Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review – Capacity Building For Affiliate Markters


Overview and Ranking of Wealthy Affiliate

Name : Wealthy Affiliate

Founders : Kyle & Carson

Website : www.wealtyaffiliate.com

Training : 4.9 of 5.0

Support : 5.0 of 5.0

Website Builder : 4.9 of 5.0

Research Tools : 4.7 of 5.0

Success Stories : 4.4 of 5.0

Price : Starter Membership (Free) Premium Membership ($49/m or $359/year)

“realsocialmarketing” : 4.5 of 5.0

Hi everyone! Hope you are all great, today I am doing a Review about Wealthy Affiliate 2017, so what is Wealthy affiliate, it is an Affiliate University were you get training in how to build a successful affiliate business online.

They offer training in various aspects and helps you realize your dreams of generating revenue and living an abundant life, you can build your website here in less than 30 minutes and it is fun!

Wealthy Affiliate Training – Pushing you out of Your Comfort Zone

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that trains you on how to build a website in the most simplest way were making you have fun and motivating you to even want to do more, its core purpose is to help you build online Business that will use system automation that allows transactions, cash flow and growth without requiring much effort and time on your part.

They will take you from being a dreamer to being a doer, whether you know the know hows of the Internet or you are just new they’ve got you covered, if you want to be successful online or you want to start thinking outside the box, you will find your place here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are some courses done :

Online Entrepreneur Certification


Building Website

Weekly Live Classes ( and 100’s of hours) of replays


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Siterubix – Easy, Fun and Motivating

This platform is the easiest and most comprehensive I have come to know, you will never find anything like it, you will be able to build your website with easy, you will also be introduced to website engagement platform which is SiteComment were you will have fun interacting with others by leaving them comments and they will do the same as the founders say it is a pay it forward platform, you help and someone will help you as well. Cool Right!

They have another amazing tool called Sitecontent were you will be able to create your contents with so much ease, you will also find that they have a Keyword Tool which will give you any keyword you are looking for and it is second to none in terms of keyword searches.

The community is engaging, motivating, helpful and kind, you will feel like your second home, they are so welcoming and will make you feel at ease and someone is always there to give a hand when need. There is teamwork at work at Wealthy Affiliate.

“Want to be great in Your Respective Niche? Wealthy Affiliate has the right tools to drive you to excellence”

Wealthy Affiliafe Review – “realsocialmarketing”

Final Word + BONUS

Having outline all that you can find, My hope is that you come and experience it firsthand, I would not hesitate recommending Starter Membership at : $0.00 (Join here)if you are aiming for excellence and have the drive to succeed. And Premium Membership at : $49.00/$359 Per Year.

One thing that has stood out for me the Speed at which questions are answered, problems are resolved, the support you get through Live chat, and support Q&A is unbeatable and second to none. They will challenge you, motivate you and drive you to wanting more. Seeing It for yourself.

If you find this Review useful please do not hesitate to leave comments below and I will definitely get back to you.


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2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate 2017 Review – Capacity Building For Affiliate Markters”

    1. Hi Riley,
      Thank you and Yes Wealthy Affiliate once you Join has so many benefits, and it Opens an exciting new world. It has many great resources and step by step actions to take within their trainings which I find exciting. Thanks once again.

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