How To Find Keywords For SEO

Google is running fast with their updates on Algorithm and you really need to learn all you can in order to optimize your keyword research for your website and today, I am writing about how to find Keywords for SEO. This article is going to be helpful to beginners, don’t hate on me, I just have a thing for beginners. It is overwhelming to get the ropes of online business and marketing if you have just started.

Before we dive into the big stuff, you need to understand first what keywords are and how to find the right keywords for SEO, from my opinion keyword understanding is not very complicated but finding the right keyword tool to use is and if you are interested in understanding more about keywords, I have written a review on a Keyword Tool that might help you as a beginner and if you are interested please click here to read.

So let’s get rolling, Lets find out – what are keywords

In simple terms, these are words you use like typing in, to find, and research actual terms that you enter in Search engines like Google. Example “How to contour” I love makeup so don’t hate on me, I like to use words that will make sense if you know what I mean. So how do you find the right keywords?

I know we all want to rank well and hopefully be on the first page in google, there is nothing wrong to dream big and that is something you should aim for. From my point of view you need to have a keyword Tool that will make your life much easier as a beginner and if you are interested, I would recommend Jaaxy Research Tool and why is that I am glad you asked.

How honestly do you think you are going to find the right keywords without a Keyword Research Tool for starters, it’s like Someone asking me to have a flawless skin without foundation and concealers, I know you are saying what? yes I know!! But that’s what makes sense to me, for you I will give you a good example, it’s like someone asking you rank first in Google by just guessing and coming up with keywords that are not even relevant to your Niche and business. Tell me how are you going to rank, you know the answer to that.

So first, find the right Keyword research Tool that will give you the following:)

Tracking keyword Ranking instantly upon Ranking

Determines whether a keyword is good for your website

Recommends keywords based on existing content

Gives you 100’s of more amazing possibilities to research in terms of keywords

Manages keyword activities, track website and content ranking.

If you can have a keyword that does the following and you understand how to find the keywords, I can assure you are up for ranking and you have found your keywords for SEO.

Because Jaaxy Research keyword Tool will come up with a list of relevant topics based on your chosen Niche and business, it will give more keywords phrases which will help you expand on more ideas and come up with more relevant keywords.

Next I am going to show you what I meant by saying you need to find a keyword tool that will help you find the right keywords for your website to you can rank well.

So when I typed in Social Media Marketing and this is what Jaaxy came up with below is the example

I have 4 Keywords

1. Social Media Marketing Tips

2. Social Media Marketing Strategy

3. Social Media Service

4. Social Media Company

It how me the KQI is normal because the QSR is 292 because we are looking for less than 300 hundred to be able to have traffic to our website. Read the review on Jaaxy Research Tool to understand this this.

But I went ahead and came up with another keyword from the first keywords I was given “How to find Social Media Marketing Tips” and this is Awesome, Look at what this keyword Tool gave me below

Now I want to you to notice the difference from the first research I did, the KQI gave me normal like this is an okay keyword but now this second research come up with 6 keywords and 5 of them are great.

So you see what I mean that to really find the keywords, you have to have the right keyword research tool and Jaaxy will do the easy work for you all you have to really understand is how to come up with keyword, and the rest will be done for you.

Isn’t that awesome, so I would you will hurry up and chose to open an account which for beginners is absolutely free but for those who would want an advanced keyword tool, you are catered For as well so to learn more from my review click here

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have suggestions regarding find keywords for SEO, please do not hesitate to leave your comments below and I will definitely get in touch with you.

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  1. Keywords are the main engine of a content which really drives traffic to a website. So finding the best keyword is really tough job. Also finding the proper keyword research tool is more tough than the finding keyword. Jaaxy is really great tool to find best keywords for any niche. I am also using Jaaxy for my keyword research. I also suggest other niche marketers to subscribe Jaaxy as it’s the best keyword research tool of 2018.
    Thank you for the review.

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