May Challenge: 5 Critical Days To New Me

Product. : 5 Critical Days To #NewMe Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life

Price : Free

Owners : Leslie Gunterson

Where To Find It : Facebook Group New Life New Money New    You

Website :

Overall Rank 95 Out 100

When you are an entrepreneur or doing online business, you encounter a lot of obstacles and challenges, so having communities or groups that help you be accountable for your work and actions in order to see success is a must. Today I thought of writing about a product I tried it’s actually a training called May Challenge 5 Days To New Me.

This is a training that helps you unblock anything that is stopping you to reach your goals or realize your dreams. We all have goals and dreams.

We all want to succeed and speaking of success I have written an article about 7 Tips to Success you can click here to read. So I will not go into details about that.

What is this 5 Day Challenge

This is a challenge about a new you done by Leslie Gunterson, we connected through social media and then I signed up for a 15 minute one-to-one talk.

And we discussed many exciting things but because of having a trip, I had to schedule my training to July because I will be in Africa until mid June.  I need time to settle down shake off the vacation and then get to work.

It is usually difficult for us to work in July in Italy because that’s when the fun begins right into the 2nd week of Settembre which means September in English.  But I will find time to work.

So back to the topic, this is a challenge where you come up with what’s bothering you through a list called Bugger List. We all have issues, righ? things that are bothering us or making us lose sleep. If you know what I mean so it’s easy to come up with that list.

She actually touches on 5 things that can change our life’s to being a new me with a new mindset that brings change sounds exciting right?

I know I was so excited because I am a firm believer of affirmations and creating a life that I want and if you are interested in learning if affirmations really work here’s an exciting article I wrote click here! To read.

She starts with Day 1 right to day 5 but she also gives tasks that you do to be a new you, she has a saying that I really love “the old you cannot create what you want now” I do agree with her,  from my own experience I am Zambian born and when I moved to Italy.

I tried to use the old me into a new environment and those of you who have moved to New Countries and settled there you definitely know this, it does not work.

You need a mind shift more like a paradigm shift, I call it a total overhaul which is so scary because you leave everything that was so familiar and you get into an unfamiliar territory.

It was the most scary thing I have ever experienced and I had to be strong and get rid of everything that was not serving me.

I was lucky to have an Italian friend, (elderly) who was patient and tried to explain things but when you are going through a life crisis nothing makes sense.

You are gripped with the fear of unknown that’s what I call it, so if you can relate breath and hang in there. You are just being stretched so you can handle the new environment look at it as being in School.

So when I saw this 5 day challenge by Leslie Gunterson I knew I had to take it because I had changed into a new me but still had some stuff that I had to let go of so I joined and came up with my bugger list and some tasks and if you want to learn more here’s the Name – New Life New Money New You of her Facebook Page.

Here is the Overview

Day 1 : Bugger List with Tasks

This is about banishing overwhelm forever with the mentioned List. I will not go into details you have to join her group to get the most of this training and other training she offers.

Day 2 : Dealing with Negative Emotions and 2 Ways To Release Negative emotions.

Day 3 : 3 Things that block your success in any goal or desire focusing on what you don’t want. This was a good one for me I have a very fortunate life I can’t complain.

But I tend to create my goals and desires, achieve them, then I  lose everything I have  created which through her help I discovered had to do with my beliefs.

I am excited for what is in store as She coaches me in July which of course you will have s full review of what my goals will be though I already have them.

She touches on how we sometimes take action and then doubt. I can definitely relate to that can you?

Day 4 : How To Be Clear on What You want. This was really fun for me and I love going bold some people laugh at me and some are negative but if you knew me well you will understand that I love big bold things that others are scared of. That’s just fuels me and gives me energy.

I love new and exciting things, I get bored easily so I am Always on the look for new knowledge or something creative and exciting.

So when I am on social media mostly it’s learning. I do interact with friends and family but you either find me writing articles, helping people or watching training replays from communities and groups I have Joined.

Day 5 : Taking Action On What you really want. I don’t need to go into details because I know this is the most fun part.

You want to do it because partly you are curious to see if what she teaches manifests or you are tired of the old you which will never create what you want.   If that’s you then Join her group it’s free and so is the training.

I have written some very bold things I want to create and my trip to Africa came through a 7-day affirmation challenge I did and I did manifest exactly what I wanted.

It was so interesting because I went there out of curiosity but I had an open mind. Some guy in the group challenged us to go higher curious as I am I  laughed, and said let me try this amount and Boom I got the exact amount from a source I least expected.

So I tell everyone try out things with an open mind and positive mind you will be surprised the creative power that unlocks within us.

Where ever you are and whoever you are, if you are reading this article believe in yourself. You do have creative powers you don’t need money right away.  You need to change your beliefs about money.

You need your mind, your mouth and your beliefs, Napoleon Hill says “the law of the mind is the law of belief” whatever you can believe you can create so dust yourself up and get into that creative mold and take actions daily by following the tasks given in the 5 day challenge.

And If You Found This Article Interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you and here is to Your Success.


Product. : 5 Critical Days To #NewMe Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life

Price   : Free

Owners : Leslie Gunterson

Where To Find It : Facebook Group New Life New Money New    You

Website :

Overall Rank 95 Out 100




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6 thoughts on “May Challenge: 5 Critical Days To New Me”

  1. This really seems like a powerful stuff. I do have some disbelieves about affirmations but maybe I am probably not doing it right. When I started reading about this facebook group I actually thought it was going to be a paid group whereby people pay to be a member of but I am really pleased that it is a free group.

    I am most definitely going to join this as I really need the help to become a new person better than the old me. You mentioned that you had a 15 minutes one on one talk with Leslie Gunterson. Is this feature accessible by everyone or is it just a select few?

    1. Thank you for your comment and sorry for responding late I was on a 3 week break, I went to visit Zambia, Africa. And yes everyone new gets a one on one chat with Leslie

  2. What you presented is contrary to old adage, “You can’t teach dogs new tricks”. It is a good thing that you shared this. A lot of people are experiencing daily life crisis and this change and shift in belief is necessary to gain confidence once again. I am interested in dealing with negative emotions. There are times when I don’t even know why I feel so down but it’s there and it lingers for quite some time. Adjustment is always  necessary and this it wouldn’t hurt to undergo change with the help from other people. I wish that you can help more individuals, more power to you!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and sorry for replying late, I was in Africa and yes I am learning so I can empower other women to succeed and get rid of negative and limiting beliefs.  Helping others find solutions to their problems is powerful.

  3. This was an interesting first-person account of the 5 Critical Days To The New Me course by Leslie Gunterson. I noticed that it was free for the asking, yet it has a huge amount of value within it as described by you. I definitely liked the way she put the course together, it flows logically from framing the questions or issues to overcoming them and finding solutions.

    It seems we all have a bugger list of one sort or another, but often we tend to ignore the items or try to bury them rather than pulling them out, looking at them, and addressing steps to take to put them behind us. This blocking action often can manifest themselves in other areas of our life.

    Once you have dealt with these bugger list items, you can then determine clearly what it is you do want then determine what steps that you need to take to achieve what it is that you really want, and get started. The process does not have to take years either, as indicated by the title (5 days…).

    I whole-heartedly can endorse such a process and it seems that many people could use this course. I have gone through a similar process many times over the years and make it a regular activity. I use mind maps to do something very similar, and results have been amazing for me.

    Thanks for sharing and I have noted the Facebook group and the author of this free training. I am sure there is a lot more I can learn from her, she knows what she is doing! 

    1. I am so sorry couldn’t reply in time, I was in Africa but thank you so much for your comment and would love to learn more about your program as well.  Thank you once again.

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