Success In Affiliate Marketing – What’s The TIMEFRAME

This is a topic where you find many answers but when you are really honest Affiliate Marketing is not a walkover you need to really work at it in order to seeing success.  I decided to write about Success in Affiliate Marketing what is the time frame?  Well when I Started I thought it would take 3 months that was my goal to make my first money.

But To really see success I would give it 2 years max, that is if you don’t procrastinate.  You have a lot of things to learn and experiment with when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

From creating a website, finding or buying a domain to learning how to write content, SEO you name it and sometimes it’s really overwhelming.

I love knowledge, I read a lot which has made me love Affiliate Marketing very much because it’s about reading, researching and experimenting which are fun for me personally.

Routines bore me whether it’s in relationships, work or my lifestyle I love to change things though I am not really good at changes, I embrace them because I can’t stand stagnation.

What is The Time Frame For Success in Affiliate Marketing?

From my experience I would say 2 years, this is not for everyone they are those who have made it as early as 3 months, 6 months or 1 years it really up to to an individual but for me to even see some kind of success it has taken close to 2 years but when you talk  about connecting with others and branding that is something else.

Branding and Connecting With Others

Branding is all about connecting with others but especially if you connect with the right audience, when dealing with the online world everyone is selling something so you want to brand yourself first before you can see real success because that is what I really want, To be Successful.

How To You Brand Yourself

Through Social Media mainly, you can use other mains but social media is the number 1 tool you can use if you want to brand yourself and get connected to others, you watch and learn first that’s the method I have used I don’t pitch people with products and stuff because everybody is doing that.

I believe in connecting with others, helping them reach success and engaging in communities but before you even do all that you have to find which social media platforms work best for you.

Here are my favorites : Facebook is my number 1 I have learnt well and it’s an amazing platform for connecting and branding yourself.

Instagram and whats app though it’s about messages and videos, it’s actually following in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram in its own way as a platform and looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Twitter is also something I use with Pinterest. For Pinterest I also use it for vision boards, you can be very creative and improve your creativity and for me I use it as a learning tool in whatever niche I want to have, great tool to use.

You see learning all these do not take 3 months because with any new thing you want to learn,  you want to research, experiment, see what works and what does not work and find your own signature in that I mean what works for you. , become a master at affiliate marketing.

So I would definitely give it 2 years and if you work smart and diligently you will absolutely see success.  But you may also have your success earlier than that it depends on You as an individual.

What is the Worst Thing You Can do In Affiliate Marketing?

Procrastination and lack of patience these are the worst by far, because when you work so hard and you are very excited and, then you don’t see redults you kind of want to give up.

But if you can set realistic goals and if you want to learn more about that I have written a post on the 7 Tips Towards Success though it’s success in general I was writing having the affiliate marketing in mind because I am an affiliate marketer.

In there you discover the steps you need to succeed but never ever procrastinate or be in a rush or wanting to make quick money with affiliate marketing it just never works.  Set realistic goals and take small steps having short and long time goals in mind.  Be passionate and find a Niche you love something you can do for a very long time.


~ I have talked about Affiliate marketing and the time frame for Success max 2 years

~ Branding and Connecting

~ Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp and Twitter

~ How you can brand yourself through Social Media using the above platforms.

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I started my Journey if Affiliate Marketing in July 2017 and I have worked so hard both branding myself and learning how?  Finding the social media platforms which works best for me . My aim was not to making money quickly but trying to understand how I can be different and empower others.

How I can find other people’s problems in Affiliate Marketing and help them prepare but not only prepare  their minds but find solutions through the struggles I have discovered while working towards affiliate marketing.

But my passion is really connecting with others and helping others find their true purpose in life and becoming who God created them to be. To provide knowledge that they can apply not only to their businesses but to life in general that is my core purpose.

Do I want to make money absolutely, that’s why I am into Affiliate marketing but want my readers to have good information that makes them make good decisions and feel good about them then I will know I have succeeded.

Success is not only about money but it’s about relationships and empowerment, so we can make this world a better place because the more people are knowledgeable to make powerful decision in their success stories the more lives will be touched and Changed and Affiliate Marketing is giving us that opportunity.

You build a website, you find a niche you love, you write content and you connect with your audience before you can leverage your Niche and I feel that is Amazing.

So Yes You can succeed in Affiliate Marketing but you need to have the patience and set realistic goals towards your success.  And If you found this article informative please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

Here is to Your Success !

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8 thoughts on “Success In Affiliate Marketing – What’s The TIMEFRAME”

  1. Thanks Cindy, I found this post really useful. As a newby to WA, it is good to have a realistic expectation of when to achieve success, and make money. So thank you for that little bit of information. Is Affiliate marketing your sole source of income, or do you still have an employed job. I am looking forward to the day where I can just make money blogging. Thanks again, bye for now. Will start following you.

  2. Very nice content you have here. I agree with you that affiliate marketing’s success totally depends on the marketer. Some get it right within months and others in years. The two years you have given is what I will agree with as a standard for anyone who is ready to put in the work and willingness to study. I started affiliate marketing in less than three months and I’m still in the process of learning and practicalising what I’m learning. Its really been fun and interesting though it does have its downsides too once a while. Wealthy Affiliate is what got me started and I’ve been enjoying my progress though its not been fast but at least I’m coming up

  3. This is a great post and intrigues me into learning about affiliate marketing. I like too, how you had a link included in the post with the 7 tips for success and I scoped that post out too!  The content and insights you offer are of real value.  Thank you!

  4. As a rookie affiliate marketer, things has not been easy. Knowing what to do, doing it and having the persistence to keep up doing it even without any results forthcoming yet is tiring but with a greater prospect, I’m pushing through. I had the misconception earlier that I could make it within a month of becoming an affiliate marketer but it seems I shouldn’t expect that soon. 2years seems pretty long and tasking but if there is any chance at success, then I’m willing to put in the effort to push through. Thanks for this motivation

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