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Online business can be very costly, I have come to learn that through joining Wealthy Affiliate.   So today let’s take a look at how much Wealthy Affiliate Costs?

As with any business you have to plan, set goals and then move towards that but what about those that join without having the knowledge of having an online business or any business in general?  How can they succeed once they join Wealthy Affiliate?

First let’s discuss Entrepreneur Certification which is a free Course, how much does one benefit from it?  Yes Entrepreneur Certification is free but it’s only there as I discovered upon signing up, it’s there to motivate you to want to upgrade to premium which is actually the back bone of WA.

Wealthy Affiliate and Costs

Well it depends on where you are in life in terms of finances, and how quick you want to succeed, but also how much time you have at your hands.  Having said that let’s break down the costs for a beginner with less money to spend.

If you sign up for the Entrepreneur Certification which is absolutely free, and you upgrade within the 7 days of you signing up, you only pay $19 for upgrading to Premium Membership.

But Premium Membership is $49 and you can also do a yearly membership but this is for another day but for a beginner you pay $49 monthly and you also have to prepare to pay for domains which is about $13 yearly renewable.

This are the only Costs you have within WA, but you have an option to have a siterubix domain which get indexed as well and it does well for free.

I joined with less money but these are the two steps I took and I have seen good results and succeeded in my business online as an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s Jaaxy keyword Research Tool But this is when you have started seeing success and you want to have a more advanced keyword research tool and if you are interested you can read my Jaaxy  Review!

Other than that Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform that is consistent with its cost, there are no hidden up-sells.  What I have written above is exactly what you will find inside WA.

You can start your Journey just paying premium membership of $49, you can then use siterubix domains and you immediately start promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

You start getting paid and you then can get into other options.  Wealthy Affiliate caters for everyone.  Seasoned Affiliate marketers and newbies you will find what works for you financially.

How To Avoid Costs Within WA

First as a newbie, you have to have time to dedicate to your work, I am fortunate that I have other things that cover me financially which leave me with a lot of time but I also have a house to think about.

I have another businesses  to add to my list of things but I do have time which I use to research and write content.  And if you are interested in learn 3 Tips For Content Writing click here!

Find Time to dedicate to your website, sometimes I am busy but I found time like 3 hours to 4 to write and  research ideas regarding content writing.

If you can dedicate 3 to 4 hours everyday, you can write 6 articles minimum every week, I have managed to write about 14 articles  in 2 weeks which comes to 7 articles a week.

Not bad you see, I have no money to hire someone to write my content but I have a desire to Succeed and desire is a very powerful tool if combined with taking action daily.

Researching and Reading

I did write an article about this and I keep on emphasizing the need for researching and reading but also from experience.

I find writing from experience makes you never run out of ideas.  You have to have a passion for books.  I ready mainly self development books and I find them helpful in bringing up ideas,

As I have always said Affiliate Marketing is not easy you need to really work hard and write content which can be very challenging.  So do you spend a lot of money within WA? Absolutely not, if you can spare $50 every month you sacrifice that, you will definitely get some success.

Success does not only come through monetary methods but through also connecting with other people and it brings growth and purpose and I have touched on that in my article I have written regarding wether Wealthy Affiliate is Legit and you can click here to read!

I have sacrificed $50 every month by giving up something I love which is parfums to using that for my online business.

Which now has started coming back through promoting Wealthy Affiliate and I want to save that so that come December I will be able to pay my yearly membership and plan also to upgrade to Premium For Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Costly My Conclusion

No WA is not costly, but affordable all you have to do is find time to work on your niche or business, upgrade only to premium which has a free keyword research tool you can use and siterubix domain.  These two I have used and have had success.

WA gives you many options from a free webinar weekly, free training,  free live chat and a community that is willing to help you until you see success isn’t that amazing?  I think it is.  So If you want to learn more I have written a Wealthy Affiliate detailed review and you click here to read!

Being  successful now is easy all you need is Internet, you can also do your research through YouTube and google free of charge and have success.

Is it possible You ask?  Yes it is that’s what I have been using and have had success.  I have a desire to succeed and I take action every day.  And I listen to audio affirmations both for having a positive Mental Attitude and business success as well.

I wake up early around 04:30 and dedicate sometimes even 5 hours of my time to work on my website and I know for sure that will bring me Success in one way or another.  All I have to do is find time and persist.  The saying Rome was not built in one day is what keeps me going.

So you see, you don’t need a lot of money to start with Wealthy Affiliate you just need as little as $50 with desire coupled with passion and you will definitely see success.  I can assure you there are no upsells with Wealthy Affiliate and you have so many options.

The Community helps with free trainings which you can capitalize on and succeed.  I hope you found value reading my article and if you did do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will definitely get back to you.

And if you have an questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate and Costs please send me an email or reach out to me through social media and I will be of help.

Having said that I wish you success and hope to see you inside WA.


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4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Costs”

  1. The value of WA is undeniable. There are so many tools on offer that even if you don’t want to work on affiliate marketing it’s still of great value as it has one of the best hosting and support services I have seen. There is no better platform to support your website either it be for affiliate marketing or otherwise. And if you can catch some offer like the one they do with Black Friday the cost goes further down making it a no brainer. Excellent value.

    1. Thank you for your comment and sorry for not replying on time went in Africa for a 3 week vacation.  Trying to rest and work now.

  2. In your article “Wealthy Affiliate Costs”, you have shared the real truth. Since a long time, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate along with several other programs, and I absolutely agree with you. 

    To be honest, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best all-in-one platform in such an affordable price, especially the yearly plan is pretty low cost. I am personally attached with many other similar programs, but none of those are like Wealthy Affiliate in terms of facilities, training, community, and cost. If someone gets stick to it, he/she will get a great success for sure, because their training courses are built for success.

    And last but not least, the platform of Wealthy Affiliate is really built for the beginners, which you’ll rarely get online. However, that doesn’t mean this is not for an expert. 

    Thank you for letting people know about this wonderful platform.

    1. Thank you for your comment and sorry for not replying in time, I was on Vacation in Africa for 3 weeks just got back 6 days ago. Once again thank you for your comment 

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