Wealthy Affiliate 2019/2020 Las Vegas Challenge

Have you ever being challenged that you cannot sleep, you are ever thinking about creative ways to make it to the challenge and win? That’s what’s happening inside the Wealthy Affiliate 2019/2020 Las Vegas Challenge.

Everyone is excit ed in the community but more to those who have been selected to the challenge.

This  opportunity is given to premium members and boy when you see the pictures of the time Wealthy Affiliate members had last year in Las Vegas.

It’s so mind blowing and who doesn’t want to just rest for a while and enjoy the opportunity of meeting people from all walks of life who you have not met. For me it’s very exciting,

What is This Challenge?

This is Challenge for premium members to be invite to Las Vegas these are called Super Affiliates, it’s a conference where you meet to brainstorm strategies both for Wealthy Affiliate but also for your businesses online.

To qualify you have to have 300 members Join Wealthy Affiliate within a year and half.  Which I find reasonable depending on how much you want to make it to Las Vegas,

You may ask how am I going to find the 300 I need for qualifying that is if you are premium member don’t despair Kyle one of the founders who does most of the training has your back.

He will guide you through the whole challenge until you make it that is if you follow everything he asks concerning the challenge.

What is Involved In This Challenge?

First you have to be selected to participate, if writes a post inside Wealthy Affiliate for those who feel they can be Super Affiliate and can commit, work hard and follow through.

As I mentioned he will write a Post inviting members to raise their hands and then he Selects and Sends individual emails outlining what you have to do to be able to find the 300.

He does not Let you do It alone he will personally coach you Towards Success but At the end of It all you have to do the work.

He outlines tasks every month to work on your website if you already have a website or walk you through to building your website within a chosen niche of your liking. Something you are passionate about that you will do for many years to come.

Who doesn’t want to be coached by Kyle? I do, he is very humble, easy to access, you know some of these people have Platforms are so difficult to access but not him.

I am just an ordinary member who joined recently but from day 1 he inspired me, to encouraged me, he is so passionate about helping people that you feel it even when he sends you a private message which he does from time to time.

We are so many so I feel he does care deeply about the success of each member I am on social media all the time.

And have to worked for International companies but he stands out in that he shows you that he really wants to see you succeed regardless of Color or Background and to me that is a unique quality to have and he has that.

Trust me I think he may not even know he has this quality.  It comes out naturally to him.

You can imagine the excitement that is inside Wealthy Affiliate those selected are coming with creative ideas and posting their dreams and aspirations but also we are grateful.

I am grateful that he is teaching me step by step how to succeed in business by helping others whether it’s online business or even In our private lives, what a way to give hope and inspire others.

How To Quality For The Challenge?

First Wealthy Affiliate has a Free Stater Membership which is absolutely free, no credit card involved just an email and your names.

He gives a chance to through the training and if you feel It’s a fit For you, you then join he gives you the ability to make a choice. Awesome right!

So how do you qualify? First you join free then if you sign up within 7 days of signing up and completing your profile, you pay $19 instead of $49 premium membership,

Once You become Premium you can then start promoting Wealthy Affiliate by bringing in referrals and if you manage to in bring in 300 referrals within the stated time of the challenge.

You are on your way to Las Vegas, you see it does not depend on Kyle, it depends on you as an Individual.

Desire is a very powerful tool, which I joined It was round about when this Challenge was on and I saw people raising their hands being chosen and I desired that.

I said to myself one day I am going to quality for Las Vegas and here I am, I have qualified and if I follow through with every work Kyle gives every month and complete my tasks. I will be on my way to Las Vegas.

I desired but I also took action by not giving up and by working every day on my websites and I managed to find referrals which made me quality.

This did not happen overnight it took hard and not giving up. I still need to hit that number one 300 but Am so confident I will make it to Las Vegas.

God has already opened the opportunity and fulfilled my desire it’s up to me to walk through the door by taking action daily. As Napoleon Hill says “ Am the captain of my own Ship”

The fate to go to Las Vegas lies solely in my hands, and I intend to make it. Couldn’t that be amazing if you signed for a free starter membership and then you upgrade within 7 days and pay $19?

The challenge Is still open and opportunities are endless. You may make it or may not but the opportunity to scale your business through the tasks he is giving every month are absolutely worthy enjoying and taking advantage.

For me it’s a win-win situation no one loses if you see it from point of view, he is giving us amazing tasks to work on our websites and make changes and touches so we can have very appealing website that will reach the right audience isn’t that amazing?

Here is An Awesome BONUS!

If you Join by clicking here! I will Personally help you to make Sure you take advantage of this opportunity not only for the short term but for a long term goal of having a success business.

I will guide you offer you one amazing training once you sign up, complete your profile, upgrade and Become premium with 7 days, which you will only pay $19 instead of $49.

Amazing right? So what are you waiting for. HURRY! and Join the fun in this amazing Wealthy Affiliate Super Challenge. You don’t want to Miss It.


~ The Wealthy Affiliate 2019/2020 Challenge

~ What is This Challenge

~ What is involved in this Challenge

~ Awesome Bonus


You have read about what this Challenge is all about what you need to do in order to make it not only for the challenge but for scaling your business towards success as well. You do the task you discover new ways and trips you need to implement to see results,

You sign up free with only an email address and your names, no Credit cards asked and you are good to go, it is an amazing way to grow and expand both intellectually and even business wise. And here is to your Success!

If you found this article interesting do not hesitate to leave your message down in the comment section and I will Definitely get back to you.





























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