How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Well, I have come across many Claims of people making money With affiliate marketing just within a few months, Could be true, who knows, but my experience with affiliate marketing has been different and so today, I want to tackle this question that everyone is asking? How long does it take to make money with Affiliate Marketing? I think it is a fair question.

Wealthy Affiliate – How Good is it?

I am so glad when I started Wealthy Affiliate, my goal was actually Long Term, something within told me this might be a long shot, I believe I have good instincts and I was right because I could have been very disappointed and frustrated but I always like to prepare my mind when I start something new.

But this is a great place to start from, if you really want to understand affiliate marketing and building an online business and eventually branding yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate prepares you and they make you understand everything you need to understand about affiliate marketing. But still I feel there is more to affiliate marketing than just grasping what it is all about.

Forexample, I came to realize that you have to have enough quality content on Your website before you can be affiliated to any affiliate program because you are given a specific Period to make money or your Account will be closed.

Which nobody mentions, you have to figure out yourself once you find yourself in that situation. For me this is what really Makes one successful is when you start making conversions. Without this how do you honesty make money.

Finding a Niche is not that of a big deal, but finding the right Products that will sell within your specific chosen Niche is another huge moutain you have to climb.

How Long Does It take REALLY!

So how long does it really take to start making money With affiliate markieting, I do not have the Exactly time frame but I can sure tell you it’s not 3 months nor 6 months, that I am so certain, you may ask how do you know and why are you so sure, because I am an affiliate marketer and I have followed every rule in affiliate marketing. So I am writing from a person experience point of view.

But I have also experienced 3 most important things in affiliate marketing and I am going to talk about this, the most important thing I would stress before starting affiliate marketing is please do get an education, even with me starting With a very good affiliate University, and if you want to find out about that please do not hesitste to click here to find out more.

I still struggled to find my feet, the education I am still getting is very good but there is so much more to affiliate marketing than what people really say, from building Your website from scratch which is super easy, you can build it in less than 5 minutes With Wealthy Affiliate.

To understanding keywords, to SEO which was huge for me and still is, finding those keywords and turning them into good quality content. As if that is all, you now come to social media which I usually call a beast, in a good way.

Social media can be mean, and if you dont do your thing right, it will just eat you up. So let’s go back to the first 3 things you experience as you go on building your business or brand.

3 Awesome Things To Consider In Affiliate Marketing.

1. Short Terms Goals Verses New Opportunities.

Every person’s goal is very different, I remember we were asked what we wanted to achieve in the first 3 months mometary wise, I was wise enough to be reasonable with my goals.

And I wrote something but I have realized that those goals cannot be achieved in 3 months, that is for learning and taking necessary steps towards building your business or brand. but what came as a surprise is the new opportunities that started coming.

I am all for new opportunities, because it is from those opportunities that you can find your break, and eventually make money which for me compliments the goal I had set for myself, I have met wonderful people and embsrked on a Journey that is so fulfilling for me and discovered my passion I thought I never had, all from that small goal.

I have met an amazing person who always just reaches out to me and really want to just Help and if I did not start, I was not going to meet this person and for that I am grateful.

So short goals are so important and so are new opportunities. Set small achievable goals, they can lead you to many exciting opportunities and meeting wonderful people alot the way and creating lasting friendships.

As I am writing I remember an Amazing man, Rabbi Lapin Who said something that has always stuck With me, he said the world is so big that we only discover a fraction, he challenged in one of his teachings to try out something new and he said you will be amazed how you will discover so much that you never knew really existed and he was so right.

2. Education

For me in Affiliate Marketing you have to have a good solid background of what affiliate marketing is? and have the tools and necessary skills you need in order to succeed. Without good education I feel it would be a waste of time and if you are really interested check out this online University and see the article I wrote by clicking here.

Please Get an Education and it will save you from wasting time and it will teach you a few ropes that will eventually be beneficial to your business.

3. Long Term Goals

In my opinion affiliate marketing is a long term goal, some have claimed to have made money in as little as 3 months, I am not disputing that fact and I think that is good but for someone who wants to start affiliate marketing I would say put 1 year as your starting point, it will save you a lot frustrations and headache.

You will be able to plan well and work with calmness, I pushed myself so hard and followed every rule and yet the result were not coming in as some people made me believe but I started having long terms goals and that has saved me well.

Affiliate marketing is fun and it is really motivating, I love learning new things and this is where you learn new things everyday and it makes you see how the world is changing and what’s trending, regardless of which niche you are in there is always something new to learn. And that is what I really love about this.

My Final Thought

Everyone can start and make it online but it’s just not as easy as people say it is, you have to work hard, learn about so many new things, and eventually you will be able to fully understand, and once you do, I am so certain you will be able to succeed, just don’t come on board thinking you are going to make quick money.

It is not true and it will only stress and frustrate you, come with a long term goal in mind and you will do just fine. So I hope you have learnt one or two things about affiliate marketing and you will be fully prepared before you come on board.

And if you found the article interesting or you would like to share your experience please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

To Your Success.

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6 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Cinderella,
    I have been making money online since 2015. You’re right that it can be challenging, but it can be done as easily as making money offline. I think the part many people get stuck on is chance. They leave their online careers to chance. If you compare the online world to the offline world, you have much better results. Your website is your retail location. Can you sell items without visitors? Many people are waiting on Google to give them a handout thru SEO efforts. That’s similar to a retail store waiting on the street traffic to get visitors. No! We have to go out and get visitors. We have to find those who are looking for the solution we can provide, and allow Google to reward us in addition to our own efforts. You can make money on line much faster when you’re more intentional about promotion.

    1. Thank you for your commenting. And Yes One can make money and all you need is to be consistent and believe in yourself. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hello friend,

    You’re certainly right about what you’re saying. Affiliate Marketing is a very good business to start with online, however, making money isn’t just some month. I also made the same mistake of thinking I could achieve some monetary goals in just three months.

    However, as time went by, I have come to realize that it isn’t an easy thing at all. It really takes time for our business to grow.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article and also for showing everyone who visit this website the best training program to receive education on doing their businesses online.


    1. Thank you so much for your input and I am still working round the success goal and it’s not as easy as people think but with time and effort we will definitely reap. Good Luck my friend and Appreciate you.

  3. Hi Siderella5, I agree with you that it is not possible to accurately predict the time it takes to start earning from your site because it depends on many factors. I also agree that WA is a great place to learn the things that we need to know about starting an online business. When we learn all these things about online business, it’s a question of whether we will apply them properly to make the site work as we like. The application of these things depends heavily on ourselves. How we manage to understand them correctly and thus properly apply them. Besides all of this, we need great perseverance, endurance, a lot of work and a little luck to succeed. I wish this to all who are on this road. Greetings

    1. Yes well said in a nutshell, I really appreciate your input and sorry for replying late. Had few setbacks but everything is good now.

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