Procrastination – MY STORY

Have you ever got into something new that you have all the energy and you feel you can take on the world. I felt like that when I joined Affiliate Marketing. Here is my Journey as I write and share procrastination my Story.

I started my affiliate marketing Journey July 2017 and if you are interested in reading more about my Journey click here ! For more. So I joined and discovered massive new knowledge and I was so excited that I just wanted to start and learn and take action.

Knowledge excites me so I got to write my goals and I was determined to work hard and have results by at least 6 months, I pat myself of that because even though I know nothing about Affiliate Marketing I made realistic goals.

So my Journey begun, I set my goals, started researching and following every task I was Given, sometimes I would complete 2 or 3 courses in a day.

My aim was to start making money in the shortest possible time, I love helping people but the excitement of having to make money drove me like crazy.

Realistic Expectations

With Affiliate Marketing it is very important to have realistic expectations especially if you are a beginner.

I came across my next lesson where it was explained that when I hit 50 articles google will start paying attention and Within 4 months I had 50 articles and it’s true without having to pay anybody I managed to get ranked well.

But getting ranked well does not guarantee success I soon discovered.

But that didn’t stop me I continued working and wrote 68 articles and then it hit me that I had a lot to learn but I also discovered that I had improved my writing which was a plus for me.

I may not have had the results I had hoped for but at least I was writing better but when I reached 70 articles I was feeling The discouragement. I felt so disappointed and I procrastinated.

Thank goodness it was just for a month but in Affiliate Marketing 1 month is too much to procrastinate as such I took responsibility and found a new strategy and approach to working not only hard but smart.

I realized it’s not about only working hard but finding out why I am not having success? Am I writing to the right audience? Are my articles written to the right audience or am I missing something?


It’s impoetant to checklist yourself and be honest about it, I knew my reasons for working was not properly put in the right perspective. I needed to do my work with helping others as my focus but to also love what I am doing which to be honest is very exciting for me.

I love writing and I find writing easy because I don’t forse myself, I wait until I have experienced something because I love to write from the heart which comes naturally and I have found that I get ranked easily when I write like this.


Knowledge when it comes to Affiliate Marketing is very complex, it involves so many things from building a website, learning how to write content, using keywords and finding the right keywords then how to find the right affiliate programs where you can leverage products and make an income.

It’s not all about money but having passion, for the work but also for helping others find their purpose and succeed. As I learn and find what works for me to bring success, I then use those tips to help others and eventually start making money. I finally understood affiliate marketing.

I discovered I needed the patience in my work, patience to research, to experiment so I can write not only from researching but from experience both with the products or tips for what works or does not work. Being in hurry to make money quickly is a no go for this type of business.

Just as success is very important, knowing what really works is of utmost importance, but to put all these into the right perspective you need patience.

So After looking at all these I dusted myself picked myself up and started a new website with a new mindset and some kind of maturity.

This time is different I know what works and what does not work. But I have to point out that despite procrastinating I had success so many opportunities presented themselves.

I learnt how to use Facebook for various things, like understanding my personal page which is different from my business page, I learnt how to brand myself and Join Communities.

I learnt how to comment and engage with others on social media which has brought me into joining amazing platforms and creating wonderful friendships and business partnership so you see there’s always something positive in everything we do.

We just have to open our eyes and see both the negative things which are not working and the positive things working, and I did I was able to use what was not working to find solutions to what I need to change in order to see success.

Find Something You Love and Do It

You see even though I did procrastinate after discovering that success is just not about working hard but working smart. If you want to really succeed find something you love and just do it.

I love reading, researching and connecting with people I am so happy and I don’t get bored and I know Affiliate Marketing is something I am going to do for a long time.

I have found what I love but how did I find it by making a decision to change my life and find my purpose something in line with what I love and what I love should be in line with my values. My core conviction and for me it’s empowering others so they can make good choices and smart decisions to better their lives.

Looking For HOW To Start?

If you are tired of not doing anything or you want something meaningful, something to make you wake up every day with energy and exciting then I have an answer for you.

Wealthy Affiliate in here you can be anything you want to be whether you are into music, art, medicine, writing like me you will find what suits you and you can turn it into money but helping others.


~ Realistic expectations

~ Checklist

~ Patience

– Finding Something You Love and do it


Procrastination is bad and it takes you backwards, but it comes from unrealistic expectations, but you can overcome that by realizing that there’s always something that comes out all we do.

Something positive will come out eventually if you can over procrastination by having realistic expectations, doing a checklist of what works and what does not work. Having the patience to turn what is not working into solutions that will Given answers to what works.

I know that others do come back from procrastination but others just gives up but if you can have the eyes to recognize what benefits are coming out of the work you are doing.

It will energize you into finding your purpose or what you really love and from that you become a gift to the world by giving to the world what you have experienced through the empowering of knowledge.

Remember knowledge used correctly is a very powerful tool as Napoleon Hills Says in his book “Think And Grow Rich” it’s not only knowledge that is powerful but organized knowledge is more powerful and I do agree with him.

If you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave your comment and I will definitely get in touch with you. So here is to Your Success!

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