Kulabrands Verses Wealthy Affiliate Which Is Better? Here Is My TAKE

I had someone visit my website and leave a comment on my Review I did for Kulabrands but in that Review I also mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, he asked a very intelligent question which gave me an idea to write this article. Kulabrands Verses Wealthy Affiliate which is Better? Here is my take.

But before we compare the two, we really have to understand what Kulabrands is all about and what Wealthy Affiliate is and then see how they both operate. Here is the break down of what Kulabrands is first.

What is Kulabrands?

Kulabrands is a Community based platform that provides Royalty Based Perpetual income. It is a Community that supports inventors but it also pays Royalty based income. This Community helps inventors With their products from concept to retail market place through 3 different platforms which are CrowdFunding, Branding Marketing Pool, and Sales. The Membership is €25 for monthly members and you Have an option for a one time membership payment.

Okay now we understand what Kulabrands is and if you want to read the Review that So you can have an Indepth understanding Click Here!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate program that teaches you how to build websites from scratch in Just 5 Minutes, to finding Your Niche, understanding keywords and keyword research, it caters for both newbies and advanced affiliate marketers. The Starter Membership is free for a Period and you need to upgrade to Premium which is $49, you can also do a one time payment.

So As You can See, Kulabrands and Wealthy Affiliate are two different platforms but they are both very good platforms in their respective expertise.

Kulabrands supports inventors whereas Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate Marketing Platform. They both have Universities where You learn and gain knowledge on how the platforms works and how to scale Your success.

How do you know you ask? Am a member for both platforms and I appreciate them according to what they do and you definitely cannot compare them. They Are not competitors but they can compliment each other.

Wealthy Affiliate can teach you to become an inventor and Kulabrands can support Your concept, not only Are they going to support it but they will put it on the market until you succeed and you pay the people Who funded you Royalties.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have to work really hard and follow the tasks given in the lessons, some people Are lucky and they make money in as little as 3 Months but if I have to be honest, Affiliate Marketing should be looked at as a long term goal.

You have to put in Hours but this is a place where you gain Vast knowledge in what ever Niche you have chosen, you learn how to build websites, how to find keywords, how to create good quality content. You also learn how to use Social Media platforms.

Kulabrands, they also teach in depth How to use Social Media platforms like Facebook, Facebook Lives and Twitter. They Have an amazing community and you can start making money earlier. And like I wrote earlier I don’t see how one can confuse the two.

Do you want to make royalty based income by funding inventors then Kulabrands is Your answer Click Here to Read my Review.

Do you want to create and build websites? Then Wealthy Affiliate has Your back and if you want to learn more about it then Hurry and click here!

Kulabrands Verses Which Wealthy Affiliate which the Best?

This is something that you Have to discover for yourself, every human being is Unique what I may say works for me may not work for you. And it also borders on what you want to achieve and how fast you want to start making money. For me Kulabrands has the capability to make you start making money, by sharing through social media and gaining points which will convert into royalties.

And when you find an inventor, every time the product is solid worldwide you see received s royalty based income, so you see it depends on Your preferences.

Wealthy Affiliate is about knowledge and learning, doing tasks and following the lessons without skipping and to really see success and scale Your business, you need to throw out procrastination.

Want To Join Wealthy Affiliate Join Here!

You can also promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate, which I really love and I discovered only half-way through the program and I feel this if you do it right will make you make money and succeed.

Having said that I can safely say they Are both great platforms and I love them both because they save what I really want to achieve, Kulabrands Saves me in having to start making money in time while Wealthy Affiliate Saves me in gaining cast knowledge in so many Niches and also Saves me for my long term goals.

So you see you just can’t decide unless you really understand what Kulabrands is and how it is different from Wealthy Affiliate and the difference in what they do. What you want and how bad you want to succeed, so like I always said, research and site down and ask yourself what you really want? What works for you? And how Badly you want to succeed.

Then you will definitely make an educative good decision one that will make you happy and fulfilled. So what Are you wanting for? Hurry Up and Join.

Can I remember Them?

My answer is a definite Yes, they Are different and Are not competitors. They Are both very legit platforms that make you become successful and realize Your Dreams. You will meet amazing people especially Kulabrands because you can interact With them through Messenger and also through Facebook lives.

And if you Found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave Your comment below and I will definitely get back to you and hope to meet you either through Kulabrands or Wealthy Affiliate. To Your Success!

“The Key To Your Success is Having More Knowledge Than Your Competitors – Manuel Suarez.

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18 thoughts on “Kulabrands Verses Wealthy Affiliate Which Is Better? Here Is My TAKE”

  1. Hello Cindy,

    Thanks for a good review topic. From your article it is clear that Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate based program and Kulabrands is one that provides a platform facilitating the pairing of investors with inventors. Why in your opinion are people finding it hard to differential between the two?

    I am not completely clear on the term  “Royalty Based Perpetual income”, could you possibly provide some clarity on this one?



    1. I think people are already on the defense about Wealthy Affiliate but I am writing without siding with any of them even though I am a Wealthy Affiliate member, I appreciate what amazing doors have opened through them but will still be truthful and authentic.

      Royalty based income means, when you as an investor fund the inventor and he succeeds on the market you get paid royalties, they are from 4% to 5%, like those people who fund musicians, they get royalties, you become a member to major crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter and indiegogo.  Hope I am clear, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and we have Facebook lives where you ask questions and get answers.  Check them out.  Thanks.

  2. I like your style of review you made. I never heard of Kulabrands platform  but guess it is okay for someone. Me like you is a member of Wealthy Affiliate university. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of time to be in touch. Need to find a time to look what the Kulabrands offer. Anyway, thanks for the new source.

  3. Hi there Cindy, this is the first time I’ve heard about Kulabrands – it sounds awesome and I’ll definitely take a closer look after reading your recommendation. I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member and I totally agree they rock! They really make the whole process of building a website and monetizing it clear and simple – provided that a person puts in the effort required, it can generate much welcomed passive income! Which platform would you recommend to someone who is brand new at internet marketing/making money online? Thank you for this helpful post 🙂

    1. I am always scared of misleading people especially with their hard earned money, money does not come easily so we have to spend it wisely, having said that, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 1 and half years and I have not made a cent, I pay $49 monthly subscription and I have been with Kulabrands for 3 months I pay $25 when converted to Euro I pay about €19 and I managed to fund an investor for €50 Euro and I am waiting for my first Royalty check, one has to do the math on how quick you start getting your money back that you are spending. This is about how you do your math.

  4. Hi Cindy

    I found your post really interesting.

    I have never heard of Kulabrands, and it does sound as though they have a very interesting concept, and I like the sound of the Community there, but it is immediately obvious that unless you actually have products which you would like to get on to the market, you are certainly going to spend considerably more that the monthly subscription, would yo agree with that?

    As you say, it all depends what you are looking for.

    With Wealthy Affiliate you get training from real experts in the Affiliate marketing field who will teach you all you need to know about Online and affiliate Marketing, and that would definitely be my preference.

    Very many thanks for your really interesting post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. They subscription you pay is to be a member so you can be of this platform when you fund an inventor, it is not Kulabrands that pay you but the inventor once he is successful, I have been with Kulbrands for 3 months and I am waiting for my first royalty check.  And I have been with Wealthy Affiliate work almost 1 and half years and I have not made an cent, so when I calculate how much I have spent on both platforms I have my answer.  So it how you do your maths…Lol

  5. Hello,

    I’m happy to meet another serious company where support is given to inventors of new products. 

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. The goals pursued by both companies are totally different, because WA, specializes in affiliate marketing. 

    Therefore, they can not be compared, yes and according to what you explain, both have an excellent level of training and support.

    Thank you very much for sharing.



    1. Thank you and you are the first to see the difference and to fully understand.  They are not competitors and serve different interest but very powerful platforms.  Wishing you the very best.

  6. Well never heard of Kulabrands before, just learnt of it today. I like the review you have done on it, am familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and I know it is more focused on Website creation and affiliate marketing. From your review, I can tell they both are different platforms and serve different interests.

    What I would like more clarification on is if they both can work together or do they share any similarities? Can someone on Kulabrands benefit from Wealthy Affiliate and vice versa.

    1. Thank you, no they are so different and have no similarities which makes them not even be competitors, the only similarity is they teach about social media platforms but Kulabrands is on Facebook and they go live every week, it’s fun because you get to interest live on Facebook with their founders.  You don’t see that from Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. I’d never actually heard of Kulabrands before this article. It sounds like an interesting oppurtunity. Do you think an entrepreneur would need BOTH tools in building their income, or would just one of the sites be enough? I guess my other question would be, how many of the skills you learn at Wealthy Affiliate can be transferred to Kulabrands, and vice versa? Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love Wealthy Affiliate and it’s my number 1 but you have to remember that it builds a strong foundation in the affiliate marketing world, Kulabrands on the other hand is about social media and royalties so it is quicker in starting to make money.  It depends what you want, for me I am using Wealthy Affiliate as long term business whilst using Kulabrands for both short term and long term, I have been with them for 3 months and I am waiting for my first royalty check, but I have been with Wealthy Affiliate and I am still working to get my first break.  So it’s all comes to your dream and goals.

  8. This is very interesting. It’s good to know that once you’re at the level that you want to create your own product, you could explore a platform like Kulabrands to help you with that process.

    Thanks for letting me know about Kulabrands, as I didn’t now this platform existed. I’ll keep it bookmarked for the future!

  9. Cool platforms. I am looking for an online adventure and I found your article to be well detailed and easy to understand. I have just signed up to the 2 platforms, I will be comparing them in the next week because I want to choose just one. As a newbie in the online world, which of the two platforms would you recommend me. I will really appreciate your opinion.

    Thank you so much for such great info


    1. I am going to answer you with examples which will lead you to make an educated decision, For me Wealthy Affiliate is good if you are thinking of long time success and working really hard to see that success, being with them can open amazing doors and wonderul experiences.

      But Kulabrands is about funding inventors and putting them on the market and once they start selling big time you start getting Royalty checks depending on what among you helped fund the inventor, This is my third month with them and I am waiting for my first Royalty check which should arrive soon, so Kulabrands is for short term Ana long term benefits.  Hope you can now make a decision.  All the best.

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