace and just said a prayer of thanks giving that’s when I knew I had passed the test of emotional intelligence and I knew I was ready to reroute myself and move towards success.

It is my prayer that Zambia is going to development not only academically but even in beliefs that are limiting because for anyone to find their true purpose their beliefs should change.

They are some serious limiting beliefs but what surprises me is you find then even  those who call themselves academics. Have some limiting beliefs.  I just say wonders shall never cease to amaze me.

Zambia has a lot of great minds but they lack discipline and consistency.

And again you haters, this is my opinion and everyone is entitled to having an opinion. I hope next time I visit Zambia I will find changes in beliefs and I wish Every Zambian Success And Good Will.

Till my next visit here’s to your success and true development and discovering brilliant minds that will change the course of our Nation.



Can You Make Money Using Facebook In Affiliate Marketing

Great question one which so many Affiliate Marketers maybe asking themselves, I know when I started,  I asked this question? Can you make money using Facebook in Affiliate Marketing?

And the answer is a definite yes, my first break actually came from Facebook not through paid ads but through joining groups, commenting and liking.

Finding also those groups where you share links of websites which is really great and can lead to success.

I tried Amazon Associates, it is a great program but maybe I didn’t find the right niche to give me a break but it’s through that experience that I tried Facebook.

First with paid ads which didn’t bring much results and then I joined a Facebook group where we were given tasks and if you want to learn more about this group click here!

And from working with this group came my break.  Don’t be discouraged or feel like quitting, always remember Affiliate Marketing is not for weak hearts.

It’s not about making quick money it’s about researching, writing good content, interacting with others and if you can do these things. You will definitely see some results.

Paid Ads On Facebook

I know some people have had massive breaks on Facebook through paid Ads but I didn’t see the results.

I am not going to write about what I have not seen but I have seen massive results through joining groups and getting active inside the groups.

Success is not just about money but about building amazing relationships as well. And Facebook is an amazing platform for building relationship.

If you want to try out Facebook paid Ads go ahead it might work for you, just because it didn’t work for me does not mean it will not work for you.

I am still going to use the paid ads in the near future. I will keep learning maybe I might have missed something because I know people have had success using it.

Facebook Groups

These are created to learn and interact with each others, I am active in like 7 groups and I just take an hour every day especially early in the morning then I find 30 minutes in the Afternoon to interact.

The secret to seeing success on Facebook is engaging by liking, commenting and sharing posts.

I love helping others and I have seen that when you help people notice.

Of course they’re those who will see that you have a following and you are very active they would want to use your influence but that’s humans right we are all selfish to some extent.

Joining Groups on Facebook does work and that is where I made my first break of making money.

I have received 2 payments from Wealthy Affiliate an affiliate marketing platform and if you want to know more I have just written a 2019 review and you can click here! To read.

Is Making Money Easy On Facebook?

Yes and No by that I mean every individual is different and success come in different packages. Someone can find Facebook easy when it comes to making money.

And others can struggle abit but when you work really hard yes you can make money and yes you can say after working hard yes it is easy to make money on Facebook.

But is it just about making money? I don’t think so, it’s about connections, building relationships with like-minded people so we help each other succeed.

I have met amazing people on Facebook and I do promote another company called Kulabrands and they are into Reverse Royalties and If you want to learn more about Kulabrands Click here! To read.

Both these companies are using Facebook and they have massive success through groups and sharing, liking and commenting on posts.

We get to have fun and for me I am not lonely and when I feel like low I know which groups to go to have my spirits uplifted they are powerful women who are doing very well helping people.

Debbie Stone is one of them through her groups when You know better you do better it’s about health living.

The Other one is about attraction marketing and the group is called Stone Cold Truth About Attraction Marketing these are amazing groups to Join.

We are given takes and usually we have winners you receive a present from Debbie Stone.

I won one time and received some amazing supplements. It’s exciting and fun.

You may want to check these groups out. Then we have Leslie Gunterson with her group New Me New Life and by the way we had a 5-day challenge and I have written a review about that click here! To read.

I love this group because it teaches the principle of old you cannot create a life you want. You have to create a new you Which will turn will push you to create a new life you desire or want. Isn’t that amazing if you can realize your dreams by becoming a new you.

She gives principles on how to achieve that and I just saw a post in her group of the 5-day challenge coming up and you might want to go to her Facebook page and sigh up through a link she has provided.

The challenge start 19th August. I am looking forward to this challenge it will be exciting and full of fun.

My Opinion

You see like everything in life you have to try by taking action. Don’t be afraid of what others will say.

There will always be haters trust me whether you do good or you do bad somebody will find something to say so don’t give your power to achieving great things to someone else.

Take Action either by Joining a network platform or by connecting on Facebook through groups which you can eventually learn how to do it.

It might change your life and you can even start making money. These groups help with creative ideas all you need to have is internet and a phone.

And your life will change if you want to, we are living in an exciting era where you can access knowledge anywhere. Whether you are in Africa, Asia or anywhere in the world.

knowledge is available through YouTube University,  Google is there, And So is Yahoo. You have no excuse as why your life cannot change and here’s is To Success Using Facebook Groups.

Here’s Some Exciting News Inside Kulabrands

I love platforms whose transparency and integrity comes first, I have one that beats them all but that is for another day today it is about Kulabrands and here’s some exciting news Inside Kulabrands.

I have been with Kulabrands for almost a year now so I am not a newbie, I pretty much understand how it works and if you want to  know more about Kulabrands. I have written an article and click here to read.

I will not go into details because my article explains that.  So what is the exciting news inside Kulabrands?

Exciting News? Here It is

Well so many things are happening right now but the most new ones  for me are  the two programs or projects that  stand out most, which were introduced by Peter Gantner The Founder and CEO of Kulabrands.

The new Kula marketing system which comes with the App to help you market and generate leads.  I love the App because it is fun and easy to use.

Also I love that it is a program which has a one on one training, to help you understand the program better.

You have to request the one on one but before you do that you have to watch the 3 videos.  This is when you have purchased the package inside Kulabrands platform.

But You have to be a Kulabrands Member to benefit and if you are interest in becoming a member click here to read! My Article.

1 . Kula Marketing System

The Kula Marketing System is actually for marketing, finding prospects either through the marketing  system which uses cold leads or through using the App for warm leads.

I watched a training by one of the members Cory Philip Moran who is also Field Officer – Chief Alliance Officer at Kulabrands and he is also involved with HealX, and one thing he said that stood out for me is “To succeed you have to be consistent and resilient.”

He also emphasized that failure is what leads to success but only if you can find the seed of opportunities in your failures.

The other exciting news is the new Kulabrands Ultimate Fundraiser But hold the thought I need to get on board before I can even talk about.

Getting on boards means I need to buy the  package. But everyone is excited and we have 30 days to Jump in.

I am definitely taking action by being part of this program.  I love trying programs before writing a review.

So look out for my next review on Kulabrands Ultimate Fundraiser.

2. Kulabrands Ultimate Fundraiser

From what I have heard about this program it is a stand alone program dealing with fundraising.

But I also learnt that they will be Royalties involved but until I test the program I can’t say much but from the video I watched from the founder Peter Gantner it looks a very cool program and worth trying to see if it’s a fit.

So Since I have not tried this program, let’s look at the Kula Marketing Systm, The Marketing System for cold leads is abit complicated to understand but once you do it, can drive traffic to your pages.

But I love the App it is so much easier to use and you get notified whenever someone clicks on the links. I find that to be cool.

You basically use the app by reaching out to friends, acquaintances, or even family members if you want.

I don’t do family members and please don’t ask me you don’t want to know Lol.

You need to have  contacts in your phone then it generates conversations but also provides links depending on what your your prospects are interested in.

For me I like to send them videos that explain about what Kulabrands is all about because it is a program I am into and I know how it works.  So I can answer questions should need arise.

There’s HealX as well but I have not tried it but hopefully in future I will try it and write a review.

But Kulabrands is really exciting, they do have their Thursday Calls which are awesome and fun, unfortunately I am in Italy and the time difference is very challenging so I usually watch replays.

But I have managed twice to watch the Thursday night calls and it’s breathtaking, the first is business as usual then there’s a part were they play music and just have fun.

How Do I  Join You Ask?

Well You can click here to Join or read the article I have written about Kulabrands to give you a more detailed outlook and then see if it’s a fit for you.

There’s a monthly payment of $25 and also a one time payment. I pay monthly because it is convenient for me.

But once I start making money through Royalties I will upgrade to a one time payment so I don’t have to worry about finding the money every month.

Can I make Money With Kulabrands?

The Answer depends on how much work you put in and some are already making money but I will definitely write a review about that in depth.

But one thing I say, it is a good program and I love the heart of the all the members of Kulabrands.

When you join you are treated like family and one thing that stands out about this Company it has the American Spurit.  In that I mean the heart to help others and to build each other.

They are always available and willing to help any member and recently a member’s house got burned down by Fire they came together and provided shelter he has a beautiful caravan with nice things inside.

It brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of when things were not going well in my life and I prayed to God for help.

Little did I not know that he had brought an American Missionary Rev Dennis and Sue Anderson and through their love and prayers I got an education.

And here I am now Working with Kulabrands and I see the same Spirit which I always call The American Spirit.

My Conclusion

Having told the story of the American Spirit let’s go back to the reason I am writing this article, it is about what’s new and exciting inside Kulabrands.

I touched on two things that really stand out for me personally.  It’s first the Kula Marketing System which comes with the app.

And the new Kulabrands Ultimate Fundraiser, though I have not tested the program I feel it’s a great program with a promising future.

I do highly recommend Joining Kulabrands so you can take advantage of these programs to build a Royalt based income for yourself.

We are all growing old and there will be a point where we are not going to be able to work, Some it can be retirement and others just losing a Job.

But whatever that reason maybe You have a choice to take action and be part of Kulabrands and the amazing projects that are coming up.

You can also Join here’s looking at Kulabrands it is a Facebook community where you can ask all the questions if this article has not done that.

You will meet Kulabrands members who will be willing to answer all your question and When You Join kulabrands you have a lot of trainings to teach you how to navigate and be successful inside Kulabrands.

What is important is you “Take Action Daily” as My Influencer Richard Bradshaw says.  Hope to see you singing up to one of these programs and here’s to your success.

2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – What Has Changed?

I started my Journey with Wealthy Affiliate July 2017, I just came out of acute depression and wanted to do something to change my life.  I wrote a Review 6 months into the training, I have learnt a lot since then, so now I want to compare when I started to now so here is 2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review and what has changed?

Before I dive into this article I want to help you understand where I started so here is my Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2017.

I have not changed anything because it will be my pointer to see how far I have come and how much I have grown as an affiliate marketer.  I had zero knowledge about Affiliate Marketing.

I started from the scratch and slowly built my way up so what has changed since then? A lot has changed not only from my personal experience but also within Wealthy Affiliate.

I love Kyle because he has the ability to connect at a human level and just speak the right words to motivate someone.

And he spoke the right words when I first joined he took the time to read my goals and saw that I had a limiting belief and he corrected it and made me see where I was lacking behind.

So as I write this review I am writing as a Premium member, but you can sign up for free the Entrepreneur Certification and if you want to read more about the Entrepreneur Certification click here!

You don’t need a credit card to join the free membership you need only  your name and an email address.

But if you want to further your Entrepreneurship and become a successful affiliate marketer then you need to upgrade to premium  which is $49, where you will have access to amazing quality training and a community ready to help you achieve success.

And as A premium member below is what comes with the membership

Here are The  3 Changes Within Wealthy Affiliate in 2019

Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy Lite

First before I can even talk about Jaaxy Keyword Research  Tool and the changes made to it, I want you to read the Review I wrote about the Jaxxy Keyword Research  Tool when I first started as a newbie and you can click here to read.

Now some new things have been integrated within it and it is now called Jaaxy lite and this is for premium members and it’s free.

And That’s the reason you would want to Upgrade to premium because with the free Entrepreneur Certification you are given 30 searches with the  Keyword Research Tool.

With the Jaaxy Lite and below is the screenshot, you get to use it on a broader level, you can find the average traffic per month abbreviated as AVG.

Jaaxy Lite

You can also find the number of competitions from other websites by clicking  on the QSR, it also teaches you  to understand KQI which is for another article,I am writing.

But it basically explains if  QSR is great, normal or poor and how cool is the because it actually guides you to discover which right keywords to target.

SEO is all about getting ranked through keywords and writing good content, you can also brainstorm, find out how your pages are doing as well as your website but all these benefits can only be acquired by being a premium member.

But to really understand about keywords and affiliate marketing you need to do the Certification Course and it’s absolutely free but it will be your foundation.  I do recommend that you do it.


Then you have sitecontent which is my favorite, I am writer and you know when you love writing this becomes like your backbone and you want to nurture it and get the best of it.

This makes writing easy after you use the keyword Research Tool you can automatically come to content writing and the title is already inserted and you can either change it or let be this depends on your preference.  And the title is entered in the title bar as show below!

You don’t need to worry about spelling or grammar that is taken care of with the sitecontent and you also have the ability to insert images which we already have over 1,000,000.00 images features inside the sitecontent and how do you find Sitecontent inside WA you ask?

Just go to Siterubix under your profile and when you scroll down you will find SiteContent and here is the Screenshot of how to find Sitecontent under siterubix.

It also has others amazing features like inserting links,  how to insert bullets inside your paragraphs and so forth.  But  you have to try it to see how awesome this is.  Become a Premium Member and success is at your finger tips.


This is a very good feature in that it is a comment platform available only to premium members at WA.

It is setting high quality engagement for your website by requesting comments,  I love this platform because it can drive traffic to your website through good quality comments and you can also get indexed by google.

This is an amazing feature that I really love and now you can even get paid by commenting and reaching a certain goal isn’t that awesome? You have to give 50 comments in a month to get paid but you can also exchange the money you have earned for more comments which is amazing.

But there are other changes as well because Kyle and Carson improve every day to give us the best platform and it is actually the best.  You see when I started I could only write about 450 words and those were hard to come by but I never gave up.

I kept on learning and when you go back to my first Wealth Affiliate Review you will definitely see the changes and the improvement in my writing skills but I had to start from some where and I follow the training and the tasks and here I am today writing another review only this one is looking at what has changed since I joined WA.

How Do I Join You Ask?

It’s easy you don’t need a credit card, all you need is an email address and your full names.  I encourage people to start with the free training.

OMG! Free training yes you heard right there’s a free training to try out the platform to see if it’s a fit for you and if it’s not you walk away but trust me you won’t wanna walk away.

Learning something new is interesting I remember when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate I was curious because I couldn’t believe that I would try a program for free.

But when I joined I become premium member with 7 days yes you can become Premium  Member within signing up for free with the Entrepreneur Certification.

And The beauty of this is, Premium Membership is  $49 but if you sign up for free and within 7 days you upgrade to Premium Membership you only pay $19.

I took advantage of this and I have never regretted my decision.  It’s what I need at that moment to give me hope and to give me something to look forward to every morning.

My Opnion On The Changes

I am glad that Wealthy Affiliate is running with the changing times in terms of technology and just the actual program.

Nothing beats a prepared person.  We have exciting things coming up and by the way as I am writing this article I have been selected to go to  Las Vegas for 2020.

Like I said Wealthy Affiliate keeps up with innovation and motivates people to really work hard and do their best and if you want to learn more about Las Vegas and what happens when you are selected and you qualify click here to read.

I have been selected and I am working hard to qualify.  Wish me Luck but overall Wealthy Affiliate has made some amazing changes and by the those changes like Sitecontent and sitecomment we are able to leverage our online business towards success.

I am super excited to see what 2020 will bring for me and I am looking forward to see massive success within my promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Did I mention that you can promote Wealthy Affiliate and get paid for it.  Yes you heard right I have made money promoting Wealthy Affiliate and I am still waiting to be paid end of this month.

This will be my second payment and I tell you it’s exciting.  I have worked hard and this is my second year and I know I will make more as I am moving towards being a seasoned affiliate marketer.

You see anything is possible in life but you have to take the first step.  And that step is called action.

No matter how much you dream big and set goals you have to take action if You want to succeed.  So hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate so we can succeed together.  And here is to your Success.

Can You Make Money Promoting Wealthy Affiliate – Let Me Help You With That

We all want to succeed and make money even those who are lazy do dream of success, but how does success come? By taking action and that action could be joining Wealthy Affiliate but can you make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate, let me help you with that.

My Answer is absolutely yes You can make money.  I took a decision to promote Wealthy Affiliate almost a year ago and within 6 months I made my first money.

I have written an article with proof, Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit click here to read,  You know  I was so furious I started with Entrepreneur Certification which half of it is a free course and the website I made from those lessons never brought success but it brought me experience.

What You Need To Make Money Promoting WA

The first thing you need to promoting Wealthy Affiliate is becoming a Premium Member and you will have access to every tool you need to succeed.

The second you need is the Bootcamp training phase 1, which teaches you how to promote Wealth Affiliate.  After you have done that you need to create Goals.

Creating goals is easy but creating realistic goals will serve you from procrastination and the urge to give up especially if you signed up with zero knowledge of affiliate marketing because there’s actually a lot involved in Affiliate Marketing.

I have just written an article where I described in depth what you need in order to see success in Affiliate Marketing and you can click here to read.

The third thing you need is determination and persistence with which without it, you will not go far.

There’s massive knowledge here at WA which I love because I usually get bored easily when I start something new.

But WA is built in such a way that you always have exciting things and the excitement never ends  with new technology and new tasks.

Upgrades and stuff like that.  It’s an ever learning platform and I love that about WA.

You also need to follow the training and complete each task. When you work diligently you will see success, I have seen success and I am just about to paid another payment from Wealthy Affiliate.

You can not succeed in anything without determining and setting goals, coupled with action.

I could have achieved even more but sometimes I procrastinate but I make sure to really find time and catch up with work but yes you can make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Want To Promote Wealthy Affiliate?  – here’s how

First I would really advise you to try out the Entrepreneur Certification and why is the that? First it is free and second it is the foundation into affiliate marketing.

It may look like you are struggling as you do the course but trust me you will be glad you did it.

How do you Join? You ask? Simple all you need is an email address and a smartphone or a computer.

Even  a mini iPad, I have done most of my work using either an IPhone or an IPad and I have succeeded in my work.

All you need is to take action and if you want to know more about the Entrepreneur Certification please click here to read.

Half way through the course I would encourage you to sign up for premium membership which is $49 and it is definitely worth the money.

Wealthy Affiliate is consistent and very transparent and regardless of your background, education background you will find your place and there will be some to help you.

Once you become a Premium Member you can then start promoting Wealthy Affiliate through their Bootcamp phase 1 and you will find it under  your dashboard of your profile and here are the two screenshot below showing you where to find Bootcamp phase 1

Screenshot 1

Bootcamp phase 1

Screenshot 2

But I would advise that you finish your Entrepreneur Certification because it does actually build a solid foundation in the area of learning about social media and branding yourself.

I got so much from it that by the time I started Bootcamp Half way through it I got a break.  A reward comes when you work really hard.

And usually it comes when you least expect.  But you will never know until you try it out.  Setting goals and dreaming is good but without action it will be just that goals and dreams.

Upgrading to Premium comes with benefits and you don’t want to miss that.

I take advantage of video walkthroughs in the Bootcamp training which is only phase 1 but it is filled with massive knowledge and if you do your work diligently you will have amazing results.

As I am writing this article I am waiting to be paid my commission.  I don’t care how much what I know is I have succeeded and proof that you can make money and get commissions from promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Come Join The Wealthy Affiliate Community by Clicking here>>

My Conclusion

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate is the best decision I made, it’s a lot of work but it’s something achievable, all you need to do is follow what I have outlined and you will definitely have success.

But Remember to start with the free course which will be a base or should I say your foundation if you choose a good niche You even have a break who knows.  Every individual is different but you have to try first before you succeed.

I know because I started without Knowledge but now I am able to only make money but writing content to help newbies find their way in a much quicker way that helps them make money or understand online business better.

My Articles are mainly for beginners but even those seasoned marketers can get one or two things.  Hope you will take action and join either through the Entrepreneur Certification which free or you will pay for premium membership and enjoy the massive knowledge at WA.

Here is To Your Success amd as my dear Friend Richard Bradshaw says Take Actions Daily.  Ciao!

Are You Not Making Money In Affiliate Marketing-Here is The Reason WHY

Everyone wants to make money for so many reasons, most for retirement. But others to just have extra income that’s why I have decided to ask this question and probably give you an answer.  Are you making money in Affiliate Marketing here is the reason why you may not be making money.

The first thing maybe joining with wrong motives  and wanting to get rich quickly which will make you hit a plateau then procrastinate.

I remember how excited I was when I joined Affiliate Marketing through Entrepreneur Certification and if you want to know more about this then you have come to the right place.

This is a free course that teaches online business and how to be an entrepreneur.  Click here! To Read.

But back to our main topic of why you may not be making money, it’s kind of a broad subject but will touch on a few things that might be a contributing factor.

Not Understanding What You Want To Do

Affiliate Marketing is very broad and with massive knowledge which is exciting for knowledge lovers like me.

You  have new things coming up almost now and then but when you start with Affiliate Marketing you actually have no clue as to what you want to do and the kind of business you want.

You can set goals and come up with a Niche then you discover that online business despite having massive opportunities is not easy.

Everyone is selling you something and even though most come like they want to build a relationship first.

But you see them getting frustrated along the way because they want to close their marketing as quickly as possible so if you don’t pay attention you can get lost in the masses and not even see results.

So you have to do intensive research and really come up with what you really want to do and how you are going to do.

Goals are good but the online world does not only work with goals but with actions taken towards your goals.

You have to have determination and persistence and if you want to learn more about that I have written an amazing article on that and you can click here! to read.

Trying To Many Things At One Goal

I have seen this from time to time and I am guilty as charged as well but I tend to stop myself and work one day at a time, my opinion is from the saying “Rome was not built in One Day”

I love to enjoy my work. Really working within my space and for those who are affiliate marketers within Wealthy Affiliate you have live training and tasks that teaches you the ropes of affiliate marketing and success in general.

It is wise to stick to one thing until you become an expert and then slowly branch of to other things.

You need a lot patience when it comes to online business, from social media, to branding yourself. Finding the right audience and getting to understand the actual secrets of success in Affiliate Marketing takes time.

Competing with One Another

Affiliate Marketing is exciting for me but as I learn I have discovered that we are unique being with different talents and strengths.

What works for someone might not work for me.  I love a competitive spirit within my own strengths.  A competitive spirit used the right way can be a powerful tool.

But when you compete In a hasty manner you find you have crash-landed.

I have seen people come up with weird posts of how much they made and few have actually been honest and truthful.  But most follow the wind when this one says this then I will say this or do this.

But I love to enjoy my ride, when I see someone succeed I am happy for them and always encourage myself that my time will come I just need to concentrate on building my online business.

Not Following The Guidelines Of Affiliate Marketing

Every business has guidelines and for those who are with Wealthy Affiliate they are training and tasks to follow and if you follow them diligently you will succeed.

Success comes in many forms it’s nor only monetary it can be even friendships and new opportunities which can lead to major breakthroughs and even a new career path so with this business you have to have an open mind.

I have been working on my online business and I have followed my training and tasks given and I have had success, made money but also learnt how to brand myself and new opportunities appeared.

You would think you are not having success and maybe nobody is reading your articles but you will be surprised how people will reach you and eventually you might even discover you are better than them.

But you have to follow the guidelines of Affiliate Marketing the best way to do it is get knowledge, by joining an affiliate university and if you don’t know where to start from check out the article I have written about Wealthy Affiliate University.

I believe in knowledge that is applied constructively because it can lead to greater heights.


This is huge but it takes self-discipline not to procrastinate, they have been times that I have procrastinated.

But  I always encourage myself and then come back and work really hard to cover up the time I wasted  and be true to yourself.

I know I can do far much better than I am doing right now, but sometimes procrastination holds me back.

And When you procrastinate you cannot see results.  So you see it starts with not understanding what to do and then getting into competing with others.

I am not saying it’s bad No that’s not what I am saying constructive competition is good when you are doing it by learning from others.

Then we have looked at following guidelines in Affiliate Marketing and the huge one which is procrastination but you can make better choices.

My Final Opinion

When you look at what is stopping you from making money online.

By pinpointing where you are lacking then you are half-way through to climbing the ladder of success in the online world.

It can be one of the above things I have outlined but that can be changed by taking action towards your desired goals.

And if you are looking for Affiliate Program that teaches you how to be an Entrepreneur as well as Affiliate Marketer, then don’t look any further I gat you back. Here is The Link to the Review I did On Wealthy Affiliate Click here To Read.

Always remember it’s not just about dreaming or setting goals it’s all about action as my good friend Richard Bradshaw says from Kulabrands “Take Action Daily”

Here is to your Success!