How to Use Social Media when Building BRAND Awareness – BEGINNERS

When you are just starting your business or online marketing, it is kind of intimidating and frustrating, but it’s better to start than never starting.  So how do you use Social Media when building Brand Awareness and where do you start from?  Every one has their own opinion about this but I am going to articulate here my experience and share some light on how to go about it.  So here we go!

First thing first, before you even start building your brand Awareness through social media, you have first to understand What a brand is and then understand brand Awareness.  So what is a BRAND? I like to simplify things, so in simple terms Brand is a Product manufactured by a Particular Company under a Particular name.  I am into Skincare so I will give an example of Mac Cosmetics as a brand and Mac Foundation is a Product, or Lancôme is a brand and Hypnose parfum is a product. Hope you have understand what a brand is.  Now we have understood what a brand is so lets get into business.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness is when a Brand is recognized by Potential Customers, and correctly associated with a particular product like I have an example of Mac Cosmetics with a particular Product being Mac Foundation you see now I am sure you understand. Brand Awareness is advertising when you just start your business or should I say early months of a Prdocut introduction.

Social Media has changed the way we do business nowadays and this is what I am going to talk about now, how to use social media when building your brand, but first you have to understand what social media is and what is involved in it, I have done some reviews on some of the the best social media platforms, If you want to read please so do not hesitate to click here!

Social Media and Brand Awareness

It quiet intimidating to use these social media platforms because first you have to gather enough knowledge and how these platforms work, understand also which social media platforms to use for business, whether you are advertising a product or you have an online business, Social Media is one of the best tools you can use to connect with your audience, engage with them and have feedback.  It is good Pracrice to have brand Awareness so you know how people Are perceiving your Product or Business.

Find another Review I have done on LikedIn, Click here! a growing social media Platform not to ignore but how do you use these social media platforms,? And why do you really need to use them?

Simple almost all Social Media Platforms are free, Facebook, Intagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Both have one thing in common, you have to sign up by creating an account, and by that I mean, you have to have an email address and a password and you are good to go but since we are talking about brand Awareness, it is very and prudent to have a business page.

Before you start your Brand Awareness on Social Media consider understanding the following questions how do I build brand Awareness, what steps do I need to take and what should I avoid whilst building Awareness, once you understand all these, now you are ready, also identify your targeted Audience or Customers. Like I mentioned you can build brand awareness by using social media platforms, by also knowing the key functions objectives of your businesses, how to make sales, deliver services and how to drive equity.

Steps to make? Find your market by targeting highly specific audiences either through Facebook ads or using videos and images both Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are able to provide this.  Once you find your market make it manageable, get visual, by posting either videos or images, inspirational and motivation quotes.  Be Converstaion by engaging and always ask for feedback.

Getting on Social Media requires having a goal and create a budget for it. What to avoid: Not understanding what brand Awareness means, overdoing in quality content creation not be conversation but always remembering to be human, by being yourself.

Well I have covered what a brand is, what brand Awareness is all about and the steps you can take and what you can avoid as you do your brand awarenesss.  I will leave you with the best Social media channels I feel you should maximize and these are


Understand which ones will benefit your business and will make you find the right audience, I hope you enjoyed this article and If you have anything you want me to discuss or you want to just leave a comment, please do not hesitate to do so and I will definitely get back to you.  Till then get on Social Media.


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5 thoughts on “How to Use Social Media when Building BRAND Awareness – BEGINNERS”

  1. Brand awareness is important, you have to think big, if you are going to become a brand which should be your aim then you definitely need to use all social platforms. The fact that they are FREE is a bonus and should be taken advantage of.

  2. Hello Cinderella5,

    Thank you for the valuable article in regards to Brand Awareness. I just started with Online Marketing and I can definitely say from a beginners point of view. I had NO idea how to approach social media with advertising.

    I thought maybe just constantly updating it with my latest blog and that’s it.

    After reading your article, I realized I should some times include visuals to get the attention first. Otherwise, who is going to read your blog? Sell yourself before your product xD


    1. Hi Eric, 

      I am glad you found the article useful and informative, I am new also to all this but research and learning from others does help, I wish you all the best and if you any question or you want to share something new please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.



  3. Hi Cindy,
    Am new to using social media as a marketing tool. My business is more of a service in that I share thoughts and advice on general well-being.

    Not keen to use my personal Facebook account so are you able to open a second account ? Is Linkedin a good one to use? What about twitter.

    Am going to re-read your article. Takes a while for new info to sink into this “old” head 🙂

    Look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hi, Thank you I am glad you enjoyed the article, you can have a business page on Facebook, I have one,  you can also have one on LikedIn, and also try and maximize Google plus, and Twitter also, which ever suits you best, and if you need any Help, please let me know.


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