Is LinkedIn Any GOOD? – Find out here

Is LinkedIn Any Good? Find Out Here


Product : LinkedIn

Website :

Price  : Free / Premium Membership for a fee

Owners : Jeff Weiner

Overall Ranking : 89 out of 100

A Look At LinkedIn

I am a fun of social media and I have come to realize the potential that it has especially when it comes to online businesses.  Having an understanding of  how each one of the social media platfoams work you will Help you to  successed in Your business and your Personal connections, whether you want to exchange knowledge, Professional insights, Post or view relevant content, you have to have atleast some knowledge of the social platforms out there.

Social Media

Well I am here doing a review on one of the the best Social media Network and online platform.  And I have chosen LinkedIn.  Is Linkedin any Good as a network and online platform? But before we discover that let’s look at what says :

LinkedIn is a Social Network and online platform for Professionals, People their service for Business Opportunities and to Connect With others and Information.

But I am more interested in whether LinkedIn is good for affiliate marketing ad I am so passionate about affiliate marketing and How to use Social media platforms as a Powerful Networking Tool, to build Your Internet Marketing, and expanding Your brand.


106 milion monthly users

Can be used for reaching Customers, expanding  Brand

Good for exchange knowledge and Professional Insights.

Good for Learning, finding Business and Career Opportunities.

Has Premium Membership

Ability to build Your Network and Join Professional Groups.


Can be overwhelming for beginers.

Who Can USE Linkedin?

Who can use LinkedIn

This is a Platform that can be used by both Those Who are into B2B business and in case you are wondering what it is? It Simply means business to business selling Products and Services to other Companies, and Affiliate marketers.  But it can also be used by Those seeking Career Opportunities or Just gaining knowledge in a Certain field.

LinkedIn Tools and Training

LinkedIn Tools and Training

You can find the tools and the training you need to learn how to use linkedIn, How to create a profile, and How to maximize LinkedIn as an affiliate through videos, Either by going to their website or by typing in to Google.

You can creat a Company page, a company page analytics, that Help rate post engagement, promote Your business and identify friends. You can also seek out Potenital Clients, Customers and Associates and add them to Your Network. You have the ability to Join Professional groups for Affiliate Marketers, so you can meet other people in Your chosen Niches.

My Take On LikedIn

Having over 500 milion plus members and 106 million monthly users, you can leverage this by learning How To expand Your brand, building a Network, Joining Professional groups for Affilate Marketers and If you are interested in learn more about Affilliafe Marketing and how to go about it, I have done a review on one of the Best Affiliate platform and you can read it by Clicking here!

And If you find this article useful or you have done a review please do leave Your comments and I will definitely get in touch With You.


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5 thoughts on “Is LinkedIn Any GOOD? – Find out here”

  1. Oh wow, Cindy. I love the figures, I never realized that LinkedIn’s reach was so vast – amazing!!
    Without a doubt, I think it will be a great platform to start making yourself heard. It is also helpful because of the tools and support you have outlined.
    I have a free account – have had it for years but not really done much with it. Thank you for reminding me of the potential that it holds.
    Much success on your journey.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Your name sounds Italian, and yes LinkedIn has many benefits, I do have an account and it is not only good for training but for gaining knowledge as well and discovering new skills and new opportunities, hope you can leverage this amazing platform. Thanks once again.

    1. Thank you and yes LinkedIn can be abit intimidating at first but it is becoming a powerhouse, I use it alot and it is an amazing informative tool. Thanks once again.

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