Best 4 Social Networks – Take Advantage

Best 4 Social Networks - Take Advantage

If you are new to online marketing I am sure you are overwhelmed with all the information out there on how to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you of course need to build a website and then learn a few things about how to get your website running but you also need to know how to use Social Media platforms and today I am here to look at the best 4 Social Networks you can start with that will bring a difference to your online business.

Find below my Favorite 4 Social Media Networks:)



Instagram has been around for some time now and it has almost 500 million monthly users, this is a Social Network app where you share photos, videos from your smart phones. Instagram is about visual sharing, and since it is a mobile internet based, it slows you to share pictures and videos either privately or publicly.

And since Social Media Marketing has become a valuable Strategy for Businesses, you can utilize Instagram and reap amazing benefits.

And looking at the benefits, since we all know that Instagram is about visual and we all know that Visual content is more engaging than text content, so this is something you can take advantage. You can highlight your products through photos and use videos to showcase your services. This is especially good for those who are just starting their businesses and can’t afford paid advertising on Facebook.

What I love about Instagram is it is good for building your brand. So make use of this powerful platform by mowing how to use it and you can do that first by getting some good training, and if you are interested please Click here!



This is an online PinBoard, a visual take that allows you to share content using visuals, you can’t share anything on Pinterest unless there is an image involved and when you share something it is called a Pin. When you share someone’s pin it is then called a re pin.

As an affiliate marketer how do you benefit from using Pinterest?

First you will have to understand the hang of interacting on this social network site, so you can know how to self promote in small stages, learn also how to spread the word about your business.

Best Tips to follow when using Pinterest as a marketing platform is cloud anyone there, be creative and share quality images, avoid self promotion but learn to spread out your quality images. Always follow people who follow you and engage with meanful and educative information.

So Enjoy yourself while You Pin!



Twitter or Tweeting as we all know it, is about tweeting short messages daily with messages or trending news with the hope of sharing useful engaging and educative information to the world, it is also amazing tool for some of us who just want to read content with a glance, it is free to Join and all you need is a Twitter name.

As a Marketing Tool 🙂

Since Twitter as 300 million monthly users, it is a great tool to market your business, either through recruiting services, consultancy businesses and retail stores, all you need is to learn how Twitter works and you can use it to your advantage and if you really need to fully understand and use as a marketing tool please do not hesitate to get some training and you can get started by Clicking here!


There is over 1 billion visitors each month on YouTube, I feel this is awesome, YouTube is definitely a marketing tool that every small business owner should consider as part of a marketing strategy, People love informative videos of company products and services than reading lengthy contents, so you can use video to showcase your products and services.

You can also use it to create your brand through authority and trust, by introducing your products and services, showing how well you are equipped in your chosen brand.

Helping people find solutions to their problems and getting educated while they do that, create videos that will help your customers. (Tutorial Videos)

Hope you will take advantage and use it as a Marketing Tool, I am using all the 4 four and slowly I am seeing goods results, I hope you have found this article useful and if you have any questions please feel free to leave your content and I will definitely get in touch with you.


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