Wealthy Affiliate Community – My Experience

This article is based on my experience within Wealthy Affiliate from the time I joined to today,  so let’s take the journey within Wealthy Affiliate Community-my experience.

WA Community What is It?

This is from my experience and observation and having said that I would define it as a community of like-minded people helping each other succeed in Affiliate Marketing and in our own private lives as well and what do I mean by that? Through encouragement and aspirations.

The experience in the community is awesome. I remember when I joined WA, the welcoming messages that followed was so amazing and also everyone was so ready to help.

Some took time to private message me giving me guidelines and who to follow if I wanted to get the best of the community which I did and here I am seeing success and happy.

Kyle and Carson built the community on the basis of giving and receiving my own words but he says pay it forward, you receive according to the input you put in, but I have learnt to only interact In a hasty manner wherever I go.

It is a good practice and because this is an international community you are dealing with diversity and different cultures and backgrounds.

One definitely has to be good at communication skills and emotional intelligence but always be ready for those who have a negative aspect about things I call them sour grapes. The ruin everything..Lol

So Wealthy Affiliate Community is about like-minded people who share same goals and are willing to help each other achieve success.

What Do You Find Inside

We have newbies, seasoned affiliate marketers, from doctors, engineers, IT, Nurses, programmers, and the list goes on, each looking to find their best Niche or Passion and turn that into a business.

Awesome right I know it is. You find intellectuals, programmers and excellent business minds. The blog, train, motivate and encourage.

If You are feeling down the community has your back, are you stuck with your website? You will get help or you have run out of ideas you can ask directly within the community and I guarantee you someone will be there to help.

It is a very well organized community and the respect for one another is amazing.

Everyone is there to make you feel at home, valued and respected.

Nobody has ever made me feel like I didn’t belong there or I didn’t have what it takes to succeed, trust me I have been in many communities.

And you can feel when people are just tolerating you or they feel you are beneath them in terms of culture and background but not Wealthy Affiliate it is a true home for anyone who has a dream and wants to put in the work.

The Community has a lot that you can use to succeed like I mentioned you have blogging and training that members do to help other members and we also have a live chat that you can use to interact with other members and build amazing relationships.

So it’s not only about work but also about business opportunities and having fun connecting with others and learning about different cultures and how people think and behave.

It is a platform for growth opportunities mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What Can Be Done To Make It Better

The only thing I feel they need to do is build communities within Facebook groups where people can come together in real time and get to know each other.

I feel it helps build trust and it can really help answer questions especially if interacting using Facebook lives which is phenomenal.

Every business platform is using this to leverage their business, I may be wrong but I have not seen a Wealthy Affiliate Community on Facebook.

I have seen members reach out to me and we have built amazing friendships but I am looking forward to having a Wealthy Affiliate Community on social media.

I feel this is the only thing that they need to work on to make it even better but that’s my opinion.

The knowledge is exciting and I love the tasks which are given inside WA, they challenge you to come out of your comfort zone and to think outside the box.

I am usually a very busy person but I do find time to interact with the community and write blogs within the WA community.

I have amazing people who are always there when I need them for business but also for personal things as well.

How Do You Join The Community

There’s a free training called Entrepreneur Certification and it’s absolutely free, no credit card requirements, just your email address and your full names.

It gives you access to the community but you really do get full benefits if you Join Premium and If you want to learn more about either the entrepreneur certification or Wealthy Affiliate? I have written a detailed Review and you can click here to read!

Remember If you have no money for premium which is an Awesome opportunity you can still join for free and make use of the community.

You will never know what you can achieve in your life until you take action.  As Richard Bradshaw says “Take Action Daily”

It’s those daily routines that will open opportunities and make you realize your true potential 3 years ago I had no idea I would be able to be an affiliate marketer but I had the desire to do something about my life.

To find myself again, you may ask to find yourself again? Yes you heard me right I had gone through so hard stuff and in the midst of that, I had to leave my own Country of origin into a new Country with a different language and culture.

I had to overcome the obstacle of the language barrier first then learn the Culture which was totally different from mine.

You only discover how much you don’t know when you get into a territory that is not familiar and chaos erupts and in that process you kind of lose yourself but then when you find your feet.

You can conquer and Wealthy Affiliate helped me in finding not only my purpose but finding myself again.

But I had to have desire coupled with taking action and now I am enjoying what I am doing.

I have built amazing friendships, opportunities opened up, learnt how to use social media constructively and today I am a very happy person and full of gratitude.

You see I found a Community that helped me see all that, that when one door closes never despair there’s hope all you have to do is hold on to that faith and hope that there’s greatness in you and the best is yet to come.

Someone opened my eyes when they said no matter how difficult life may seem nothing stays the same life is about movement and things will change.

And that statement changed everything in my life and yes things have changed I am happy again, I can laugh and I love my life because of finding a community that was there for me, encouraged me, motivated me and how did that come about desire and taking action.

You can do it, If I did it and I have overcome every obstacle I had in a foreign Country with a language barrier and no one to show me how to navigate.

I depended on my instincts and trusted myself to succeed. I discovered a strength in me I never thought I had and so you can You!

And if you found this article interesting please leave a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.


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