Success And Money What Is The Difference

Everyone wants to succeed and have money maybe you don’t but I do.  Not only do I want to Succeed but I want to have money as well, so today I decided to find out about Success and Money what is the difference?

What Is The definition Of Success?

Many confuse success to having money that’s when they think they have succeeded right? Wrong I looked at the definition of success and this is what came out of google search, Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Let’s look at these two words aim and purpose. And I have written an article on the 7 Tips to Success click here! To read.

Aim for example can be losing weight,  I am aiming to lose weight in a month so I set a goal and when I managed to lose my weight in that time frame I have succeeded.

And what about purpose for me I would choose purpose as the reason for which something is done, created or for which something exists.

So this could be a business or your passion which could lead you to understand your existence.

Now that we understand success as being an aim or a purpose let’s now understand the definition of Money.

What is the Definition Of Money?

I also looked up what money really is and this is what came up from Google, the definition of money is a current medium of exchange in form of coins and banknotes.

So you see this is talking about a medium of exchange in order to have something for example if you want to buy a dress you will need money as a form of exchange in order to have it.

Now you see though success and money are used simultaneously they are two different things but are both important for you to pursue.

If  You aim at anything it will give you  purpose which will then make you succeed  and when success comes it can help you find ways to turn that into monetary gain which in turn helps you to use money as medium of exchange for anything you need in this world.

3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

I often see people desperate to have quick money or to search for ways to make quick money, just as the concept is good and exciting I am not a fun of doing things quickly.

Don’t get me wrong hear me out there are times when you need quick money for a project or when you get sick you want to pay for your hospital bills.

You would need to have money at hand as a means of exchange to get what you want but first you need to succeed at something in order to have money.

Here Are 3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

1. Setting Goals

To be able to set goals’, you need to know what you are aiming for and what your purpose is or in other words what you are passionate about it.

And once you find out about that you need to be focused and set achievable goals’, I tried the quick money setting goals’ thing and it failed but my long time goal succeeded and why did my long time goal succeed? Here is why?

2. Patience

I had set to goals’, fortunately, one was for a short term goal and the other was for a long term but inside of me I knew my short term wasn’t realistic but I had set it when I started my online business which was one of my requirements.

Even when I was writing that goal I felt it and I listened to my instincts and watched for the outcome.  Which was correct.

But for my long term goals’ I had peace and I knew the time frame I set for myself was actually achievable, so was my instincts right Oh Yes, and this has nothing to do with our belief system but just being realistic, I know about belief systems coming from Africa were you find so many limiting beliefs.

But this is about being successful in setting our goals’ which can be from as simple as losing weight to having financial freedom in all these when you set goals’ you need to patient and how does patience come? I am glad you asked.  Which leads me to next and last one of the 3 ways to achieve success and money.

3. Persustence

Yes you heard me you need patience in order to develop persistence, I am a winner, I love to set goals’ and achieve them and I do most of the times.

Why? It helps me be disciplined in decision-making,  just as I am quick to make decisions regarding opportunities there are those times when you need to wait for the right moment to move,  in order for you to have a huge success.

Success and money comes down to what you really want as an individual based on your values and goals’, and how much you want your success to be.

But also how much money you want to make and the period to achieving this and once you do, in  whether you have lost weight or made money.  When you achieve that goal then you have succeeded.

As you can see success and money can be used simultaneously but they do mean two different things and is it wrong to want both? Absolutely not I want to be Successful both in my goal settings which most of them include making money in my online business.

My first priority is helping people that is why I do  what I do, I like helping people discover the right information or knowledge so they can make good  independent decisions.

When the Bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge it just means that,  I know this coming from my background and humble beginning of being raised in Africa.

Africa is beautiful but it can also be challenging and overwhelming especially for women and young girls.

I was passionate at a young age and I loved reading finding knowledge,  I was just obsessed with knowledge, I couldn’t understand then but now everything makes so much sense.

It’s the thirst for knowledge that helped me make the right decisions which then shaped my destiny.  And if you are interested in shaping your destiny? Here is my article on 7 Tips to Success.

Have I succeeded and Made Money

I can safely say, I was born a very fortunate child and I am always grateful to God that he gave me that desire for something more, the desire to look around and say to myself I want more.

And that put me on a road of success.  Not only with money but also with my dreams and goals’ in life.  I know there are people who don’t believe in God or you can say a higher being but I do.

And I believe if you just listen deep down in your hearts and your  surroundings then we will discover how our higher self were God resides, that he is real and he speaks within our hearts.

And that is a topic for another day today it’s about success and money.

But I can say with Confidence that I have had many successes and I have also had financial success.

For me Success is little things that I achieve everyday like saying affirmations for 7 days, 30 days or 90 days.

I love exercising and I would set time frames and achieve those things.  It has greatly helped me decision-making and success does boost our self-worth.

Have I had Failures

A lot of them, but most of them were either lack of proper knowledge or things beyond my control.

I love order in my life and to control things which I have discovered brings a lot of suffering and frustrations.

But  coming out of your comfort zone when you are being stretched can cause loses.  I will write an article about my experience one day.


~ What is the definition of Success

~ What is the definition of Money

~ 3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

– Have I Succeeded and Made Money

– Have I had Failures


We have looked at success and money, I have given definition for both and I have also looked at the 3 ways to achieve success and money.

These are principles I have used and have had success and money. I have had a lot of money but I also had a lot of losses but the 3 things that has always been with me is setting achievable goals’, patience and persistence.

Even when you incur loses you still need to set goals’, to be patient knowing it’s a phase it will pass.

But also being persistence because persistence does give you a break if you don’t quit and Always be grateful for what you have whether you are succeeding or having loses.

Gratefulness opens amazing doors of opportunities.

Low hanging keywords Do They RANK?

Whether it’s writing content or finding the keywords that rank we need to understand what brings success and that’s why I am writing this article on Low hanging keywords do they rank?

Good question, I like to write my articles from both research and experience, in that I mean trying to understand low hanging keywords from research which involves reading and if you are wondering why I put my emphasis on reading then click here to read my article on 3 Golden Tips to writing content which involves even understanding low hanging keywords.

What is a Low Hanging Keyword?

People have different definitions but I don’t like to complicate things I love simple and straight forward solutions, which are easy to understand and implement and as such a low hanging keyword is a low competition phrase you type into a keyword research tool to help you know if you can rank with the that phrase, like when you are searching for something using google search engine.

Here is the the example of a Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy Lite.

And if you want to learn more about keyword research tools, understanding them and how to use them in order for you to be ranked then here is  the Article I wrote which explains in details. Click here!

It is easier than you think but you have to understand low hanging keywords and how to find them but bearing in mind always your targetted audience that is very important.

So now you understand what a keyword is but do they rank? My answer is absolutely they do, but you have to be bold to take risks and experiment to really find out what works and what doesn’t.

How To Find The Low Hanging Keywords?

Like I mentioned the best way I do that is by using the keywords research tool inside Wealthy Affiliate, you may ask what is Wealthy Affiliate? Good question ! It is an affiliate marketing platform that helps build a website in your chosen niche then  turn it into an online business and here is the Review if you want to know more Click here!

But with low hanging keywords how do you find them? Simple You type in your phrase but it has to be what your audience might be searching for in order to solve their problems.

Thus you might wanna find those in the hope of solving their problems.  Keywords are phrases your audience are typing in the search engines to find solutions here is the Example of a keyword I typed into Jaaxy Lite keyword Research Tool, “How to build a website in 5 minutes” and below is what came out.

So once you type in the phrases, the keyword research tool comes up with all the phrases relating to what you want as keywords.

Then you will want to click on the QSR to see the competition as I have done in the above example, bearing in mind that you are looking for low hanging keywords, you choose keywords that are 0-100 QSR.  For me personally I love those that are zero – to fifty.

And these get indexed all the time, just as some may be scared to use zero QSR I found them to be easy to get ranked but you have so many choices from 0 to 100.  So you will definitely find keywords that get indexed.

What To Avoid 

With keywords, especially if you are looking for low hanging keywords you need to avoid keywords that are above 100 but 300 is a no go because that has too much competition.

Once you have your low hanging keyword then you can move on to writing your content and if you want to learn more about good content writing click here!

How To Find The Best Keyword Research Tool 

Now that you know about low hanging keywords, you want to move on and find a good keyword research tool, but where do you start from? I am glad you have asked that question.

I have two solutions for you, and the first one is to sign up for Jaaxy keywords Research Tool and here is the link for a full Review.

Remember I said I will give you two solutions and I have given you one, now the second one is joining Wealthy Affiliate either through Starter Membership which is free or through premium membership which is $49.

But if you join with the first 7 days of joining the starter membership which is totally free.  When you Join within the first 7 days you pay only $19.


~ What is a low hanging Keyword

~ Examples of the Keyword Research Tool Called Jaaxy Lite

~ How To Find The Low Hanging Keywords

~ What To Avoid

~ How To Find The Best Keyword Research Tool


Now that you know what the low hanging keyword is and how to find these.

But you also now know what To Avoid and also where to find the best Keyword  Research Tool I have also provided the links where to find detailed reviews both on Keyword  Research Tool and how to write good content from these keywords.

You definitely now have everything you need to be able to use them to get indexed and eventually succeed in your business.

I know having an online business is not easy but if you can take action daily and follow the tips from those who have success in their businesses wether it’s low hanging keywords or driving traffic to your website or Just how to use social media. You now have some pointers.

You will need to find keywords that work.  And once you do, you may be lucky and start ranking but you will have to start from somewhere and  experiment.  Research to find what works for you.

Want A Bonus? Ask Me HOW?

Remember I gave you two options either Signing up with Jaaxy or Just by Joining Wealthy Affiliate. But the Bonus I am offering is for Joining Wealth Affiliate.  If you Join the Starter Membership which is free and then within the 7 days of Joining you upgrade to premium membership which you will pay only $19.

I will give you a free training inside Bootcamp as a bonus and you get to have a feel of how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and make your money.  You ask is it possible?

Absolutely I made my first money within 6 months of starting Bootcamp, I say 6 months to be precise but maybe I made money earlier than that but by 6 months I already had money coming in.

But I can only give you that Bonus if you Join the starter membership free of charge then upgrade to premium within 7 days,  I will also offer you my help in your Journey until you succeed.

But You have to upgrade first to qualify for the Bonus and for me to be available to give help and guide you in your Affiliate Marketing Journey.

I hope you found my article interesting and if you did please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or leave your comment in the section below and I will definitely get back to you or if you have a question you can email me or follow me through Instagram or Facebook by clicking the social media buttons.

Hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate and here is to your Success!


How To Find the best keywords

Do you want to know how to find the best keywords and get indexed by google then you have come to the right place.  Come with me and let’s explore the secrets to finding the keywords that get ranked but also understanding keyword research.  Here is how to find the best keywords.

Whether you are doing a YouTube video, a Facebook live or you are on Instagram, maybe you are writing content on your website you need to have keywords and have ones that will rank well but first we need to understand what keywords are and why they are important.

Understanding Keywords

What is a keyword? A keyword is a word or phrase you use to type into any search engine like Google if you look for something like “best Human Hair Wigs” you see that is a keyword and it will bring up all the wigs related to that keyword.

I can say it’s the best way search engines gives you what you are searching for quickly and systematically.

You need keywords that are related to your Niche whether you are a Youtuber, you do Facebook Lives or you have a website and you just want to write good content.

If you are interested in writing good content I have just written an article on good content writing and you can click here to read!

How To Come Up With Keywords

There are so many ways you can learn how to come up with good keywords,  you can use a keyword Tool or you can use Google, bing and yahoo which are the 3 major search engines but I also love to use YouTube because of how massive it is and it’s easier to see which keywords get ranked.

I usually think of what my audience would be searching for in my chosen Niche then I usually use a keyword Tool if you are interested,  I have written about a keyword tool called Jaaxy and if you want to learn more you can click here!

In Jaaxy you learn how to find keywords that are low hanging keywords.

And if you want to learn about that I will be writing an article on low hanging keywords which have been indexed by google almost all the time I use them.

Some people are scared to use keywords with zero competition but I have used them and they get indexed all the time.

The Secret is in coming up with these keywords and writing unique authentic content not only from researching but from having real experience with whatever niche you have chosen.

Whether it’s about products don’t just use reviews of people to write your content but buy those products to have firsthand experience and then write using the right keywords.

Which Keywords Get Indexed by Google?

You can’t know for sure but I can safely say keywords that are under 100 QSR in the keywords Tool usually rank and get indexed but usually I go for QSR that is 0 to 80, few times I use 80 up to 100!,  most of my articles that get indexed I use keywords that have zero competition and they get indexed so they must be something Am doing right you see, don’t be afraid to take risks.

Remember when you fail, you don’t actually fail but you learn what is not working so you can be better at it the next time, just as much as you want to get indexed and ranked your purpose in having keywords and writing content is first to help your audience find solutions to their problems through what works or what does not work depending on your chosen niche. Like I am doing right now with keywords.

I am giving tips to how to find keywords and which keywords will give you results.

If you try my tips you might just find the answer to the problem of not being indexed by the search engines.

I have used the keywords which have zero competition and I have had success.

Where Do I go To Find Keywords?

To find keywords I have already mentioned Google the number 1 Search engine I use all the time, you can use YouTube which is a great place to find good keywords that people are searching, Yahoo, bing or just being on Facebook.

By joining communities that are doing well and I join fan pages, connect with those who are making it, I usually engage from an observer point of view.

My sole purpose is to find what works and to be success in finding the right keywords for my audience.

Never be in a hurry, I know we all want to find the right keywords, get ranked and start making money quickly but like everything if you really want to see good results then you might want to build a solid foundation and then see success.

I want to make money but I don’t want to make a few bucks and then crash.

I want to build a solid online business and as such I will learn as much as I can about keywords and experiment to see which keywords get indexed.

So far the ones with Zero Competition have done very well.  And those from 10 to 50 have also done pretty well.

Looking For A Keyword Research Tool To Use?

I have a solution for you Jaaxy Keywords Research Tool, it’s efficient, will show you which keywords will rank well and also give you some ideas to brainstorm with.

As I stated earlier I have written a review about Jaaxy and you can click here! to read.

I have even a better solution I have a platform that when you Join Wealthy Affiliate, You have access to their new keyword Research Tool which they just upgraded.

You can Join by signing up for a Starter Membership which is free make use of the keyword Research Tool. Test drive it to see the results for yourself then decide.

I know for sure you will love not only the platform but the keyword research tool as well. So Hurry and Join.  You never know where the break might come from until you take action.


– Understanding Keywords

– How To Come up with keywords

– Which Keywords Get indexed by google

– Where do I go to Find Keywords

– Looking for a keyword Research Tool To Use


Now that you understand what keywords are and how to come up with keywords you have equipped yourself with knowledge of how to find them and where to look.

And you are now ready to begin writing good content with those good keywords which will then get indexed and ranked in Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as other search engines.

I hope you found this article informative and full of solutions regarding keyword research and which tools, you can use and if you really found this article interesting do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below and I will definitely get back to you.

Hope you can try out Wealthy Affiliate and get firsthand experience in using their Keyword Research Tool which has just been upgraded.

And This Is To Your Success.

3 GOLDEN Tips For Content Writing

Content writing can be challenging,  let alone good quality content.  So how do you know how to write content? I am glad you asked.  There are things you have to understand and do in order for you to be good and write quality good content that get indexed by google and other search engines like bing and yahoo.  Having said that, do you want to know how to write good quality content?  Here are 3 Golden Tips for Content writing

Here Are 3 Tips For Good Content Writing

1. Reading

I cannot over emphasize the importance of reading in order to write good content.  When you incorporate reading,  you will be amazed at how ideas will come to you naturally.  You ask me? how many books can I read per month?  I never tell people how many books to read because we are unique individuals and some have passion for reading like me. Some don’t.  So you have to see what really works for you.

I read like 3 books in a month, whether it’s a hard cover or Audio books which I find fun I wear clothes with pockets so I just slip my phone in the pocket while working or cleaning and I will be reading a book, through audio reading, isn’t that amazing? (using headphones) I think it is.  Reading helps me come up with great ideas for writing so you may want to start its very important in Affiliate Marketing.

2. Researching

Whether you want to write about products or anything regarding your niche you want to write based on facts and knowledge that helps others find solutions to what they want to solve.  It can be a decision regarding a product or just making a good choice. Usually in  a chosen niche.

Knowledge is not as before, we have a lot of sources to find what one is looking for so you want to make researching your best friend.

3. Experience

When writing reviews I love to use experience whether it’s for a platform or a product, a platform I mean online courses I will enroll for the lowest price get the feeling of the platform and their effectiveness then I write without being partial.  I write my experience combined with my research.

I will research which involves reading, to research you have to love reading so you see these 3 tips are golden because without them Affiliate Marketing may seem overwhelming.  If it’s a product I will buy a product use it have a  real experience go back to my research and come up with good content.  This has worked like magic for me and I have had success.

Success How You Ask?

First your content will be yours coming from yourself and since we are unique beings,  I can assure you it will be unique based on your experience.

There’s nothing more important than writing with your own style and writing does not need to be difficult, it has to come out naturally.

Like anything in life just start writing.  And before you know it you will  be so good at it.  I started writing my articles with 450 words.

And those 450 words seemed like eternity but I never gave up,  I am fortunate because all my 3 Golden tips are my greatest strengths.

I love reading, researching, discovering new things and I am a very curious person which brings trouble sometimes.

Being curious gives you the courage to take risks which is exciting because you are looking to discover something hidden like on a treasure highland looking for treasures.

What To Avoid

Avoiding copying other people’s work, anyway now we have algorithms that can detect that and it will hurt your work.

So try to use the 3 Tips I have given you and you will be amazed how much you will learn and gain from reading, researching and experiences.

Looking For A Platform with A Program For Content Writing?

Look no further, I have a solution for you.  And it’s called Wealthy Affiliate but before we go any further I have written a Review about this program and you can click here! To read.

And if you have read now let’s move forward to what is inside Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have not had time to click and read Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing program which teaches you how to build websites, learn how to write content and how to understand SEOs so you can leverage your business and become successful. But I am here to talk about the platform they have for writing content.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a free starter membership but for you to really use their content platform well you have to be a premium member.

I am a member so as I am writing about this site content which helps you when writing content, checks your grammar but not only does it check your grammar it will search in the search engines to see if your content is unique before publishing.

Remember I talked about your content being unique because for you to really find success in anything you do.   You have to be authentic and how can you be authentic you ask by being unique and so should be your content writing.

Your content should be able to teach, educate and empower into making good decisions which will in turn help you to solve problems with whatever you are looking to solve.

If it’s solving a problem of writing good content. You will now have the knowledge that you need first to develop interest in reading, then have a strong desire to do your research diligently coupled with experience, you are sure going to have success.

These are tips I have used and from writing 450 words which were overwhelming I am now writing 1,300 words and I intend to write 2000 words by the end of this year.  So you see reading also motivates you to have desire, determination and persistence which are fundamental to any success in life.


~ 3 Golden Tips For Content Writing

~ Success how you ask?

~ What To Avoid

– Looking For A platform with a program for content writing

Looking For A Bonus?

I have one for you if you Join the Starter Membership which is absolutely free (Click here)! To Join and if you complete your profile within 7 days and become premium for only $19.

I will personally help you climb the ladder of success holding your hand and offer you an amazing training absolutely free! So what are you waiting for Hurry and Join!  And who knows you might be the next billionaire.

Always remember to dream big!



As with anything in life it depends on how much you want to see success but if you do,  you will discover that learning about these tips and implementing them will both improve your content writing but also put you on the path to having your own style in writing content which will be uniquely yours.

Isn’t that amazing?  I think it is and if you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get in touch with you.

Here’s to Your Success!


Wealthy Affiliate 2019/2020 Las Vegas Challenge

Have you ever being challenged that you cannot sleep, you are ever thinking about creative ways to make it to the challenge and win? That’s what’s happening inside the Wealthy Affiliate 2019/2020 Las Vegas Challenge.

Everyone is excit ed in the community but more to those who have been selected to the challenge.

This  opportunity is given to premium members and boy when you see the pictures of the time Wealthy Affiliate members had last year in Las Vegas.

It’s so mind blowing and who doesn’t want to just rest for a while and enjoy the opportunity of meeting people from all walks of life who you have not met. For me it’s very exciting,

What is This Challenge?

This is Challenge for premium members to be invite to Las Vegas these are called Super Affiliates, it’s a conference where you meet to brainstorm strategies both for Wealthy Affiliate but also for your businesses online.

To qualify you have to have 300 members Join Wealthy Affiliate within a year and half.  Which I find reasonable depending on how much you want to make it to Las Vegas,

You may ask how am I going to find the 300 I need for qualifying that is if you are premium member don’t despair Kyle one of the founders who does most of the training has your back.

He will guide you through the whole challenge until you make it that is if you follow everything he asks concerning the challenge.

What is Involved In This Challenge?

First you have to be selected to participate, if writes a post inside Wealthy Affiliate for those who feel they can be Super Affiliate and can commit, work hard and follow through.

As I mentioned he will write a Post inviting members to raise their hands and then he Selects and Sends individual emails outlining what you have to do to be able to find the 300.

He does not Let you do It alone he will personally coach you Towards Success but At the end of It all you have to do the work.

He outlines tasks every month to work on your website if you already have a website or walk you through to building your website within a chosen niche of your liking. Something you are passionate about that you will do for many years to come.

Who doesn’t want to be coached by Kyle? I do, he is very humble, easy to access, you know some of these people have Platforms are so difficult to access but not him.

I am just an ordinary member who joined recently but from day 1 he inspired me, to encouraged me, he is so passionate about helping people that you feel it even when he sends you a private message which he does from time to time.

We are so many so I feel he does care deeply about the success of each member I am on social media all the time.

And have to worked for International companies but he stands out in that he shows you that he really wants to see you succeed regardless of Color or Background and to me that is a unique quality to have and he has that.

Trust me I think he may not even know he has this quality.  It comes out naturally to him.

You can imagine the excitement that is inside Wealthy Affiliate those selected are coming with creative ideas and posting their dreams and aspirations but also we are grateful.

I am grateful that he is teaching me step by step how to succeed in business by helping others whether it’s online business or even In our private lives, what a way to give hope and inspire others.

How To Quality For The Challenge?

First Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Stater Membership which is absolutely free, no credit card involved just an email and your names.

He gives a chance to through the training and if you feel It’s a fit For you, you then join he gives you the ability to make a choice. Awesome right!

So how do you qualify? First you join free then if you sign up within 7 days of signing up and completing your profile, you pay $19 instead of $49 premium membership,

Once You become Premium you can then start promoting Wealthy Affiliate by bringing in referrals and if you manage to in bring in 300 referrals within the stated time of the challenge.

You are on your way to Las Vegas, you see it does not depend on Kyle, it depends on you as an Individual.

Desire is a very powerful tool, which I joined It was round about when this Challenge was on and I saw people raising their hands being chosen and I desired that.

I said to myself one day I am going to quality for Las Vegas and here I am, I have qualified and if I follow through with every work Kyle gives every month and complete my tasks. I will be on my way to Las Vegas.

I desired but I also took action by not giving up and by working every day on my websites and I managed to find referrals which made me quality.

This did not happen overnight it took hard and not giving up. I still need to hit that number one 300 but Am so confident I will make it to Las Vegas.

God has already opened the opportunity and fulfilled my desire it’s up to me to walk through the door by taking action daily. As Napoleon Hill says “ Am the captain of my own Ship”

The fate to go to Las Vegas lies solely in my hands, and I intend to make it. Couldn’t that be amazing if you signed for a free starter membership and then you upgrade within 7 days and pay $19?

The challenge Is still open and opportunities are endless. You may make it or may not but the opportunity to scale your business through the tasks he is giving every month are absolutely worthy enjoying and taking advantage.

For me it’s a win-win situation no one loses if you see it from point of view, he is giving us amazing tasks to work on our websites and make changes and touches so we can have very appealing website that will reach the right audience isn’t that amazing?

Here is An Awesome BONUS!

If you Join by clicking here! I will Personally help you to make Sure you take advantage of this opportunity not only for the short term but for a long term goal of having a success business.

I will guide you offer you one amazing training once you sign up, complete your profile, upgrade and Become premium with 7 days, which you will only pay $19 instead of $49.

Amazing right? So what are you waiting for. HURRY! and Join the fun in this amazing Wealthy Affiliate Super Challenge. You don’t want to Miss It.


~ The Wealthy Affiliate 2019/2020 Challenge

~ What is This Challenge

~ What is involved in this Challenge

~ Awesome Bonus


You have read about what this Challenge is all about what you need to do in order to make it not only for the challenge but for scaling your business towards success as well. You do the task you discover new ways and trips you need to implement to see results,

You sign up free with only an email address and your names, no Credit cards asked and you are good to go, it is an amazing way to grow and expand both intellectually and even business wise. And here is to your Success!

If you found this article interesting do not hesitate to leave your message down in the comment section and I will Definitely get back to you.





























Procrastination – MY STORY

Have you ever got into something new that you have all the energy and you feel you can take on the world. I felt like that when I joined Affiliate Marketing. Here is my Journey as I write and share procrastination my Story.

I started my affiliate marketing Journey July 2017 and if you are interested in reading more about my Journey click here ! For more. So I joined and discovered massive new knowledge and I was so excited that I just wanted to start and learn and take action.

Knowledge excites me so I got to write my goals and I was determined to work hard and have results by at least 6 months, I pat myself of that because even though I know nothing about Affiliate Marketing I made realistic goals.

So my Journey begun, I set my goals, started researching and following every task I was Given, sometimes I would complete 2 or 3 courses in a day.

My aim was to start making money in the shortest possible time, I love helping people but the excitement of having to make money drove me like crazy.

Realistic Expectations

With Affiliate Marketing it is very important to have realistic expectations especially if you are a beginner.

I came across my next lesson where it was explained that when I hit 50 articles google will start paying attention and Within 4 months I had 50 articles and it’s true without having to pay anybody I managed to get ranked well.

But getting ranked well does not guarantee success I soon discovered.

But that didn’t stop me I continued working and wrote 68 articles and then it hit me that I had a lot to learn but I also discovered that I had improved my writing which was a plus for me.

I may not have had the results I had hoped for but at least I was writing better but when I reached 70 articles I was feeling The discouragement. I felt so disappointed and I procrastinated.

Thank goodness it was just for a month but in Affiliate Marketing 1 month is too much to procrastinate as such I took responsibility and found a new strategy and approach to working not only hard but smart.

I realized it’s not about only working hard but finding out why I am not having success? Am I writing to the right audience? Are my articles written to the right audience or am I missing something?


It’s impoetant to checklist yourself and be honest about it, I knew my reasons for working was not properly put in the right perspective. I needed to do my work with helping others as my focus but to also love what I am doing which to be honest is very exciting for me.

I love writing and I find writing easy because I don’t forse myself, I wait until I have experienced something because I love to write from the heart which comes naturally and I have found that I get ranked easily when I write like this.


Knowledge when it comes to Affiliate Marketing is very complex, it involves so many things from building a website, learning how to write content, using keywords and finding the right keywords then how to find the right affiliate programs where you can leverage products and make an income.

It’s not all about money but having passion, for the work but also for helping others find their purpose and succeed. As I learn and find what works for me to bring success, I then use those tips to help others and eventually start making money. I finally understood affiliate marketing.

I discovered I needed the patience in my work, patience to research, to experiment so I can write not only from researching but from experience both with the products or tips for what works or does not work. Being in hurry to make money quickly is a no go for this type of business.

Just as success is very important, knowing what really works is of utmost importance, but to put all these into the right perspective you need patience.

So After looking at all these I dusted myself picked myself up and started a new website with a new mindset and some kind of maturity.

This time is different I know what works and what does not work. But I have to point out that despite procrastinating I had success so many opportunities presented themselves.

I learnt how to use Facebook for various things, like understanding my personal page which is different from my business page, I learnt how to brand myself and Join Communities.

I learnt how to comment and engage with others on social media which has brought me into joining amazing platforms and creating wonderful friendships and business partnership so you see there’s always something positive in everything we do.

We just have to open our eyes and see both the negative things which are not working and the positive things working, and I did I was able to use what was not working to find solutions to what I need to change in order to see success.

Find Something You Love and Do It

You see even though I did procrastinate after discovering that success is just not about working hard but working smart. If you want to really succeed find something you love and just do it.

I love reading, researching and connecting with people I am so happy and I don’t get bored and I know Affiliate Marketing is something I am going to do for a long time.

I have found what I love but how did I find it by making a decision to change my life and find my purpose something in line with what I love and what I love should be in line with my values. My core conviction and for me it’s empowering others so they can make good choices and smart decisions to better their lives.

Looking For HOW To Start?

If you are tired of not doing anything or you want something meaningful, something to make you wake up every day with energy and exciting then I have an answer for you.

Wealthy Affiliate in here you can be anything you want to be whether you are into music, art, medicine, writing like me you will find what suits you and you can turn it into money but helping others.


~ Realistic expectations

~ Checklist

~ Patience

– Finding Something You Love and do it


Procrastination is bad and it takes you backwards, but it comes from unrealistic expectations, but you can overcome that by realizing that there’s always something that comes out all we do.

Something positive will come out eventually if you can over procrastination by having realistic expectations, doing a checklist of what works and what does not work. Having the patience to turn what is not working into solutions that will Given answers to what works.

I know that others do come back from procrastination but others just gives up but if you can have the eyes to recognize what benefits are coming out of the work you are doing.

It will energize you into finding your purpose or what you really love and from that you become a gift to the world by giving to the world what you have experienced through the empowering of knowledge.

Remember knowledge used correctly is a very powerful tool as Napoleon Hills Says in his book “Think And Grow Rich” it’s not only knowledge that is powerful but organized knowledge is more powerful and I do agree with him.

If you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave your comment and I will definitely get in touch with you. So here is to Your Success!

Kulabrands and Royalties You Wanna JUMP IN

Today I want to write about an amazing way to have residual income and it is freaking awesome, I stumbled across Kulabrands through a Facebook friend of mine Richard Bradshaw.  He sent me a friend request, I did hesitate accepting his request because I receive weird request but for this one I am glad I did and he introduced me to Kulabrands and today I am writing about Kulabrands and Royalties you wanna Jump In.

Want Royalties?

I am sure you are saying, what is she talking about but hang in there, I have an answer for you. I have actually written an Awesome Review about Kulabrands and you can click here! To read fully and understand what Kulabrands is all about. And the Royalties paid.

We don’t need to go into details, the review has done that for us but we want to look at Kulabrands and their royalty pay outs.  How do you know you ask? And I am glad you have asked that question, I am a Kulabrands member for some time now and I am writing from experience being a member.

If you follow my articles you will notice that I write exactly as I have experienced and when I am not sure about something.  I will highlight it and wait until either I have experienced it or found accurate information.

My desire is for my readers to make very educative choices that empower them and not make them make wrong decisions,  because when we are making investments in projects or products, we want something that will secure our future and that of our children and this is where Kulabrands Royalties Come in.

Kulabrands is a community of like-minded people who help inventors bring their products into the market through 3 different ways namely the crowdfunding Pool, the Brand Marketing Pool and the Sales Pool.

And from the 3 pools you are paid Reverse Royalties, isn’t that freaking awesome, for me it is, not only am I being involved with an amazing community but I am also helping inventors realize their dreams.

But What Are These Reverse Royalties?

Reverse Royalties has we call them come when a Kulabrands member helps fund, brand, market and sale a Product, then they get a point and from points accumulated you are paid royalties.

Here is the Link  Click here  To a Kulabrands Presentation

3 Major Pools In Kulabrands

You have 3 major pools that you can get points and then start getting your royalties and then are

Crowdfunding where money is raised for inventors

Branding and Marketing – where you actually help brand the product and put on the market through social media and other channels

Sales Pool which is done both internally and externally

All You do is chose what works best for you, I love crowdfunding, because I get to receive products and I just got my Entrepreneur Boad Game. I was very excited and Eddie Elliot, hope I have spelled his name correctly was an amazing guy made sure each of us received our gifts, sent regularly updated and did live videos to update us which I absolutely loved.

And it’s from these 3 Pools that you acquire points that will then turn into reverse royalties and the best examples are that of musicians like Beyonce, Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley and You name a few, even after they are gone those who helped fund their music projects still generate income.

I love the way they work and update you, follow up and for people outside of the USA, there’s still a few things that need to be worked on, I have wonderful people inside the community that makes sure things are moving smoothly but we don’t get much communication inside a community called Shipping International, I would love to see some efficiency and communication.

But apart from that hiccup this is an amazing opportunity if you want to build a good future for yourself or that of your family or if you want to just realize your dreams, of a better home, or Traveling and seeing the world.

Not only do you get royalties but you also get an opportunity to be part of an amazing community that are willing to help you realize whatever dream you have whether you are an inventor we got you covered, are you a social media fanatic like me you have a spot, are you a good sales person then yes you got your place.

Whatever your gift or talent you have just jump on board and Kulabrands will hold your hand, help you until you fully realize your dreams, you just have to start from somewhere like my friend Richard Bradshaw says it’s a TAD, take action daily, that’s what made me follow him and pay attention.

He is a motivator and he loves connecting with people, he is fun to watch as he does what he knows the best his Facebook lives, they are so much fun and full of inspiration and he is my influencer inside Kulabrands and he can be yours, so what are you waiting for You Wanna Join!

I have used two of their 3 pools, crowdfunding and the sales Pools, one thing I love about them is they are efficient and eager to help others realize their dreams, they inspire and do give a push towards your dreams and desired goals.

So what are you waiting for, I say you sure wanna Jump on board and be part of this massive amazing opportunity and I can guarantee you, you will not regret.

Is this a Legit Platoform

Absolutely it is, I have been with them as I said for some time and there are amazing and they are there to see that people become their level best and help you with the gifts and talents you have. What ever dream you have Kulafam has your back.

But if you say no Kulabrands is not for me but I want to start an online business then look out for another platform called Wealthy Affiliate, they are into affiliate marketing, but you have to put in a lot of work before you see money coming in which if you tried it you will see.

But the Difference with Kulabrands is you don’t have to do a lot of hard work, you chose what works for you, is it crowdfunding, support an inventor, pre-pledge, then go though with your pledge and not only do you receive the product from the inventor but you get a point which helps you start making money.

Branding and Marketing, for those geniuses out there who love social media and know all the tricks, you get points and you start earning.

Sales – You can either buy a product for yourself or so someone you love and you will still get a point and start earning, so which ever works best for you, you will make your money.

And makes this freaking Awesome, you don’t have to hassle to recruit if you don’t want to, it will not stop you from making money, the platform is flexible and meets your needs and you’re gifting, isn’t that Awesome, that you can see some results as early as a much not much but the results are there and for me that is very important.

How Do I Join You Ask?

I have written a detailed Review About Kulabrands and how you can Join but I have given the link above to the review.  I hope to see you inside Kulabrands so we can make a difference in this world. I am super excited for the future of Kulabrands.

And if you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you so here is to Your Success.