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Have you ever wanted to start something new online, like a business but then you are afraid because they are a lot of scammers on the internet that you really don’t know who to trust. I am such a person I have encountered all kinds of scammers starting from church people, to affiliate marketers, people who steal other people’s profiles you name it and the List goes on But today I am writing about starting something new like a business online or should I say becoming an affiliate marketer which ever you choose.

Looking for the best Platform – Join Wealthy Affiliate is what I am writing about.  I am not writing as an observer, but as someone who is part of this platform, I will write as honestly as I can be from my own experience, so I won’t go into all the technical Stuff but things I have found exciting, what has worked for me and what I am struggling With, my successes and my failures as well, First let’s start with understanding what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and I am going to add Proof through a video of how awesome this platform is.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

I feel Wealthy Affiliate is a platform were they teach you how to discover what your interests and passions are and how to turn them into a profitable business by becoming an affiliate marketer. Is it not interesting for someone to help you discover what your interests are? to help you ignite the passion in you, I have discovered passions I never knew I had, this platform encourages you to be Your best self, starting with the founders Kyle and Carson, you can reach them and anytime and they always have a good and positive word for you.

To make you feel that you can achieve anything, regardless of who you are and were you come from, isn’t that amazing because all of us need that encouraging Word, to know that someone believes genuinely in our abilities and they will walk a mile with us if we are willing to work hard so we can be successful, and Wealthy Affiliate makes you feel that you can achieve anything.

Getting Rolling With Wealthy Affiliate

First you have to remember, that this is a platform were your Starter Membership is free, did you hear what I have just said, it is $0 Starter Membership, then when you test their program and see hotel w amazing and exciting it is then you can decide to become premium which is $49 but when you sign up for the first 7 days, you have a discount and you only pay $19 saving $30 Awesome don’t you think.

I was curious when I saw that the starter membership was free and I thought it was all a Joke, but since I am a very curious person, and I just wanted to do something new, I gave it a try of course laughing thinking here we go again, but when I started their training, I could not believe how exciting it was and how nice these people were, I had a few issues and I reached out to the owner, to give me some time, and boy, he was kind, respectful and patient, and that is just what drew me to this community.

They just  make you feel important, and you can reach them for anything without feeling those Judgmental eyes, have you joined a community and despite you paying,  they make you feel that you owe them something but not Kyle and Carson, they genuinely love helping people and most important they are passionate about what they do. This is what attracted me to their program, the passion, the humbleness and their desire to you successed.

Exciting THINGS to Find on this Platform

Exciting things to find

First when you Join, you receive a welcome Message from both, and then the community which I will talk about next welcomes you and makes you feel a part of something incredible and fulfilling, they make you feel you can be anyone you want to and you can succeed at anything. That’s what they Made me feel and they make me feel that every day, positive energy is everywhere. Which is so difficult to find nowadays.

So first you are taught to Choose an Interest, and believe me I had no idea what I was interested in when I joined but they made it so easy that It was fun for me to discover what my interest was. From there you go to Building your website, this is the fun part, I had no idea how to build a website and I was anxious because I thought it was going to be complicated but  they have an amazing system, were you can build a website in Just 5 minutes, yes with step by step tutorial on how to go about it. Cool Stuff.

You then move on to learning How to create content, and finding keywords, How to find them. How to create quality content. You also learn How to use Social Media, How to create social media accounts, which then brings  to learning how to attract visitors to, to be honest I find this to be the toughest one but if you can be good at this then you will have success.

Lastly they push you to learn everything you need to learn in order to start earning revenue, but one thing I love about this platform is they teach you to feel free to ask questions and you can be assured someone will come to your aid, this is a pay it forward kind of thing, and what you put in is what  you get but you will definitely feel a part of this platform and their tutorials emphasize taking action which I also love, I am a dreamer but Joining Wealty Affiliate I have Learnt to implement what I learn and doing has become my strength.

<<here is a quick video to show what to expect>>

Click here to watch video

Choosing an Interest Building A Website Creating Content Attracting Visitors Earning Revenue. So far, I have talked about what attracted me to wealthy affiliate, what it is, exciting things about Wealthy affiliate and then now the Community.

Wealthy Affiliate Community One of the best communities I have ever joined, it shows what kind of leaders Kyle and Carson are, I know every community has the bad and the good but this is a community that is so driven by positivism and discipline that the bad is overshadowed, you would even think twice, if you are a negative person, because all you find are wonderful people ready to help you.

They make you feel at home, they will motivate you, push you and encourage you to succeed, of course bearing in mind that success does not happen overnight. You have to work extra hard if you want to succeed and follow through with what you are taught, by taking action.

But this is a community that is available when you need them, they are eager to Help and encourage, oh I forgot to mention that they  have even live chat where you get your answers as fast as you can and you can chat and interact with like minded people.

You always find peppole ready to Help. For me Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform and it is evolving at the speed of a thought, new and exciting things are being added.

This is a place that Makes you feel alive, you look forward to a new day, expecting to learn something new every day, there’s so much knowledge and training, and these are things that excite me. If you love learning and knowledge, trying new things, interacting with others on a professional level as well as Personal Level then Wealthy Affiliate is the right place for you.

I am really excited to see what Lies ahead for me in 2018, I know they are amazing and exciting things in store for me and I am really looking forward to my Journey, so if you are interested Why do you click here and Join.

You can start as Starter Membership : $0 You can also start as a Premium member $49 So what are you waiting for, hope to see you soon and let me know what excites you? What you are looking for in life? Do you want to start something new and you don’t know, get in touch and I will Help you with any questions you have.

And if you find this article useful please do not hesitate to leave your comment below and I will get back to you. Hope to see you soon at Wealthy Affiliate.

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5 thoughts on “Looking for the BEST Platform – Join Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Hi Cindy,

    I am curious to find out how long would it take for someone new to start making money online if I join Wealthy Affiliate?

  2. Nice post. Thanks so much for sharing. Perhaps you could share your experience on how fast I can expect to see some financial reward? I’m seriously thinking about coming on board and would like to know how quickly I can expect to see a return?

    1. Hi Sean,
      Wealthy Affiliate is great for Those Who love knowledge and learning, also Who are focused on long term goals, if you want to make quick money on Wealthy Affiliate, you might end up being disappointed. Just an honest answer but find out from Kyle, he may have a different opinion. Thanks

  3. Hi Cindy,

    I was curious to find out how long would it take to start making money with Wealthy Affiliate? This looks legitimate.

    1. Hi Vasiliy,
      How long one can start making money? Would be best answered by Kyle, I dont tell Lies, but If you are in for long term goes, then work extra hard and be patient, I have been with WA for 4 months and I have only made 0.85 cents. So be patient. I Wish you the very best. And Thanks

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