Tired of Self – Education? – Wealthy Affiliate University is the Answer

Self Education Vs University – The difference!

First what is Self Education : I am a person who believes in simplifying things and making anyone understand what I am talking about regardless of their level of education.

So Self Education is education with life-long and life learning process, having the ability to acquire knowledge and skill by your self than being taught by someone.

And what is University Online Education?

Simply Put : A Course of Sudy undertaken and completed at an Online University. An Online University can lead to high revenue, in website building and online business, teaching how to maximize your business using Social Media Marketing. And all this can be achieved at Wealthy Affiliafe University.

Whilst Self education has quality benefits like getting educated at your expensive, exploring more deeply and having a level of deeper understanding at things, it is also beneficial in that the learning process can be life long.
You can be able to have amazing opportunities.

But Getting an Online Universities education can teach you how to discover and apply knew knowledge, how to understand complex content writing, how to solve problems regarding building website and maximizing them using Social Networking channels like Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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I am a firm beliver of self education and have self educated myself most of my life, yes I went to Junior High and finished High School, went to College then had a life crisis which made me drop out and find a Job, but I have successed whilst self educating myself.

I have had many opportunites which I did utulize but I also discovered some limitations, so I decided to get an Online University education and I can attest that it is the best decision I ever made.

Why Am I recommending Wealthy Affiliate?

It helps you discover and apply the knowledge in website building and online business.

helps you understand the complexity of online business and how to successed and resolve problems that comes with website building.

helps you develop quick critical thinking and develop the desire to ask question, pausing you out of your comfort zone.

You will be able to learn something new every day.

hope to see you at Wealthy Affiliate Online University.

To Your Success!



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