My Jaaxy Free Keyword Research Review – For Beginners

Want to understand how to find the right keywords using the right tool? I am here to help you with my Jaxxy Free Keyword Research Review for beginners.  I know how overhwelming it is to understand how to find the right keywords, how to create good content from those keywords.

But what is the best tool for you has a beginner,? And what are you suppose to do in order to rank well for your chosen keyword in your specific Niche.  First you have to understand what keyword research is and why it is important before you can even look for a right keyword tool research.

So let’s get into business and understand Jaaxy Free Keyword Research

What is Jaaxy?

This is a Keyword Research Platform created to help you find the best keywords for topics related to your Niche in order for you to get traffic to your website.  So how good is the free Jaxxy Keyword Research? I am glad you asked, first it is a free Account which gives you 30 free searches.

It also makes you understand the 4 most important things to  learn on how to search for the right keywords, which are usually under 300 and for me, I usually go for 180.  Then as you learn about low hanging keywords you start looking for those under 100, as an example, I pick those with 50 or under but not too lower.

So here are the 4 most important things to understand as you  use the free Jaaxy keyword research tool which is absolutely free and no credit required, just your name and an email addres and you are done.

What To Understand Before Using Jaaxy

Keywords – these are words you type into the search engine example Google, and an example of a keyword is “How to lose Belly fat”, everyone wants to have a slender body or “how to have a flawless skin”,  for us who are addicted to skincare products and make up, and the list is endless.

Avg – This is the Average number of searches per month, to find the right keywords, you need to understand this.

QSR – Quoted Search results, number of competing websites and this is what I look at to find my best keywords.  Like I mentioned you look for first those keywords under 300 and for low hanging keywords you look for those under 100, preferably 50.

Traffic – Number of visits per month to your website if you rank in the 1st page and all these you get get them and understand them better using the Free Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and here is an example of what I am talking about

And if you want to Join please do not hesitate to click here and you are good to go, so what are you waiting for. Try it out and see how it works for you it is a free tool with zero membership fee.

Once you start understanding the keywords and how to research them you can opt to upgrade to either Pro or enterprise and below is a detailed table of what to expect.  You are going to love this tool  has it is thorough and up todate.  It is quick and efficient.

But what is also amazing is Jaaxy has now been interpreted into Wealthy Affiliate and for those wondering what Wealthy affiliate is, I have done an article and you can rea d it by clicking here but for now let’s see the Best offers integrated into the Jaaxy Research keyword Tool are :-

Jaaxy Stsrter – Which is free and right for all beginners out there and you can experience the following using Jaaxy:-

  1. Keyword Research
  2. QSR (Comoetition Data)
  3. Domain Research
  4. Keyword lists
  5. SiteRank
  6. The Alphabet Soup Platform

But  once you Join you can also have access to the following

Jaaxy Lite (New) For Premium Members comes with WA Keyword Tool but it has extra features and most polished. So get your Jaaxy starter, experience it and then decide your way forward.

Jaaxy Pro – Powerful version of Jaaxy and the most popular, you can’t the following with this one :-

Unlimited Access to keyword Research

A Robust Access to SiteRank

Inteoduces you to “Multi-Threaded” search functionality which is great for those who like to multi-task.

Jaaxy Enterprise – This is for the Elite Affiliate marketer and intenet marketer and this is a dream keyword platform and I am hoping to realise this dream of Joining Jaaxy Enterprise and hopefully write a review.

Below is the Comparison Table

This Review is for beginners, I was once a beginner and I know how frustrating it is and when you see a lot of people coming up with big words but I love simple things and easy to understand, so what have we talked about so far keywords and how to search them using Jaaxy, the numbers to look at when looking at the competition in QRS – number of competing website.

You can find 100s of fresh ideas using Jaaxy Free keyword research tool but you will get the best benefits if you upgrade to Pro and I am going to do another review on that, I have also done a general review on using Jaaxy keyword tool and you can read by clicking here.

My Final Thoughts

If you really want to build a website and you have no money for a keyword tool, because you will need to have one, Jaaxy fits every one, those with a good budget and those who just want to use s keyword that is free before they can decide to upgrade as they build their website and business.

Jaxxy is very comprehensive in its searches and easy to use for beginners without overwhelming you, you will be able to understand the 4 things I have outlined with much easy and that is Keywords, Avg, QSR, and traffic.  Then you can move on to understanding SEO analysis, keyword competition send Instant competition if you decide to Join premiums membership.

If you find this article interesting please leave a comment down below and  will definitely get in touch with you. And hope to see you soon rocking it with Jaaxy Research keyword tool.


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4 thoughts on “My Jaaxy Free Keyword Research Review – For Beginners”

  1. Hey there,

    I have been hearing of jaaxy and the wonderful keyword search experience it gives, and I decided to try out. I also have to agree that it does work very good.

    One question I have been having is, what is the difference between avg searches and traffic? And how does each add to the value of the statistics in the searches?

    1. Hi Dave,

      Sorry for the delay in answering to your comment, but to answer your question about what is Avg and what is traffic?  here is the meaning of both and hope it helps.

      AVG – This is the Average number of searches per month.

      TRAFFIC- The number of visits per month to your website if you rank 1st page rankings of Google..

      Visits meaning potential customers,  I hope this helps and it helps you see the difference.

      If you have any more questions please do let me know, and I will be happy to help.


  2. Hi, Cindy. I enjoyed reading your post on Jaaxy. Sounds like a great tool for keywords.
    Tell me if I’m wrong, but I get from what you wrote that I can have 30 free searches if I sign up for Jaaxy, then I buy it, or if I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate I get a version of Jaaxy included and don’t have to pay for it separately. Am I right? Sounds Good. Thanks.

    1. Hi Grant,

      Sorry for the delay, was sorting out a problem but anyway here I am, And about your question? Yes You have 30 searches if you sign up but if you sign up As A Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy is included.  And then you can see what other features it has, it is really a great tool.

      And I hope you will try it out for free with 30 searches.  Wishing you all the best.

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