Determination and Persistence Drives Success

Have you ever be hit by life’s challenges and you have no idea what to do, it’s like you wake up one day everything seems to be going on well and suddenly every is turns upside down. You need every strength in you to spin the wheels and that’s right spin the wheel but how? Determination and Persistence drives Success.

Yes you heard right, you need determination coupled with Persistence because this world sometimes can be unfair, you discover how unfair the world is if you dream big and you want to succeed.

People will throw everything at you to stop you from being you, from dreaming, succeeding it’s another different Battle.

Questioning Yourself

When you are determined to succeed people will watch how you speak, how you interact with others, what you overcome and some are just ready to set traps so you don’t achieve your dreams but do not despair their’s hope and it’s called Determination but how do you develop that?


I don’t think you learn how to be determined it’s within you, I remember as a young girl, I had people in my life who just kept saying negative words like you are nothing, you will never mount up to something, you are stubborn.

Remember when people don’t  figure out who you are, they resort to name-calling.

But I never let these words stops me, I would feel anger rise within and I would  say in my heart I will show you that anything is possible and I would work towards whatever was put in my way until I succeeded.

It gave me a strange satisfaction that I can not put into words. A Joy that no one can ever give you and I was about 7 years old.

I am from Africa, Zambia to be precise and nobody taught me about determination but I cultivated it by myself I don’t know how but I had it within me.

Trust me I have been thrown all kinds of stones, Friends I never used to care much about what they said I could handle them because I was a strong willed child.

But when family throws stones and laughs at you.  That’s a different thing.  Because we get love and assurance from family but don’t you worry you can overcome that as well I did.

I never used to get into arguments but I used to use my creativity to find solutions to all my problems no matter how big they were and when I saw that I used to win.

I developed that strength but I didn’t know it was called determination until later in my adult years.  Where their’s determination their’s faith.

I grew up in a Christian home and faith was a driving force in our home but I am a thinker and a very practical one, I am analytical so when it came to faith I would dismantle a belief look at it from the analytical point of view and I would think until I found what really worked which made me be criticized even more but I never gave up I was determined to win and I won most of the times.

Do You encounter Failures with Determination?

Absolutely and a lot of it, because people will try to prove you wrong especially if you are a dreamer but always remember their’s always a way,  you just have to find it,  ask the right questions and be determined knowing everything passes no matter how long it takes.

I went through a problem that lasted almost 6 years, it drained me I questioned everything I ever believed in, I had a paradigm shift in my thinking when I came out of my comfort zone being my Country of origin going into a different country with a different mindset and culture.

There you discover what you believed as your values don’t work, you need to do an overhaul and this is were most people fail and others get it.

In this phase of growth you find that you have to let go of what does not save you in order to embrace new things and a new mindset which you have no idea whether it will serve you are not and this is were Persistence comes.


I am not going to be giving definition but I am writing from the point of experience, because experiences are different depending on were you were born, what you have been taught, your educational background and the list go on.

Books are an amazing source of opening your mind to creative thinking but reality is something else.

Remember I mentioned that I am a thinker and very analytical and as such I discover principles that work with the universe because when you discover those principles you can use them in any given environment so I pride myself at decision-making.

I like to make tough decision because of benefits that come with that so when I moved to Italy.

I was so confident that I would win and that’s when I got a rude shock, I made decisions that I knew would work because I understood principles work in any environment, I was determined combined with faith, I persisted but nothing worked and it scared the hell lot of me.

I didn’t know what to do but I was determined to find an answer that’s what determination does it finds a way and when you persist doors open and answers come in but you will have moments of doubts, fears, panic don’t be alarmed these are normal things that come with growth.

So I was like what is going on, I kept on praying and asking questions to myself, researching until I came across a book that  talked about emotional intelligence and their right their I had my answer I was so excited that I read the whole book in 2 weeks and the Author is Daniel Coleman.

What Gave Me Answers To My Questions

Determination and Persistence, but I didn’t  have success because so many things were happening at that time in my life but it was a start which lead me into Affiliate Marketing then lead me into other amazing opportunities.

Success Atlast

After much travail and headaches and overcoming barriers of cultural differences, I managed to shake off what did not save me, I have a lot of people who have seen me integrate into Italian culture and I am a Zambian but they get confused thinking I have given up being Zambian.

I just look at them because I have come to discover that when somebody doesn’t get you drop it don’t get into an argument, I am Zambian and very grateful to be one but I live in Italy this is my home now so what ever worked in Zambia will not work here.

Common sense right wrong people are different and they perceive things differently so all you do is listen to them.

Respect their opinion and move on and remember don’t take man’s opinion as gospel truth take from “Think and Grow rich” by Napoleon Hill which I agree with him.

When you put your life in man’s hand you are doomed for failure and regret.  Be You, love yourself but never ever give up determination and Persistence it will drive you to success.

No matter the obstacles, the fears or whatever you are going through always say “It’s a Phase It Will Pass”

Hope you enjoyed my article and if you found this article interesting, do not hesitate to leave me a comment down below and I will definitely get back to you.

Here’s to Determination and Persistence coupled with Faith.

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