Kulabrands Is It Worth Your MONEY – My Review

Product : Kulabrands – Kulafunded

Website : Kulabrands.com

Price : One Time Payment/12 Payment Plan Option

Founders : Peter Gantner, Doug Kyle, Yaan Guelidge

Overall : 85 out of 100

What is Kulabrands?

I am glad you asked, I was introduced to Kulabrands by a friend Richard Bradshaw from the US, Texas, I am Zambian born but based in Italy. I thought of doing a little introduction before understanding what Kulabrands is.  It is a Community based platform that provides Royalty based Perpetual income.  So is Kulabrands worth your money here is my review.

Remember always to do your own research before making any business decision or even making life altering choices, knowledge is a very powerful tool.

So being the kind of person I am, I did my own quick research and here is what I got from their website. Ku-la [‘koola/] means “Community” in Sanskrit and what is Sanskrit, let’s dig deeper, Sanskrit is actually a language of ancient India with a documented oral and later written history of over 3,000 years.

OK now we understand that it’s a language so shall we move on now.

Kulabrands is mainly a community that supports inventors and their project from concept to retail market place, it not only supports inventors but it also pays royalty based income and how does it do that? Let’s look further.

First they actually help inventors with their project from concept to retail market place through 3 different platforms.

Here are 3 Things Kulabrands do for Inventors

1. Crowdfunding Pool

2. Branding Marketimg Pool

3. Sales Pool

Remember I said they pay royalties, but you have to be a member before you can enjoy Kula benefits, so when a Kulabrands member helps fund, brand, market and sell a product, they get points in the Royalty Pools that pay them a reverse royalty.

So let’s go to the first one, Crowdfunding, here you pledge on a project and you get a point in the crowdfunding Pool.

Branding Marketing, which involves Product branding, simply put this is when a product interacts with its consumers through design, logo and messaging.

This also includes Kulabrands Social Branding Marketing, which the community does through social media marketing, by sharing a post of a product you like, commenting, YouTube videos etc and you receive reverse royalties. Isn’t this awesome.

And remember when you own points, these are permanent points and even if you die, your children or spouses continue to receive these royalties.

What are you waiting for click here to Join!

What Do I like About Kulabrands?

1. The community is Awesome

2. The Support- community help and support each other and they believe in the power of sharing and helping each other.

3. Funding and helping inventors succeed in their projects by raising funds and pushing the product into the market place.

4. They are an education platform.

Do you have an idea, a project and you have no money, join Kulabrands, not only will they fund your idea or project they will push it into retail market place but will also teach you everything you need to succeed.

And if being an inventor is too much you can become a member to help those inventors by funding them through pre pledges and Pre Purchases, and thats where Kulashop also comes in.

You can shop the products and you will still get points, I think this is where you tend to spend more but you can shop according to your budget and how much you want to gain points and make money.

I have just joined and so far I am enjoying myself specially with their education platform because I want to learn as much as possible before I can make good business decisions when choosing which products to buy and prep ledge on, because I feel this is where the trick is. But I am learning and when I learn all the loops expect another detailed article.

Kulabrands verses Wealthy Affiliate?

They are both amazing platforms it depends on your preferences, Kulabrands is about royalties which I think if you get it right it can change your life dramatically. So don’t wait to long Get in and meet an Amazing Community by clicking here!

Wealthy Affiliate?

It is an affiliating marketing program which teaches you how to find a niche by choosing what you are passionate about, teaching you how to build a website in just as quick as 5 minutes, but be careful because it does not teach you how to make quick money but how to really work hard, research, learn and enjoy the process of affiliate marking.

Check Out My Wealthy Affiliate Review here!

So whether you want fun or you want to really work hard, both communities are amazing in their respective field of expertise. I am a wealth affiliate member but I am also a kulamember and both are helping me grow.

They both have a one time payment program but also a monthly payment options. I love the Wealthy Affiliate Community because it is a pay it forward community, you get what you put in, and you always have someone ready to help you.

When you ask a question someone will always be available to give you an answer and the founders are so active and they make you feel at home.

Kulabrands, I have a few people reaching out and I am yet to see how responsive the community is and will write about that as well.

Can I recommend Kulabrands?

Absolutely, it is a legit program and I definitely recommend trying it and see if it works for you. I love it and I have met awesome people and I interact well with most of the members.

And if you found this articles informative please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Hope to see you inside kulafamily.

As My Friend Richard Bradshaw says, this is his quote, It’s A T.A. D, meaning “Take Actions Daily”.

Product : Kulabrands – Kulafunded
Website : Kulabrands.com
Price : One Time Payment/12 Payment Plan Option
Founders : Peter Gantner, Doug Kyle, Yaan Guelidge
Overall : 85 out of 100
Verdict : LEGIT







BrandingYouniversity What Is It – My Review

Product : BrandingYouniversity

Price : Free/Paid

Website : brandingYouniversity.com

Owner : Marc M. Lalonde

Overall Rank : 95 out of 100

What is BrandingYouniversity?

This is a youniversity for personal branding in whatever field of your interest, I am a member of this school and I have done most of the courses with them and I can safely say this is worth getting into especially if you really want to brand yourself and get traffic and eventually make sales, so what is BrandingYouniversity? here is my review.

When I first went to their website after being recommended by a friend, I went to their website and I saw this and it really got me “Online Personal Branding, we got your B.A.C. K then they explained what the back means, brand, Audience, connections, knowledge and sales.

I love the way he outlined them, without the brand, they cannot be an audience, and without the audience you cannot have connections and in order to understand connections, you need to be knowledgeable which will eventually lead to sales. And that is what made me sign up.

This is a Youniversity that increases your brand visibility and also knowledge development is a must. So If you would like to Join please click here!

Free Courses He has about 6 different courses that you can take but he also gives webinars and you can watch replays, the free courses are so powerful and mind blowing, lots of information which leads to being more knowledgeable and I love knowledge because whatever is it that you want to achieve “you are one thought away” as Bishop TD Jakes says. Don’t judge me I love the Bishop.

So here is The List of the Free Courses

1. Your Story Is Your Money

2. Audience Re targeting

3. My Path To A 7 Figure income

4. Twitter 1.0

5. Powerhouse Sponsoring

6. The Six Video Components

7. Webinar Replays

8. Affiliate Partnership


Great information and eye-opening


Webinars are sometimes long.

2 hours plus, which I find challenging.

Paid Courses

– Platinum Partnership $ 77.00

– Training Vault $ 197.00

– Twitter Lead Machine $497.00

– Fire Starter Mentorship Program $47.00

– Linked influencing $497.00

The total cost for all these programs is $ 1,315


Great programs and with proven results You keep the courses


Very expensive

Though the courses are expensive you get great value from them and you learn how to brand and eventually how to make sales, he does Facebook lives which are so packed and you can see that he has a lot of success and he shows you practical things that is eye-opening and if you apply them correctly it can take you to another level.

Like with every program it needs a lot of hard work on your part so if you need to brand yourself and you want to learn more through his free courses click here! To Join and you will discover courses, which are a lot and worth getting into, they are free so no excuses.

I have enjoyed all his free courses because I really want to brand myself first and I have long termed goals because branding or online business in general can be challenging.

Don’t want to Brand but Want Something else? Here is your next option

Have you ever heard of Wealthy Affiliate if not I have written a comprehensive article about this program and you can read it by clicking here!

It is an affiliate program which is cheaper and you only pay $49 monthly subscription and it is a lot cheaper whether you pay monthly or you pay a one time yearly payment. You save a lot.

They have their free starter course which you try for 7 days to see if it is a fit for your and both these programs don’t ask for your credit card that’s why I love them.

They teach you different things but have one thing in common for you to make sales and be successful online. So click here if you want to opt for a cheap program, and one that is amazing and has so much information and practical tasks that you follow and video tutorials.

Would You Recommend BrandingYouniversity?

Yes definitely because I strongly feel even if you are an affiliate marketer like me with Wealthy Affiliate I need to brand myself and that’s where brandingYouniversity comes in, a lot of great free courses and weekly webinars free and unlike with Wealthy Affiliate you have to be a premium member to get on those webinars.

They are both great programs but it all depends on your need and for me I use them both and they both serve towards reaching my intended go but since this is about BrandingYouniversity I definitely recommend it and I hope you can try it out and let me know your thoughts.

I hope you found this article informative and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will definitely get in touch with you.

Product : BrandingYouniversity
Website : BrandingYouniveristy.com
Owner : Marc M. Lalonde
Overall Rank : 95 out of 100
Verdict : Legit  

Is SiteSell Better Than Wealty Affiliate For Beginners – My Review

Product : SiteSell (Aka SBI)

Website : sitesell.com

Founder : Ken Evoy

Headquarters : Montreal, Canada

Rank : 3.5 out of 5

Have you been overwhelmed trying to understand how to make money online? or how to be an affiliate marketer and succeed? Well you are not alone, that is why I decided to write for beginners.

To help someone make a good choice when choosing which training program to use. I have chosen 2 but my focus is writing a review to see whether Sitesell is better than Wealthy Affiliate for beginners like me.

Having Online Headache? Ask Me!

In case, you are wondering, I am a newbie, and I have been an affiliate marketer for 10 months, so as I qualify as a beginner. Starting an online business is not as easy as people make you believe, you can not just wake up and say okay let me start an online business or let me be an affiliate marketer, trust me you hit a wall.

You need to plan, to research and come up with a training program that will equip you and give you the right skills to Succeed. So is Sitesell the right program for a beginner? I mean someone who has zero knowledge regarding online business.

My answer is no and Why? I am glad you asked, and before you Judge me, I am not saying that Sitesell is bad but my point is, is it a good training For beginners and I am going to show you by making comparisons with another training program called Wealthy Affiliate, so you can make an independent decisione.

So Here Is a List I Why Sitesell is not a good fit for Beginners

-Too  Expensive and too many Upsells

-No free Training to make you try their program and see how it works – Promises success that is not achievable

-Paying  $19 Dollars For Technical Support

I went to their website, yes they have quite a lot of information that would make one who has not researched get very excited. I always look for programs that will give an option to try their program and see if it is a fit for me and I did not find that.

Then I went to see the reviews both good and bad ones. I found so many fees and up sells, what put me off is that first you try their program, and second, you cannot access their technical support, you have to pay $19 for that.

So if you are a beginner and you want to spend less but have no valuable information, knowledge and skills then sitesell is not a fit for you. Starting a business is not easy and making money online has its own ups and downs.

So I feel you have to find a training program that will put you on a path to success and help you spend less. Here are the following fees I got from some reviews about Sitesell..

-$300 per year per website coaching which is from $69 to $99 –

-$297 Basic Design

-$19.95 So I added the lowest fee which is $69 + $297 +  $19,95.95 which came to $385.When you are a newbie, Technical support is a must.

Wealthy Affiliate – Are they better than Sitesell? My answer is a definite Yes, in cost as well as technical support and a well-built strong community. You remember I mentioned that I live training programs that will allow you to test their program to see if it is a fit and you do not have to pay anything. So if you are interested in trying their free training please do not hesitate to click here!

And here is why Wealty Affiliate is a better Option  – offers Free Membership $0

Features included in the free membership are :

– 2 free website

– free Hosting

– Free Keyword Tool

– 1 on 1 Coaching –

Live Support for the first 7 days

– Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 Video Talk-throughs and if you watt to Join Premium you only pay $42 every month and yearly you pay $350 but the rest of the programs are free and their technical support is accessed 27/1.

Easy to follow task and they have an amazing community where you pay it forward, you get what you input. I feel Wealthy Affiliate is a better choice and I have done a review also and if you would like to learn more about them please click here!

Do you want a University, wealthy affiliate as you covered and I have also written an article that will explain in details what you find when you Join Wealthy Affiliate University.

So what are you wanting for, Join Now and be a part of amazing community and also you will be also to save some money so you can invest in other things.

Hopefully more education or even a going for a summer vacation as we near Summer now.

Hope you found this article informative and if you have questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Well, I have come across many Claims of people making money With affiliate marketing just within a few months, Could be true, who knows, but my experience with affiliate marketing has been different and so today, I want to tackle this question that everyone is asking? How long does it take to make money with Affiliate Marketing? I think it is a fair question.

Wealthy Affiliate – How Good is it?

I am so glad when I started Wealthy Affiliate, my goal was actually Long Term, something within told me this might be a long shot, I believe I have good instincts and I was right because I could have been very disappointed and frustrated but I always like to prepare my mind when I start something new.

But this is a great place to start from, if you really want to understand affiliate marketing and building an online business and eventually branding yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate prepares you and they make you understand everything you need to understand about affiliate marketing. But still I feel there is more to affiliate marketing than just grasping what it is all about.

Forexample, I came to realize that you have to have enough quality content on Your website before you can be affiliated to any affiliate program because you are given a specific Period to make money or your Account will be closed.

Which nobody mentions, you have to figure out yourself once you find yourself in that situation. For me this is what really Makes one successful is when you start making conversions. Without this how do you honesty make money.

Finding a Niche is not that of a big deal, but finding the right Products that will sell within your specific chosen Niche is another huge moutain you have to climb.

How Long Does It take REALLY!

So how long does it really take to start making money With affiliate markieting, I do not have the Exactly time frame but I can sure tell you it’s not 3 months nor 6 months, that I am so certain, you may ask how do you know and why are you so sure, because I am an affiliate marketer and I have followed every rule in affiliate marketing. So I am writing from a person experience point of view.

But I have also experienced 3 most important things in affiliate marketing and I am going to talk about this, the most important thing I would stress before starting affiliate marketing is please do get an education, even with me starting With a very good affiliate University, and if you want to find out about that please do not hesitste to click here to find out more.

I still struggled to find my feet, the education I am still getting is very good but there is so much more to affiliate marketing than what people really say, from building Your website from scratch which is super easy, you can build it in less than 5 minutes With Wealthy Affiliate.

To understanding keywords, to SEO which was huge for me and still is, finding those keywords and turning them into good quality content. As if that is all, you now come to social media which I usually call a beast, in a good way.

Social media can be mean, and if you dont do your thing right, it will just eat you up. So let’s go back to the first 3 things you experience as you go on building your business or brand.

3 Awesome Things To Consider In Affiliate Marketing.

1. Short Terms Goals Verses New Opportunities.

Every person’s goal is very different, I remember we were asked what we wanted to achieve in the first 3 months mometary wise, I was wise enough to be reasonable with my goals.

And I wrote something but I have realized that those goals cannot be achieved in 3 months, that is for learning and taking necessary steps towards building your business or brand. but what came as a surprise is the new opportunities that started coming.

I am all for new opportunities, because it is from those opportunities that you can find your break, and eventually make money which for me compliments the goal I had set for myself, I have met wonderful people and embsrked on a Journey that is so fulfilling for me and discovered my passion I thought I never had, all from that small goal.

I have met an amazing person who always just reaches out to me and really want to just Help and if I did not start, I was not going to meet this person and for that I am grateful.

So short goals are so important and so are new opportunities. Set small achievable goals, they can lead you to many exciting opportunities and meeting wonderful people alot the way and creating lasting friendships.

As I am writing I remember an Amazing man, Rabbi Lapin Who said something that has always stuck With me, he said the world is so big that we only discover a fraction, he challenged in one of his teachings to try out something new and he said you will be amazed how you will discover so much that you never knew really existed and he was so right.

2. Education

For me in Affiliate Marketing you have to have a good solid background of what affiliate marketing is? and have the tools and necessary skills you need in order to succeed. Without good education I feel it would be a waste of time and if you are really interested check out this online University and see the article I wrote by clicking here.

Please Get an Education and it will save you from wasting time and it will teach you a few ropes that will eventually be beneficial to your business.

3. Long Term Goals

In my opinion affiliate marketing is a long term goal, some have claimed to have made money in as little as 3 months, I am not disputing that fact and I think that is good but for someone who wants to start affiliate marketing I would say put 1 year as your starting point, it will save you a lot frustrations and headache.

You will be able to plan well and work with calmness, I pushed myself so hard and followed every rule and yet the result were not coming in as some people made me believe but I started having long terms goals and that has saved me well.

Affiliate marketing is fun and it is really motivating, I love learning new things and this is where you learn new things everyday and it makes you see how the world is changing and what’s trending, regardless of which niche you are in there is always something new to learn. And that is what I really love about this.

My Final Thought

Everyone can start and make it online but it’s just not as easy as people say it is, you have to work hard, learn about so many new things, and eventually you will be able to fully understand, and once you do, I am so certain you will be able to succeed, just don’t come on board thinking you are going to make quick money.

It is not true and it will only stress and frustrate you, come with a long term goal in mind and you will do just fine. So I hope you have learnt one or two things about affiliate marketing and you will be fully prepared before you come on board.

And if you found the article interesting or you would like to share your experience please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

To Your Success.

5 Steps To Be SUCCESSFUL As An Affiliate Marketer

What is Affiliate Marketing? And what does it take to be successful in Affiliate Marketing? Is Affiliate Marketing as easy people say it is, well today I am writing this article on 5 Steps To Be Successful As An Affiliate Marketer, I have heard of gurus that say you can make money overnight, but common sense tells me things just don’t fall from the sky and I have being saved from that headache of being disappointed, enough of that lets get back to why we are here.

If you are a beginner this is for you and if you are advanced, you might also take 1 or 2 things from what I am about to talk about, I am writing from my own experience of starting as a newbie in affiliate marketing, the struggles I have encountered and finding out the truth that it takes more than just waking up and deciding to be an affiliate Marketer.

There is actually more to that than what we hear people say, I am an affiliate Marketer who started from the scratch, built my website and encountered struggles that I never anticipated but what made me going is I started with the right mindset and my goal was not Short term but long time. Saved me a lot headache and delusions.

So here are the 5 Steps To be Successful As An Affiliate Marketer.

1. Understand What Affiliate marketing is All About

First lets understand what affiliate marketing is? In short terms it is a marketing arrangement by which online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. I feel this is one of the best explanation of affiliate marketing, I am talking about building websites, Selecting good affiliate networks and programs.

Understanding how to create contents, understanding keyword research, and also understanding how to use a keyword tool and if you are interested I have done a review on one of the best keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy, you can click here to read it. I feel this are very fundamental to your success as you embark on this Journey.

2. Find A Niche

You have understood bout Affiliate marketing and made a decision to start your online business but what is the step, my experience is you have to find your Niche and have full knowledge, but what is fundamental is finding a Niche that you are passionate about, for example I am passionate about beauty and I love beautiful skin, I am passionate about eating for better skin, so I have a Niche in that area, Skincare Products incorporating a good diet because you cannot separate the two.

Find what you love, something that makes you smile and feel good about yourself, it will motivate you and you will discover so many amazing things, so many opportunities will also open up. Research your Niche and follow those who are in your Niche Industry but be your Unique self. Very important.

3. Get An Education On Affiliate Marketing

I know there are people out there who advocate that you only need to have Internet and a PC to start affiliate marketing, Yes just as I agree with that, but I also feel that it’s fundamental to get an education and have a community that will help you in your Journey, I am not a fun of try and error. And having started my online business, I have discovered that I am a hundred percent right.

I got into a good online University and if you want to try it out I have written a Review on the best Online University called Wealthy Affiliate and you can click here and read it if you are interested in getting an education first.

Having gotten into a good Online University did not guarantee me overnight success but it opened my eyes to see how much is really involved in becoming successful online, you have to have the right foundation, take actions daily and be consistent, it is a lot of work and sometimes you even get overwhelmed that if you got in for a short term, you would end up giving up.

I have succeeded in a lot of things but I still have a lot of things to do and a long way to go but just learning and discovering new things is awesome and amazing for me. There is so much to learn and discover and I have an amazing community that helps me be motivated every day, we engage and interact with each other 24/7.

So getting an education and surrounding yourself with like-minded people will not only motivate you but also help you stay on course because that is what you will really need and not all the lies that you hear that you can make money online overnight. If you are smart you will know that it is not true and you will not go round spending your hard-earned money. Find the right University or college online and get an education, it is very important and very fundamental.

4, Learn How To Use Social Media.

Again I thought okay well if I learn how to use social media, I will immediately have people following me and I will make money, but surprisingly everyone on social media is trying to sell something, and you find people who are following you are trying to sell you something, but that should not discourage you, be friends and learn how they are succeeding online and be patient.


Social Media can be challenging and it will take time for you to really understand how it works and you will start seeing success but again I am being very honest, you can do all the right stuff and still not see the results you are looking for but you will start to see people opening doors to you and wanting to interact with you, don’t just look at the money side of things, but look at building your brand which is you.

Allow people on social media to trust you but also be very careful of scammers as they are everywhere, Almost on all Social Media sites, look at their profiles and don’t give your personal information or your phone number to strangers no matter how smart they maybe build friendship and trust and then eventually maybe you can decide to give your number. But be very careful.

5. Learn How to Generate Traffic

This for me is the hardest one, because you can follow all the right steps but you still find that you are not generating as much traffic as you would want, be patient and keep on working, I have found that the most important thing you can ever do that has worked for me is creating content and posting every week on Social media, and people will start noticing, In a week I write about 3/4 articles, and I post all my articles on social media.

You can’t just wake up and start having traffic to your site, you have to start from somewhere and that is first,  like we have outlined, understand Affiliate Marketing, Find your Niche, Get an Education, learn how to use social media and finally learn how to generate traffic. On how to generate traffic I am still working on that and I will write an article on what has really worked for me and how long it takes to really start seeing good traffic, raw stuff.

These for me are the first 5 steps you will need to master if you want to see success and if you have any suggestions or you have proven secrets that has really worked for you, I would be more than willing if you could share them with me.

And if you find this article informative please do not hesitate to leave your comments down below and I will definitely get back to you. To your online success.


How To Find Keywords For SEO

Google is running fast with their updates on Algorithm and you really need to learn all you can in order to optimize your keyword research for your website and today, I am writing about how to find Keywords for SEO. This article is going to be helpful to beginners, don’t hate on me, I just have a thing for beginners. It is overwhelming to get the ropes of online business and marketing if you have just started.

Before we dive into the big stuff, you need to understand first what keywords are and how to find the right keywords for SEO, from my opinion keyword understanding is not very complicated but finding the right keyword tool to use is and if you are interested in understanding more about keywords, I have written a review on a Keyword Tool that might help you as a beginner and if you are interested please click here to read.

So let’s get rolling, Lets find out – what are keywords

In simple terms, these are words you use like typing in, to find, and research actual terms that you enter in Search engines like Google. Example “How to contour” I love makeup so don’t hate on me, I like to use words that will make sense if you know what I mean. So how do you find the right keywords?

I know we all want to rank well and hopefully be on the first page in google, there is nothing wrong to dream big and that is something you should aim for. From my point of view you need to have a keyword Tool that will make your life much easier as a beginner and if you are interested, I would recommend Jaaxy Research Tool and why is that I am glad you asked.

How honestly do you think you are going to find the right keywords without a Keyword Research Tool for starters, it’s like Someone asking me to have a flawless skin without foundation and concealers, I know you are saying what? yes I know!! But that’s what makes sense to me, for you I will give you a good example, it’s like someone asking you rank first in Google by just guessing and coming up with keywords that are not even relevant to your Niche and business. Tell me how are you going to rank, you know the answer to that.

So first, find the right Keyword research Tool that will give you the following:)

Tracking keyword Ranking instantly upon Ranking

Determines whether a keyword is good for your website

Recommends keywords based on existing content

Gives you 100’s of more amazing possibilities to research in terms of keywords

Manages keyword activities, track website and content ranking.

If you can have a keyword that does the following and you understand how to find the keywords, I can assure you are up for ranking and you have found your keywords for SEO.

Because Jaaxy Research keyword Tool will come up with a list of relevant topics based on your chosen Niche and business, it will give more keywords phrases which will help you expand on more ideas and come up with more relevant keywords.

Next I am going to show you what I meant by saying you need to find a keyword tool that will help you find the right keywords for your website to you can rank well.

So when I typed in Social Media Marketing and this is what Jaaxy came up with below is the example

I have 4 Keywords

1. Social Media Marketing Tips

2. Social Media Marketing Strategy

3. Social Media Service

4. Social Media Company

It how me the KQI is normal because the QSR is 292 because we are looking for less than 300 hundred to be able to have traffic to our website. Read the review on Jaaxy Research Tool to understand this this.

But I went ahead and came up with another keyword from the first keywords I was given “How to find Social Media Marketing Tips” and this is Awesome, Look at what this keyword Tool gave me below

Now I want to you to notice the difference from the first research I did, the KQI gave me normal like this is an okay keyword but now this second research come up with 6 keywords and 5 of them are great.

So you see what I mean that to really find the keywords, you have to have the right keyword research tool and Jaaxy will do the easy work for you all you have to really understand is how to come up with keyword, and the rest will be done for you.

Isn’t that awesome, so I would you will hurry up and chose to open an account which for beginners is absolutely free but for those who would want an advanced keyword tool, you are catered For as well so to learn more from my review click here

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you have suggestions regarding find keywords for SEO, please do not hesitate to leave your comments below and I will definitely get in touch with you.

My Jaaxy Free Keyword Research Review – For Beginners

Want to understand how to find the right keywords using the right tool? I am here to help you with my Jaxxy Free Keyword Research Review for beginners.  I know how overhwelming it is to understand how to find the right keywords, how to create good content from those keywords.

But what is the best tool for you has a beginner,? And what are you suppose to do in order to rank well for your chosen keyword in your specific Niche.  First you have to understand what keyword research is and why it is important before you can even look for a right keyword tool research.

So let’s get into business and understand Jaaxy Free Keyword Research

What is Jaaxy?

This is a Keyword Research Platform created to help you find the best keywords for topics related to your Niche in order for you to get traffic to your website.  So how good is the free Jaxxy Keyword Research? I am glad you asked, first it is a free Account which gives you 30 free searches.

It also makes you understand the 4 most important things to  learn on how to search for the right keywords, which are usually under 300 and for me, I usually go for 180.  Then as you learn about low hanging keywords you start looking for those under 100, as an example, I pick those with 50 or under but not too lower.

So here are the 4 most important things to understand as you  use the free Jaaxy keyword research tool which is absolutely free and no credit required, just your name and an email addres and you are done.

What To Understand Before Using Jaaxy

Keywords – these are words you type into the search engine example Google, and an example of a keyword is “How to lose Belly fat”, everyone wants to have a slender body or “how to have a flawless skin”,  for us who are addicted to skincare products and make up, and the list is endless.

Avg – This is the Average number of searches per month, to find the right keywords, you need to understand this.

QSR – Quoted Search results, number of competing websites and this is what I look at to find my best keywords.  Like I mentioned you look for first those keywords under 300 and for low hanging keywords you look for those under 100, preferably 50.

Traffic – Number of visits per month to your website if you rank in the 1st page and all these you get get them and understand them better using the Free Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and here is an example of what I am talking about

And if you want to Join please do not hesitate to click here and you are good to go, so what are you waiting for. Try it out and see how it works for you it is a free tool with zero membership fee.

Once you start understanding the keywords and how to research them you can opt to upgrade to either Pro or enterprise and below is a detailed table of what to expect.  You are going to love this tool  has it is thorough and up todate.  It is quick and efficient.

But what is also amazing is Jaaxy has now been interpreted into Wealthy Affiliate and for those wondering what Wealthy affiliate is, I have done an article and you can rea d it by clicking here but for now let’s see the Best offers integrated into the Jaaxy Research keyword Tool are :-

Jaaxy Stsrter – Which is free and right for all beginners out there and you can experience the following using Jaaxy:-

  1. Keyword Research
  2. QSR (Comoetition Data)
  3. Domain Research
  4. Keyword lists
  5. SiteRank
  6. The Alphabet Soup Platform

But  once you Join you can also have access to the following

Jaaxy Lite (New) For Premium Members comes with WA Keyword Tool but it has extra features and most polished. So get your Jaaxy starter, experience it and then decide your way forward.

Jaaxy Pro – Powerful version of Jaaxy and the most popular, you can’t the following with this one :-

Unlimited Access to keyword Research

A Robust Access to SiteRank

Inteoduces you to “Multi-Threaded” search functionality which is great for those who like to multi-task.

Jaaxy Enterprise – This is for the Elite Affiliate marketer and intenet marketer and this is a dream keyword platform and I am hoping to realise this dream of Joining Jaaxy Enterprise and hopefully write a review.

Below is the Comparison Table

This Review is for beginners, I was once a beginner and I know how frustrating it is and when you see a lot of people coming up with big words but I love simple things and easy to understand, so what have we talked about so far keywords and how to search them using Jaaxy, the numbers to look at when looking at the competition in QRS – number of competing website.

You can find 100s of fresh ideas using Jaaxy Free keyword research tool but you will get the best benefits if you upgrade to Pro and I am going to do another review on that, I have also done a general review on using Jaaxy keyword tool and you can read by clicking here.

My Final Thoughts

If you really want to build a website and you have no money for a keyword tool, because you will need to have one, Jaaxy fits every one, those with a good budget and those who just want to use s keyword that is free before they can decide to upgrade as they build their website and business.

Jaxxy is very comprehensive in its searches and easy to use for beginners without overwhelming you, you will be able to understand the 4 things I have outlined with much easy and that is Keywords, Avg, QSR, and traffic.  Then you can move on to understanding SEO analysis, keyword competition send Instant competition if you decide to Join premiums membership.

If you find this article interesting please leave a comment down below and  will definitely get in touch with you. And hope to see you soon rocking it with Jaaxy Research keyword tool.


Looking for the BEST Platform – Join Wealthy Affiliate

Have you ever wanted to start something new online, like a business but then you are afraid because they are a lot of scammers on the internet that you really don’t know who to trust. I am such a person I have encountered all kinds of scammers starting from church people, to affiliate marketers, people who steal other people’s profiles you name it and the List goes on But today I am writing about starting something new like a business online or should I say becoming an affiliate marketer which ever you choose.

Looking for the best Platform – Join Wealthy Affiliate is what I am writing about.  I am not writing as an observer, but as someone who is part of this platform, I will write as honestly as I can be from my own experience, so I won’t go into all the technical Stuff but things I have found exciting, what has worked for me and what I am struggling With, my successes and my failures as well, First let’s start with understanding what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and I am going to add Proof through a video of how awesome this platform is.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

I feel Wealthy Affiliate is a platform were they teach you how to discover what your interests and passions are and how to turn them into a profitable business by becoming an affiliate marketer. Is it not interesting for someone to help you discover what your interests are? to help you ignite the passion in you, I have discovered passions I never knew I had, this platform encourages you to be Your best self, starting with the founders Kyle and Carson, you can reach them and anytime and they always have a good and positive word for you.

To make you feel that you can achieve anything, regardless of who you are and were you come from, isn’t that amazing because all of us need that encouraging Word, to know that someone believes genuinely in our abilities and they will walk a mile with us if we are willing to work hard so we can be successful, and Wealthy Affiliate makes you feel that you can achieve anything.

Getting Rolling With Wealthy Affiliate

First you have to remember, that this is a platform were your Starter Membership is free, did you hear what I have just said, it is $0 Starter Membership, then when you test their program and see hotel w amazing and exciting it is then you can decide to become premium which is $49 but when you sign up for the first 7 days, you have a discount and you only pay $19 saving $30 Awesome don’t you think.

I was curious when I saw that the starter membership was free and I thought it was all a Joke, but since I am a very curious person, and I just wanted to do something new, I gave it a try of course laughing thinking here we go again, but when I started their training, I could not believe how exciting it was and how nice these people were, I had a few issues and I reached out to the owner, to give me some time, and boy, he was kind, respectful and patient, and that is just what drew me to this community.

They just  make you feel important, and you can reach them for anything without feeling those Judgmental eyes, have you joined a community and despite you paying,  they make you feel that you owe them something but not Kyle and Carson, they genuinely love helping people and most important they are passionate about what they do. This is what attracted me to their program, the passion, the humbleness and their desire to you successed.

Exciting THINGS to Find on this Platform

Exciting things to find

First when you Join, you receive a welcome Message from both, and then the community which I will talk about next welcomes you and makes you feel a part of something incredible and fulfilling, they make you feel you can be anyone you want to and you can succeed at anything. That’s what they Made me feel and they make me feel that every day, positive energy is everywhere. Which is so difficult to find nowadays.

So first you are taught to Choose an Interest, and believe me I had no idea what I was interested in when I joined but they made it so easy that It was fun for me to discover what my interest was. From there you go to Building your website, this is the fun part, I had no idea how to build a website and I was anxious because I thought it was going to be complicated but  they have an amazing system, were you can build a website in Just 5 minutes, yes with step by step tutorial on how to go about it. Cool Stuff.

You then move on to learning How to create content, and finding keywords, How to find them. How to create quality content. You also learn How to use Social Media, How to create social media accounts, which then brings  to learning how to attract visitors to, to be honest I find this to be the toughest one but if you can be good at this then you will have success.

Lastly they push you to learn everything you need to learn in order to start earning revenue, but one thing I love about this platform is they teach you to feel free to ask questions and you can be assured someone will come to your aid, this is a pay it forward kind of thing, and what you put in is what  you get but you will definitely feel a part of this platform and their tutorials emphasize taking action which I also love, I am a dreamer but Joining Wealty Affiliate I have Learnt to implement what I learn and doing has become my strength.

<<here is a quick video to show what to expect>>

Click here to watch video

Choosing an Interest Building A Website Creating Content Attracting Visitors Earning Revenue. So far, I have talked about what attracted me to wealthy affiliate, what it is, exciting things about Wealthy affiliate and then now the Community.

Wealthy Affiliate Community One of the best communities I have ever joined, it shows what kind of leaders Kyle and Carson are, I know every community has the bad and the good but this is a community that is so driven by positivism and discipline that the bad is overshadowed, you would even think twice, if you are a negative person, because all you find are wonderful people ready to help you.

They make you feel at home, they will motivate you, push you and encourage you to succeed, of course bearing in mind that success does not happen overnight. You have to work extra hard if you want to succeed and follow through with what you are taught, by taking action.

But this is a community that is available when you need them, they are eager to Help and encourage, oh I forgot to mention that they  have even live chat where you get your answers as fast as you can and you can chat and interact with like minded people.

You always find peppole ready to Help. For me Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform and it is evolving at the speed of a thought, new and exciting things are being added.

This is a place that Makes you feel alive, you look forward to a new day, expecting to learn something new every day, there’s so much knowledge and training, and these are things that excite me. If you love learning and knowledge, trying new things, interacting with others on a professional level as well as Personal Level then Wealthy Affiliate is the right place for you.

I am really excited to see what Lies ahead for me in 2018, I know they are amazing and exciting things in store for me and I am really looking forward to my Journey, so if you are interested Why do you click here and Join.

You can start as Starter Membership : $0 You can also start as a Premium member $49 So what are you waiting for, hope to see you soon and let me know what excites you? What you are looking for in life? Do you want to start something new and you don’t know, get in touch and I will Help you with any questions you have.

And if you find this article useful please do not hesitate to leave your comment below and I will get back to you. Hope to see you soon at Wealthy Affiliate.

How To Make Money FAST Online and Is It Real

Everyone wants to make money and make money fast, especially online, but is it true that you can make money online fast and is it real? I am going to write about my own Journey, what I have learnt so far, the good and as well as the bad. I don’t think  what people say is really true that you can make money online that fast, because Starting an online business requires a lot of hard work and consistence before you can even see the results.

I understand they are some people who have been lucky but I am writing to the average person, who wants to start online business or who is struggling and wondering whether they will ever make money online and make it fast, the answer depends on how much you are committed to your success and whether you have the right mind set because online business can really be challenging.

Nowadays It’s good because there are a lot of training out there with up to date Technology and you can build your websites in just 5 minutes, I did an artiche on one of the best online University in my opinion because I have experience about this University because I am actually a student there. If you are actually looking for one click here to find out more.

So What are the struggles to making money online and Fast?

1. Understanding How to create quality content

2. Keyword Research

3. Understanding how social media works and how to leverage using social


4. Patience and Consistence

5. Mindset

For me these are what will make you succeed or fail, building a website is a lot easier than you think, I built mine with Wealthy Affiliate, in few minutes, they teach you how to build a website, in less than 5 minutes and I love their training because of the fun part and the motivate that comes with having website up and running in 5 minutes is amazing, that sense of accomplishment is Just awesome. So I am going to take about what I have out lined above regarding money and understand if you are going to make money fast.

Understanding HOW To Create Quality Content

First you have to understand about SEO and then understand what Google like or don’t like before you even put Your ideas on paper, because Your content must be unique, you make have some ideas from research about a product but then the idea Has to be yours and it has to be unique. But once you understand this part, I feel you rest can come easily and if you continue to build on and continue writing, ideas will start coming and you would be surprised how much you can do in terms of creating quality content, I am not saying it is easy but it can be achieved, especially if you write naturally, I usually write like I am talking to my best friend. I find words flow naturally in this way.

Keyword Research

This is the one I find to be Tricky, but there are so many amazing keyword research Tools out there, you just have to understand the keywords keywords to use and how to use them, you can learn all these if you want to, and my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, they have their own keyboard Research tool but you can also use Jaaxy which is amazing but first you have to understand how to research these keywords, what to look for and understanding about low hanging keywords, once you understand these and you combine with your understanding of creating quality content, you are half-way to success.

Understanding how SOCIAL MEDIA Works

Understanding how social media works and you can also leverage this to see success, social media is a beast as I always say, it has the power to make you successed or fail, but that should not stop you, you have to go out there and learn as much and follow at your own pace, be real and authentic about Your business and relate to others on a human level and you may just be lucky.

I understand social media can be overwhelming for a beginner especially when you see others doing so well and you just want to be like them but take a deep breath, learn as much as you can, and don’t be afraid to try out things, have you ever heard of the saying that “The last shall be first” I firmly believe, if you can believe in yourself and work at your own pace, and try and have a mentor who is honest and has your best interest at heart to see you succeed, anything is possible, there is no success without failures and social media is one where you will experience setbacks and failure but if you persist you may never know.

So learn as much about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, my favorite is Pinterest because I love penning and you can find anything you want, I love beautiful things and I have to watch myself when I start pinning, I get so carried away that I even forget about time. So get out there and learn as much on Social Media, the dos and donts of Social Media.

Patience and Consistence

When it comes to having ideas, or finding ideas, research, acquiring knowledge, you need to have patience and not rush into wanting to make money fast, or you will be so frustrated and you can even give up, there are times that I don’t even feel like writing or researching, but I say to myself in order to be success, you need to be persistent and just be consistent with what you do and this are : Creating and understanding quality content, keyword research send how to find the right keywords by using keyword tools, understanding social media and then be patient and consistent in your work.


This is a big one, you have to not only want to do what you love the most, for me it’s skincare, makeup and social media, I love learning and acquiring knowledge, knowledge excites and I love variety of things and as such, I love being part of Wealthy Affiliate for its massive knowledge and Information, I never get bored, it’s exciting every day and that’s the right mindset I am talking about.

I do want to make money, don’t get me wrong, but that should not be the reason, I want to build my business online, I want to Connect With others, to learn from others, to find solutions for others and to be able to Help others. Once I understand what I want and Why I want to successed. Everything just falls in place. I have not lost my passion and the more I get deep in my work, the more excited I am and I don’t even think about the money part that’s how exciting my Journey is right now. Love your work and be passionate about it, having a mindset to want to learn first and acquire knowledge so you make fewer mistakes and then once you have learnt everything I have talked about, you can now set Your mind on making money.

My Final Thoughts

Is making money online easy? And can you make money fast, I don’t think so, especially if you don’t know anything about building a website, creating quality content, keyword research, social media, patience and the right mindset, I don’t see how you can make money as fast as some people say.

You really Need to work very hard, be knowledgeable about what you are doing, find a good mentor and a like-minded community with people willing to Help you succeed. So yes you can make money online and a lot of it but it will take time and a lot of work.

If you have found my article interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you and if you have any suggestions regarding making money online fast, I would love to hear thoughts but until then work hard and don’t give up. Dream big and take action.




Is Wealthy Affiliate A SCAM – My Experience

Website : www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price : $0 Starter Membership

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate whilst looking for a product online, I was curious when I saw read their Starter Membership was free, I am a curious person and I love trying new things and sometimes taking risks, so this one was easy for me because they did not ask for my credit cards, but just to try out their program, I had no idea about online business or affiliate marketing, building websites, this was all new to me, I had Zero knowledge. So Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? I am going to share my experience with Wealthy Affiliate.

I was blown away, to see how easy and exciting their first course was and what really captivated me is to see Kyle the owner take so much interest in me who was just trying out their program, I had not yet signed up and he followed my progress and he still does, he is reachable and he will find time to get back. I Know that is awesome, looking at how many people are in this community.

Captivating And Exciting

I got very interested when I saw how I built my first ever website in just 5 minutes and did a few things to get it going and I decided to Join, I was so excited to discover a new world of so much knowledge and an amazing community of like-minded people, there main Purpose  is to bring out the best in you, be there to Help all the way, you feel like you are a part of a family, they are respectful and available like 24/7.

It is so exciting to find a program that pushes and motivates you and where the owner does find time to be part of the community and help out anytime you need him. I have learnt to build  a website in 5 minutes, How to find a Niche, Keyword Research and understanding what keyword research is all about.

I have also learnt how to insert images on my website, to use Plugins, how to Connect on social media and most importantly how to create good quality content. When I started I did even know if I was ever going to write a good article but Kyle does lessons which are easy to understand.  He will also give you actions to take in order to be success and there is a community that will give you feedback on how Your website is coming, and  also give comments to your  posts to Help you create more content.

Things I have LEARNT so Far

To Build a Website

To Find a Niche

Understanding Keywords and Keyword research

To Insert Images on my Website

To write High Quality content

To Connect on Social Media.

Branding and, What it is

All these in Just 3 months and I have seen myself progress and become more knowledgeable and a new world has opened up for me, it is so exciting and I am extremely happy that I have Joined Wealthy affiliate and if you would love to read more about Wealthy Affiliate I have done a Review and you can find it by clicking here!

Success Is it Possible

It depends on how you define success and how much you are willing to put in, Kyle and Carson do not promise the moon but they emphasize the need for hard work and to follow their step by step Lessons and to make sure you follow through and complete, Can I say I have been success at the above things I have mentioned, absolutely and though I have not seen more in terms of making money, I have seen so much progress in my work and I always tell myself, Rome was not built in one day, But I can attest to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is legit and that you will not find any affiliate marketing university that offers so much knowledge and availability.

I need to work hard, and to understand that I need to establish myself as a writer first, that people need to get to know me and then once I am established then money will flow in, I have to have patience and be positive. But I can sure say that Wealthy Affiliate is one place to be if you love learning and you want to acquire knowledge in affiliate marketing.


You will love the excitement that is their, and you will love the community, the live chat that is their 24/7 and the ability to get your answers in minutes, the community is respectful, they accept anyone and respect every individual their regardless of color and background. Their sole Purpose is to teach you how to be Success as an affiliate marketer.

I had done some online courses, where I discovered that their purpose was just to get my money, and they would jump from one course to another, they care less about consistence or to how you progressed, all they needed was you paying for everything and anything, in the end you even get confused as to what you are really doing.

But with Wealthy Affiliate, we are a community, we care about each other, we help each other and we motivate one another. Their is discipline and consistence and they make you understand what you are doing and push you to reach goals.


We have a Webinar every Friday, where we learn new things, and if you miss it because of time difference, you just search for the webinar and you have a replay, we have new training created by the community almost every other day to Help newbies or beginners as well as those who are already ahead. It is Just an awesome place to be.

My Final Thoughts

Well my experience has been great Wealthy Affiliate, mainly because I joined with the desire to learn something new, and come out of my comfort zone, to change the direction of my life, to start helping others in a meanful way. I am learning exciting things every day and as someone once said to me, you just don’t Dream but you work towards achieving Your Dreams by doing.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me a new Purpose and I can sure say it is a legit program, and it does equip you to go out their and achieve Your goals and dreams, If you believe in yourself and you want to succeed Wealthy Affiliate is Your answer.

Can I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to someone? Absolutely, it is a legit program and massive training and Knowledge. So what are you waiting for me? Click here and Join, it is the best investment you will ever make and you won’t regret it.

If you found this article interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you. And hopes to meet you at Wealthy Affiliare Soon!