Do I have enough retirement income? here is a SOLUTION

Everyone retires at one point or another, some get s retirement package through being married and your spouse dies, not that one likes to get retirement like that.  But such is life and you work with what life hands you in a heart of gratitude and positivity.  Others through paying a pension scheme.  Well I have asked this question over and over again searching for answers Do I have enough retirement income? Here is a solution.

Retirement Not Enough? Get Answers 

You know it depends on what kind of pension you have and how much you saved up, you will soon discover that money is never enough and that money is important.

I inherited a pension and at first I was happy thinking It will atleast solve all my problems.  I live in Italy north Italy to be precise where the cost of living is very high.

And most people are satisfied with having a pension, I am very grateful but I also know the limitations that come with it.

I live in the outskirts of Italy so I cannot speak for everyone living in Italy but where I am it’s like that’s all everyone looks foward to.  I came from the Capital of my Country of Origin where I was  used to multitasking and making money.

Though I am from Africa and people have a wrong impression of Africa especially for those living in European Countries but you can’t blame them.

Sometimes we do give them reasons to think like that but enough of that, right now let’s dig deeper into whether when one retires they have enough income,  it depends.

Some do have a good pension depending on  how much they were paying and others don’t, mine is not very big but it’s  not very small either of which I am so very grateful.

But I still need money for other things like going on vacations, eating out, clothes.

Saving up for old age.  So I started searching  for ways to triple my pension, triple I mean I start making extra income so I do not touch my pension and in that it triples.

I researched and looked at many platforms, some looked suspicious until I came across a platform that was offering a free training.

This  free training is there to specifically help you test if this program is a fit for you if not you walk away without paying anything.

You are not asked for credit cards just an email and a password so here is my number 1 Solution.

My Number 1 Solution – Affiliate Marketing

I came across this when I was passing through a very trying moment and it was a blessing in disguise and the platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

I will not go into details because I have written a detailed review and click here! to read.

This is not a get rich quick money but it’s about hard work putting in hours, being on social media, engaging with the community.

It’s hard work but the rewards when they start coming in are worth the effort.  I am a firm believer of being grateful for small things.

But I can assure you, it will guarantee you some good income that can help you triple your savings or your pension if you have.

You ask how do you know because I am making money, not much but it’s sorting out some bills.

It’s a great platform if you have time like I do but you will discover that other opportunities will open up as well and then you will have to make a choice as to what you want to do.

It is a great place to start in You are looking for more opportunities and build a solid business.

I love Affiliate Marketing because it’s about researching and writing which I am very passionate about.

And It teaches you how to build a business from scratch you doing the work and when you succeed, it feels so good because of how much work you have put in.

My Number 2 Solution  – Kulabrands

If Affiliate Marketing is not a fit for you I’ve got you covered, I have a royalty based income platform called Kulabrands and I have also written a detailed review and if you want to learn more click here to read.

It’s a very exciting platform with lots of social media interactions, so you are not afraid that maybe you are dealing with scammers.

These are people who use social media especially Facebook and they do a lot of lives where you interact with them and you can reach them through emails.

They do respond quickly and I love them because of there willingness to help others and they believe in team work and if they forge forward and push through their struggles they will be unbeatable.  I love a platform that believes in working hand in hand.

They believe in team work and building each other up, they encourage direct and help you achieve your goals or dreams.

They have multiple groups according to brands and you interact with the founders in real time which is crazy awesome right  but they don’t have a free program like Wealthy Affiliate.

Which One Is The Best?

Both are and they are different, they don’t compete with other, how do you know you ask?

because I am using both platforms.  I have written a review Wealthy Affiliate verses Kulabrands which explains in details how different these platforms are and if you are interested click here! To read.


~ My Number 1 Solution – Affiliate Marketing

~ My Number 2 Solution  – Kulabrands

– Which One Is The Best


I have looked at whether the retirement pension is enough and what best solutions for making extra cash can be.

Whether it is for a vacation, for buying a house or eating out whatever it is that you desire.  We also looked at  wanting to triple the pension which is my dream and desire.

I have also given two options as solutions to the problem if the retirement is not enough as it is for me.

You don’t need to research much though I always encourage people to do that.  I have done half of your Job so there will not be an excuse as to why your life can’t change.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to try their platform free of charge and you can decide if you like to upgrade to premium but they will never ask for your credit card.

I can assure you that once you try their platform you will Join because of how exciting it is, I joined a month after testing their platform.  I couldn’t sleep until I joined I was so excited with the trainings and the tasks are fun.

Kulabrands is about funding inventors and branding them, then you get to receive the products of whatever project you funded and you start waiting for royalties.

I love the community which on Facebook fantastic, I love their trainings done by Deborah Lynn Caswell and Others. I am about to get into another training and I will definitely write a review.

I really do enjoy both but you don’t have to be like me, you maybe interested one and not interested in another but whatever you decide will be based upon your preferences.

I hope you found this article informative and if you have any question or you just enjoyed the article do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

I wish You success and I hope you can find a way to triple your pension and enjoy it.  And here is to Your Success!

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