How To Find the best keywords

Do you want to know how to find the best keywords and get indexed by google then you have come to the right place.  Come with me and let’s explore the secrets to finding the keywords that get ranked but also understanding keyword research.  Here is how to find the best keywords.

Whether you are doing a YouTube video, a Facebook live or you are on Instagram, maybe you are writing content on your website you need to have keywords and have ones that will rank well but first we need to understand what keywords are and why they are important.

Understanding Keywords

What is a keyword? A keyword is a word or phrase you use to type into any search engine like Google if you look for something like “best Human Hair Wigs” you see that is a keyword and it will bring up all the wigs related to that keyword.

I can say it’s the best way search engines gives you what you are searching for quickly and systematically.

You need keywords that are related to your Niche whether you are a Youtuber, you do Facebook Lives or you have a website and you just want to write good content.

If you are interested in writing good content I have just written an article on good content writing and you can click here to read!

How To Come Up With Keywords

There are so many ways you can learn how to come up with good keywords,  you can use a keyword Tool or you can use Google, bing and yahoo which are the 3 major search engines but I also love to use YouTube because of how massive it is and it’s easier to see which keywords get ranked.

I usually think of what my audience would be searching for in my chosen Niche then I usually use a keyword Tool if you are interested,  I have written about a keyword tool called Jaaxy and if you want to learn more you can click here!

In Jaaxy you learn how to find keywords that are low hanging keywords.

And if you want to learn about that I will be writing an article on low hanging keywords which have been indexed by google almost all the time I use them.

Some people are scared to use keywords with zero competition but I have used them and they get indexed all the time.

The Secret is in coming up with these keywords and writing unique authentic content not only from researching but from having real experience with whatever niche you have chosen.

Whether it’s about products don’t just use reviews of people to write your content but buy those products to have firsthand experience and then write using the right keywords.

Which Keywords Get Indexed by Google?

You can’t know for sure but I can safely say keywords that are under 100 QSR in the keywords Tool usually rank and get indexed but usually I go for QSR that is 0 to 80, few times I use 80 up to 100!,  most of my articles that get indexed I use keywords that have zero competition and they get indexed so they must be something Am doing right you see, don’t be afraid to take risks.

Remember when you fail, you don’t actually fail but you learn what is not working so you can be better at it the next time, just as much as you want to get indexed and ranked your purpose in having keywords and writing content is first to help your audience find solutions to their problems through what works or what does not work depending on your chosen niche. Like I am doing right now with keywords.

I am giving tips to how to find keywords and which keywords will give you results.

If you try my tips you might just find the answer to the problem of not being indexed by the search engines.

I have used the keywords which have zero competition and I have had success.

Where Do I go To Find Keywords?

To find keywords I have already mentioned Google the number 1 Search engine I use all the time, you can use YouTube which is a great place to find good keywords that people are searching, Yahoo, bing or just being on Facebook.

By joining communities that are doing well and I join fan pages, connect with those who are making it, I usually engage from an observer point of view.

My sole purpose is to find what works and to be success in finding the right keywords for my audience.

Never be in a hurry, I know we all want to find the right keywords, get ranked and start making money quickly but like everything if you really want to see good results then you might want to build a solid foundation and then see success.

I want to make money but I don’t want to make a few bucks and then crash.

I want to build a solid online business and as such I will learn as much as I can about keywords and experiment to see which keywords get indexed.

So far the ones with Zero Competition have done very well.  And those from 10 to 50 have also done pretty well.

Looking For A Keyword Research Tool To Use?

I have a solution for you Jaaxy Keywords Research Tool, it’s efficient, will show you which keywords will rank well and also give you some ideas to brainstorm with.

As I stated earlier I have written a review about Jaaxy and you can click here! to read.

I have even a better solution I have a platform that when you Join Wealthy Affiliate, You have access to their new keyword Research Tool which they just upgraded.

You can Join by signing up for a Starter Membership which is free make use of the keyword Research Tool. Test drive it to see the results for yourself then decide.

I know for sure you will love not only the platform but the keyword research tool as well. So Hurry and Join.  You never know where the break might come from until you take action.


– Understanding Keywords

– How To Come up with keywords

– Which Keywords Get indexed by google

– Where do I go to Find Keywords

– Looking for a keyword Research Tool To Use


Now that you understand what keywords are and how to come up with keywords you have equipped yourself with knowledge of how to find them and where to look.

And you are now ready to begin writing good content with those good keywords which will then get indexed and ranked in Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as other search engines.

I hope you found this article informative and full of solutions regarding keyword research and which tools, you can use and if you really found this article interesting do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below and I will definitely get back to you.

Hope you can try out Wealthy Affiliate and get firsthand experience in using their Keyword Research Tool which has just been upgraded.

And This Is To Your Success.

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