Kulabrands Is It Worth Your MONEY – My Review

Product : Kulabrands – Kulafunded

Website : Kulabrands.com

Price : One Time Payment/12 Payment Plan Option

Founders : Peter Gantner, Doug Kyle, Yaan Guelidge

Overall : 85 out of 100

What is Kulabrands?

I am glad you asked, I was introduced to Kulabrands by a friend Richard Bradshaw from the US, Texas, I am Zambian born but based in Italy. I thought of doing a little introduction before understanding what Kulabrands is.  It is a Community based platform that provides Royalty based Perpetual income.  So is Kulabrands worth your money here is my review.

Remember always to do your own research before making any business decision or even making life altering choices, knowledge is a very powerful tool.

So being the kind of person I am, I did my own quick research and here is what I got from their website. Ku-la [‘koola/] means “Community” in Sanskrit and what is Sanskrit, let’s dig deeper, Sanskrit is actually a language of ancient India with a documented oral and later written history of over 3,000 years.

OK now we understand that it’s a language so shall we move on now.

Kulabrands is mainly a community that supports inventors and their project from concept to retail market place, it not only supports inventors but it also pays royalty based income and how does it do that? Let’s look further.

First they actually help inventors with their project from concept to retail market place through 3 different platforms.

Here are 3 Things Kulabrands do for Inventors

1. Crowdfunding Pool

2. Branding Marketimg Pool

3. Sales Pool

Remember I said they pay royalties, but you have to be a member before you can enjoy Kula benefits, so when a Kulabrands member helps fund, brand, market and sell a product, they get points in the Royalty Pools that pay them a reverse royalty.

So let’s go to the first one, Crowdfunding, here you pledge on a project and you get a point in the crowdfunding Pool.

Branding Marketing, which involves Product branding, simply put this is when a product interacts with its consumers through design, logo and messaging.

This also includes Kulabrands Social Branding Marketing, which the community does through social media marketing, by sharing a post of a product you like, commenting, YouTube videos etc and you receive reverse royalties. Isn’t this awesome.

And remember when you own points, these are permanent points and even if you die, your children or spouses continue to receive these royalties.

What are you waiting for click here to Join!

What Do I like About Kulabrands?

1. The community is Awesome

2. The Support- community help and support each other and they believe in the power of sharing and helping each other.

3. Funding and helping inventors succeed in their projects by raising funds and pushing the product into the market place.

4. They are an education platform.

Do you have an idea, a project and you have no money, join Kulabrands, not only will they fund your idea or project they will push it into retail market place but will also teach you everything you need to succeed.

And if being an inventor is too much you can become a member to help those inventors by funding them through pre pledges and Pre Purchases, and thats where Kulashop also comes in.

You can shop the products and you will still get points, I think this is where you tend to spend more but you can shop according to your budget and how much you want to gain points and make money.

I have just joined and so far I am enjoying myself specially with their education platform because I want to learn as much as possible before I can make good business decisions when choosing which products to buy and prep ledge on, because I feel this is where the trick is. But I am learning and when I learn all the loops expect another detailed article.

Kulabrands verses Wealthy Affiliate?

They are both amazing platforms it depends on your preferences, Kulabrands is about royalties which I think if you get it right it can change your life dramatically. So don’t wait to long Get in and meet an Amazing Community by clicking here!

Wealthy Affiliate?

It is an affiliating marketing program which teaches you how to find a niche by choosing what you are passionate about, teaching you how to build a website in just as quick as 5 minutes, but be careful because it does not teach you how to make quick money but how to really work hard, research, learn and enjoy the process of affiliate marking.

Check Out My Wealthy Affiliate Review here!

So whether you want fun or you want to really work hard, both communities are amazing in their respective field of expertise. I am a wealth affiliate member but I am also a kulamember and both are helping me grow.

They both have a one time payment program but also a monthly payment options. I love the Wealthy Affiliate Community because it is a pay it forward community, you get what you put in, and you always have someone ready to help you.

When you ask a question someone will always be available to give you an answer and the founders are so active and they make you feel at home.

Kulabrands, I have a few people reaching out and I am yet to see how responsive the community is and will write about that as well.

Can I recommend Kulabrands?

Absolutely, it is a legit program and I definitely recommend trying it and see if it works for you. I love it and I have met awesome people and I interact well with most of the members.

And if you found this articles informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Hope to see you inside kulafamily.

As My Friend Richard Bradshaw says, this is his quote, It’s A T.A. D, meaning “Take Actions Daily”.

Product : Kulabrands – Kulafunded
Website : Kulabrands.com
Price : One Time Payment/12 Payment Plan Option
Founders : Peter Gantner, Doug Kyle, Yaan Guelidge
Overall : 85 out of 100
Verdict : LEGIT







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30 thoughts on “Kulabrands Is It Worth Your MONEY – My Review”

  1. Hi Cindy. Thank you so much for your review. I have heard of Kulabrands before, but did not really know what it was all about. I will definitely check it out now after reading your article.

    I love Wealthy Affiliate and am a member of the community at WA too. Looking forward to connecting with you in the community.

    All of the best to you!

  2. This was a very informative article I never heard of Kulabrands but now that I have I will check it out because I am on wealthy affiliate member and I am looking into learning new things too. I appreciate the new information and I am looking forward to maybe seeing you in the Kulabrands community.
    Thanks for the new info

    1. Thank you for your comment and I look forward to meeting you there too.  And I am a member for Wealthy Affiliate otherwise I was not going to be here.

  3. Thanks so much for what you have shared is pretty amazing and it seems like you can make money with this program and I am such that your readers will find what you have shared to be most enlightenment. But I also want to mention about wealthy affiliate that has so much to offer by teaching you how to have a successful online business.

    1. I am with both Wealthy Affiliate and Kulabrands and I write not to impress anyone but to be honest with my readers.  You have to work extra hard to make money at Wealthy Affiliate but with Kulabrand brands, once you get points even as little as 1 you start earning gold royalties, it depends on how fast you pledge for inventors.

  4. Very interesting article. Never heard about them before and will definitely check it out. I have a question: So you can invest OR shop on the site? I´m up to my ears in my WA but would love some input.

  5. FInally, someone did a great review on Kulabrands. I am researching a ways to promote my brand and I am not excluding branding as an option.

    I can see Kulabrands specialize in that and also promotion of brands. I could not get the pricing of this product.
    Would you be so kind and let me know your experience with this product and also what the prices for both pricing plans.

    1. The yearly member is around $300 but you get a discount and the monthly is $25 and sorry if you didn’t get that in the review, it’s not very complicated because you have different ways of making money but it is Royalty based income.

  6. Hi and thanks for the very interesting review. I think I would have to take some time to really dig deeper into what Kulabrands can offer me, as I have seen too many false promises before. I think you have done a great job in comparing them with the brilliant Wealthy Affiliate site as honestly I think Kukabrabds can not offer as much value and potential for success as Wealthy Affiliate can. Thanks so much and I’ll check your site again. Kenny

    1. I write Fairly and according to my experience and I feel they Are both powerhouses in their respectful Ways, kulabrands is about funding inventors and Wealthy Affiliate is about affiliate marketing so you cannot compare them and They  deal in different things and I dont think they Are competitors.  They both meet my needs.

      Life is about diversity and I am just doing that.  I love learning and Both make me happy.

  7. Hi, Cindy

    Good to know about Kulabrands and I will try it for sure, I’ve never heard of it until now is this new or old?I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and love it, and if Kulabrands is like that then I need to be there too, Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life to good and the community OMG like a big family,

    Thank you for telling me about Kulabrands, and I will check them out for sure.Best regards


    1. Thank you for Your comment, it’s only $25 monthly payment and it has an awesome community.  Check it out and I can say it is a legit program where you get royalties based income by funding inventors.

  8. Very thorough and comprehensive review on Kulabrands thanks a lot for sharing.

    I always love to read reviews and listen to people own experiences because it will save our valuable time, trouble, efforts, hard earned money etc., As you advised it’s always good to do our own research because of the increased number of online scams.

    I am already a Wealthy Affiliate member for nearly 2 years what you said about WA is true… It’s not a get rich quick program but a genuine slow rich program with continuous learning and hard work you will achieve success.

    In your review I got new insights on Kulabrands…

    May I ask… How much the initial or minimum investment or cost to join? Please advice…

    Wishing you much success!


    1. Thank you for your comment, It’s $25 monthly payment or you can do a yearly membership.  And Thank you that you do appreciate what I write about both Kulabrands and Wealthy Affiliate.

  9. Hey Cindy,

    Kulabrands seems to be a really nice opportunity to work from home.  As you mentioned, Crowdfunding Pool, Branding Marketing Pool, Sales Pool are the three main ways you can earn money, and I think its a great opportunity.  But you have not mentioned what it costs to join Kulabrands?

    Joining KulaBrands costs $199 for an affiliate membership. This may or may not be raised to $299 at a later date, as per the KulaBrands marketing materials. Does Kulabrands offer free membership like wealthy affiliate?

    Is Kulabrands is a crowdfunding site?I think crowd-funding is supposed to fail or succeed based on public interest.

    I am WA member and I think WA is more valuable than Kulabrands, as it teaches you everything about online marketing.

    You mentioned you are a WA member, so honestly I was not expecting you saying ” but be careful because it does not teach you how to make quick money”, there are many success stories of starter members, who started to earn within their first month.


    1. Thank you for Your comment but when I write, I have to be fair in my writing, if I Made money in my first month I would have mentioned, I write basically based  on my experience and that of not others.  My character and intergrity is much more important than getting customers, so I will not lie or write  using something I have not experienced.

      We Are living in  a world where people Are Smart.  I just want to be fair to both Kulabrands and Weslthy Affiliate.  If I have money to be a member to both .  I think I have that right.  Thank you.

  10. That’s very interesting.  I never knew something like Kulabrands existed.

    From your writing, it seems like they are indeed legit, but as you rightly say, it is always better to check them out by doing personal research.  There could easily be something which anybody can miss, and then it would be too late to go back on certain things.

    One of the things which struck me was the fact that they help investors with their projects, which includes funding, branding, marketing, and also the sale. 

    It seems to be Community based, like WA, which is a good thing, and having the support and backup of so many is always a good thing.

    Thank you for writing about this.


    1. Thank you for Your comments and yes they Are more or less like Wealthy Affiliate but With them you start making money depending on how fast you support and fund investors.

  11. I haven’t heard of Kulabrands, but it sounds really interesting. So, let me make sure I understand it correctly…you pay a monthly fee and then you can have a product that you want to push into the marketplace and this website will help with that? And others kind of chip in the cost of doing that with their membership fee? How do you get paid royalties? Is it based on a product that you help push out?

    Also, what are the one-time and monthly fees for Kulabrands? I think I need to go poke around the site and see what it’s all about!

    1. Thank you for your comment, you pay $25 monthly payment or you can choose to pay a one time payment which they will tell you, you become an investor inside, you fund a an inventor and to c’e they get to the market and succeed which they do.  You start getting your royalties.  Kulabrands is there to make sure you get the royalties.

      You also can points through sharing on social media, so you can either decide to share and gain points or fund and I chose both sharing and funding, This is my 3rd month and I am waiting for my first royalty check.

      Hope I have your questions.

  12. Kulabrands sounds like a great idea.  After reading your review, I take it that this is more for the inventor with a real product?  But, you can also join as a member to support inventor’s products and get a return by doing so?  I will surely investigate this further by going to your links.  This sounds like a great way to help and promote inventions for any entrepreneur.  I like the idea! 

    1. Thank you for reading my article and sure you have to do your own rresearch and if you are on Facebook you can join for free the kulacommunity.  To just see what we do. Wishing you the best.

  13. Kulabrands sounds like a really good thing to help people get their ideas up and running. I think so many people have the ideas for inventions but never get them of the ground as they don’t get the backing or assistance they need.

    This organisation offers assistance and guidance for the 3 main areas by the lols of it? 

    The royalty program looks ok as well but I would prefer to earn actual revinue. Wealthy Affiliate looks a really good platform and affiliate marketing is a growing industry with massive potential.

    You could actually do both!!

    1. Thank you for your comment and yes I am doing both but I have started marking profit already from Kulabrands with 3 months of my starting but have not made a dime from WA.  But It’s okay because it is opening outer doors and I am in for a long term goal.

  14. Thank you for introducing Kulabrands. I wasn’t sure at first what it is but I thought I heard this word before. I just can’t remember where and how. But when you mentioned that it means “Community” in Sanskrit, it all makes sense now because I have an Indian co-worker who told me once about this ancient Indian language.

    Anyway, back to your post… I am familiar with crowdfunding. If this is one of the benefits you get from joining Kulabrands, it sure is worth it. Having a wonderful community to fund, help and support its members is very rare these days as everyone seems to be looking only after their own personal benefits. And knowing that these points you’ll be earning is for life and can be passed on to your kids and spouse to receive these royalties, it’s just awesome.

    By the way, I noticed that you did not include the actual price and I wonder why.

    1. Thank you for reading my article and I apologize for not including the subscription fee will definitely find time to correct that, but the subscription fee is $25 monthly but they have a one time payment as well.  Thanks

  15. Hi,
    This is a marvelous platform I have just been introduced to by a Zambian friend based in Italy. I also became a member of Wealthy Affiliate a few weeks ago and so far the wealth of knowledge in this community is unprecedented. I eagerly look forward to soaking in more knowledge and enjoy the fun apart from the benefit of belonging to the programs.

    1. Thank you and Yes they are both amazing platforms which you can use and benefit massively and looking forward to Connect with you and if you need any more Information please do not hestate to reach out to me. Many thanks and sorry for the late response.

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