Success And Money What Is The Difference

Everyone wants to succeed and have money maybe you don’t but I do.  Not only do I want to Succeed but I want to have money as well, so today I decided to find out about Success and Money what is the difference?

What Is The definition Of Success?

Many confuse success to having money that’s when they think they have succeeded right? Wrong I looked at the definition of success and this is what came out of google search, Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Let’s look at these two words aim and purpose. And I have written an article on the 7 Tips to Success click here! To read.

Aim for example can be losing weight,  I am aiming to lose weight in a month so I set a goal and when I managed to lose my weight in that time frame I have succeeded.

And what about purpose for me I would choose purpose as the reason for which something is done, created or for which something exists.

So this could be a business or your passion which could lead you to understand your existence.

Now that we understand success as being an aim or a purpose let’s now understand the definition of Money.

What is the Definition Of Money?

I also looked up what money really is and this is what came up from Google, the definition of money is a current medium of exchange in form of coins and banknotes.

So you see this is talking about a medium of exchange in order to have something for example if you want to buy a dress you will need money as a form of exchange in order to have it.

Now you see though success and money are used simultaneously they are two different things but are both important for you to pursue.

If  You aim at anything it will give you  purpose which will then make you succeed  and when success comes it can help you find ways to turn that into monetary gain which in turn helps you to use money as medium of exchange for anything you need in this world.

3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

I often see people desperate to have quick money or to search for ways to make quick money, just as the concept is good and exciting I am not a fun of doing things quickly.

Don’t get me wrong hear me out there are times when you need quick money for a project or when you get sick you want to pay for your hospital bills.

You would need to have money at hand as a means of exchange to get what you want but first you need to succeed at something in order to have money.

Here Are 3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

1. Setting Goals

To be able to set goals’, you need to know what you are aiming for and what your purpose is or in other words what you are passionate about it.

And once you find out about that you need to be focused and set achievable goals’, I tried the quick money setting goals’ thing and it failed but my long time goal succeeded and why did my long time goal succeed? Here is why?

2. Patience

I had set to goals’, fortunately, one was for a short term goal and the other was for a long term but inside of me I knew my short term wasn’t realistic but I had set it when I started my online business which was one of my requirements.

Even when I was writing that goal I felt it and I listened to my instincts and watched for the outcome.  Which was correct.

But for my long term goals’ I had peace and I knew the time frame I set for myself was actually achievable, so was my instincts right Oh Yes, and this has nothing to do with our belief system but just being realistic, I know about belief systems coming from Africa were you find so many limiting beliefs.

But this is about being successful in setting our goals’ which can be from as simple as losing weight to having financial freedom in all these when you set goals’ you need to patient and how does patience come? I am glad you asked.  Which leads me to next and last one of the 3 ways to achieve success and money.

3. Persustence

Yes you heard me you need patience in order to develop persistence, I am a winner, I love to set goals’ and achieve them and I do most of the times.

Why? It helps me be disciplined in decision-making,  just as I am quick to make decisions regarding opportunities there are those times when you need to wait for the right moment to move,  in order for you to have a huge success.

Success and money comes down to what you really want as an individual based on your values and goals’, and how much you want your success to be.

But also how much money you want to make and the period to achieving this and once you do, in  whether you have lost weight or made money.  When you achieve that goal then you have succeeded.

As you can see success and money can be used simultaneously but they do mean two different things and is it wrong to want both? Absolutely not I want to be Successful both in my goal settings which most of them include making money in my online business.

My first priority is helping people that is why I do  what I do, I like helping people discover the right information or knowledge so they can make good  independent decisions.

When the Bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge it just means that,  I know this coming from my background and humble beginning of being raised in Africa.

Africa is beautiful but it can also be challenging and overwhelming especially for women and young girls.

I was passionate at a young age and I loved reading finding knowledge,  I was just obsessed with knowledge, I couldn’t understand then but now everything makes so much sense.

It’s the thirst for knowledge that helped me make the right decisions which then shaped my destiny.  And if you are interested in shaping your destiny? Here is my article on 7 Tips to Success.

Have I succeeded and Made Money

I can safely say, I was born a very fortunate child and I am always grateful to God that he gave me that desire for something more, the desire to look around and say to myself I want more.

And that put me on a road of success.  Not only with money but also with my dreams and goals’ in life.  I know there are people who don’t believe in God or you can say a higher being but I do.

And I believe if you just listen deep down in your hearts and your  surroundings then we will discover how our higher self were God resides, that he is real and he speaks within our hearts.

And that is a topic for another day today it’s about success and money.

But I can say with Confidence that I have had many successes and I have also had financial success.

For me Success is little things that I achieve everyday like saying affirmations for 7 days, 30 days or 90 days.

I love exercising and I would set time frames and achieve those things.  It has greatly helped me decision-making and success does boost our self-worth.

Have I had Failures

A lot of them, but most of them were either lack of proper knowledge or things beyond my control.

I love order in my life and to control things which I have discovered brings a lot of suffering and frustrations.

But  coming out of your comfort zone when you are being stretched can cause loses.  I will write an article about my experience one day.


~ What is the definition of Success

~ What is the definition of Money

~ 3 Ways To Achieve Success And Money

– Have I Succeeded and Made Money

– Have I had Failures


We have looked at success and money, I have given definition for both and I have also looked at the 3 ways to achieve success and money.

These are principles I have used and have had success and money. I have had a lot of money but I also had a lot of losses but the 3 things that has always been with me is setting achievable goals’, patience and persistence.

Even when you incur loses you still need to set goals’, to be patient knowing it’s a phase it will pass.

But also being persistence because persistence does give you a break if you don’t quit and Always be grateful for what you have whether you are succeeding or having loses.

Gratefulness opens amazing doors of opportunities.

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