Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit

Alot of folks have written about this but I am going to write from my own story and experience.  I joined Wealthy Affiliate 4th July 2017, I was searching for something that could change my life and give me purpose and I stumbled through WA.  What really caught my eye was their free training but Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

I have just said what caught my eye was their free training, you only needed to create an account using your full names and email address.

I thought that was cool and being the curious type I decided to give it a try and OMG! I was so happy and excited.

Discovering new things excites me and building a website in just 5 minutes that was amazing for me.

Remember I mentioned I had zero knowledge about affiliate marketing or the online world but I used to be on google and YouTube everyday and the thought never crossed my mind that I can do the same until WA.

I was so excited that after finishing the Entrepreneur Certificate.  I joined, and you can click here! If you want to learn more, I had to upgrade to premium, shortly after.

Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit?

It depends how you define the word scam, I have seen people get scammed every day and I was once almost scammed but because of coming from Africa and having some friends who knew about these scams.

I got a good education from their stories so I always try to research as much as possible and I have ways to protect my personal information.  Enough of  that.  Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Yes it is very Legit, the only catch to Joining is understanding that affiliate marketing is not about quick money.

It involves alot of hard work.  Some people get lucky and have a break quicker than others but if you join with a long term goal in mind you would have put yourself on a road to success.

And if you want to know how long it takes to succeed in Affiliate Marketing? Then you have come to the right place here is an article that explains in detail.  click here to read!

You have to be willing to put in a lot of hours and you have to love to read and research I feel this is the backbone of affiliate marketing, why do I say so?

Content writing is key and to be able to come up with good content like 3 times a week as they say, you need to come up with good ideas.

You are talking about writing good content that no one is writing about, I usually read like 4 good books and before I know it  I have a lot to write about and they come out naturally and that in there is key.

Getting back to the subject of Wealthy Affiliate being Legit, Yes it is and if you work really hard you will see fruits of your hard work.  For some people it may come in big chucks and I respect that.

But some in small bits then boom!  growing to big chunks.  I really love to work hard because of the pride of achievement that comes with that.

I know you always have those that quit before they see results and they go about saying negative things about WA.  I am Zambian from Africa never met Kyle or Carson but I promised myself that I will work hard until I see results having a long term goal in mind and finally I did have my break and Wealthy Affiliate Paid me on time and here is proof below.


Can I See Results and Succeed?

I have written an article 7 Tips for Success and you can click here to read.  I usually write about things I have discovered within my Journey as an affiliate marketer.

Things that have worked for me not that I have not had moments of doubts I had them when I tried Amazon Associates that didn’t work well because of the time frame they give or because I should have waited until my website grow bigger I don’t know but when I tried promoting WA.  There I found my break and that’s where I am putting my effort.

You see Wealthy Affiliate has actually worked for me and I am very happy it’s not mainly about making money, I really do want to make money but through WA, I have learnt to use social media which has opened many opportunities like meeting people from all walks of life and create amazing friendships and business opportunities.

Is It Just About The Money Aspect?

If you look at it like that then you will make a huge mistake, there’s more that comes from being an affiliate marketer you learn to brand yourself not only as a business but as yourself.  I want to brand myself because that for me will leave  a legacy for my Son.  He will be able to look at my work and get inspired to be whoever he wants to be.

You learn about social media platforms you find what works and what doesn’t work.  Facebook, Instagram and twitter work best for me.  Pinterest I used it as  dream board for me, in that I mean I can create my dream life on Pinterest through creating boards all these I discovered when I joined WA.

I am in Italy and it’s very difficult to find a Job and when I looked around I decided I will found something to do and I did.

Now through my work I can encourage other women who are stuck to dust themselves up and find their voice and purpose as my friend Leslie Gunterson says she wants to change the lives of 10,000 women but I want to change more and if African women are among those then I will be happy.

You see All these ideas started coming up when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, the money aspect is great but giving hope to someone through them finding a purpose, or a calling, if they can find something they love and use it to change other people’s lives then Leslie Gunterson’s wish has come true.

You can discover so many exciting things through Wealthy Affiliate and if you are interested in learning more and finding your true purpose here is the Review I did which explains WA in details.

So You see the Money is good but being a solution to someone’s problem is even a higher purpose than just money because if you can be a solution you can make money.

So having a long term in mind is key  and remember that WA is legit and if you join with a broader picture in mind.  You will discover that your Journry within  WA will be fun and full of adventures of learn and coming up with amazing ideas.


Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, it is a program that can move you towards success.  It is not about Kyle and Carson but about yourself.

Your dreams and goals and how badly you want to success, it’s about patience and perseverance and I have written an awsome article about that and you can click here to read!

Come Join the WA Family and you will not regret and the beauty about WA is that  the Entrepreneur Certificate is absolutely free that’s where I started from and look where I am.

Trying out things with an open mind never hurts.  I love what I am doing and it has given me hope and purpose.

And If you found this article interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you and here is to your Success!

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2 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit”

  1. I’m à member for wealthy affiliate for years, and what I can say about it is this: of course it is legit, it is for me the best platform you can find when it comes towards affiliate marketing, the courses, the people.. And the price is cheap. I highly recommend you to try it at least, and I’m confident you will never leave it anymore. Anyway, thanks for sharing this guide with us! 

    1. Thank you for your comment and sorry for not replying in time I was vacation in Africa for 3 weeks just got back and trying to settle.  Thanks again

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