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I just finished an article about Wealthy Affiliate Community which consists of members and here I am again looking at it from another Perspective and that is Wealthy Affiliate Members.

Well my article will be slightly different as I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and will put myself out there and look critically what constitutes a Wealthy Affiliate member?

These are good questions but most of them I have answered them through articles I have written but lets dig deeper into Affiliate members.

Who Are Affiliate Members?

I am an affiliate member so to answer the question simply, Affiliate Members are just ordinary people discovering  their  passions and turning them into niches.

That eventually grow into businesses and giving value to others while doing it.  They are Like minded people with a goal to succeed and help each other achieve success and empowerment.

These are people you find mostly within Wealthy Affiliate and if you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and whether it’s Legit I have written an article and you can click here! To Read.

You don’t need to be extraordinary to be an affiliate member.

I become one because I wanted to change my life and find something that has purpose.

I am moved into a new environment while I discovered opportunities were not that easy especially being black, not because of racism per se but because of the perception those people had in general about black people.

I don’t play the race card even if there maybe some truth to it, my purpose is to find opportunities and be an example to others that if I can make it so can they.

Giving hope to someone who needs it, is much more important to me.  So this article is not about race but about what constitutes Wealthy Affiliate members.

These members are generous, inside Wealthy Affiliate there’s  equal opportunity, no race cards are played but it’s how much you desire to be successful and the work you put in.

If you work hard whether you are black or white, African or European Kyle and Carson won’t look at that but they will look at your work and they will reward you accordingly.

How Do You Become WA Member?

First you have to have desire to do something and then take action but also research to see what really works for you before joining any platform and if you want to learn more on how to become a Wealthy Affiliate member I have written a Review and you can click here! To read.

I am not going to go into detail as the review does that for me but I am going to outline 5 things that’s I have benefited from being a member at WA.

5 Benefits of Being A Wealthy Affiliate Member

1. Learning How To Build A Website

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, which is free by the way through the Entrepreneur Certification. Once you join you learn to build your first website in Just 5 minutes and the lesson is easy and exciting and click here to see how easy it is.

2. How To Use Social Media

You then learn how to use social media because when you find your niche and build a business, you will need to find your audience (customers) though there are other ways you can do that social media has proved to have more success and you learn social media platforms will do that for you.

3. Learn How To Sign Up To Affiliate Platforms

Depending on what you want to do once you have built your website learnt how to use social media platforms you need to have products or solutions for desired audience. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the programs you can promote and I guarantee you, you will have success.

I have joined a lot of platforms others will be nice to you but once you join them you find so many up sells and you see that they are more interested in your money than solving your problems.

They forget that when one joins any platform it’s because you promised them a solution and not manipulating them into spending and spending.

I try to be fair when I am reviewing platforms because I know the trouble that people go through to sacrifice their hard-earned money and if you promise to solve their problems, I know one cannot solve all problems but if you promise solutions then you have to do just that.

Which you will find with Wealthy Affiliate Members, we are a community that help each other and if you want to learn more about the community click here! To read.

So You learn how to research and sometimes the research is done for us through training and you are helped on how to find the best Affiliate Programs.

4. Learn How To Leverage Your Business

In that I mean how to turn your business into a profit making business. Which is making money.

But you just don’t build a website and then think Success will come there’s a lot involved in affiliate marketing like content writing and here’s the article I wrote 3 Golden Tips To Content Writing. All theses come with the first step of building your website.

Then you go to social media and you learn how to open account where you will promote your business.

Remember not all social media platforms will work for you but you will find one or two that really works well and you will come to learn that there’s a lot of things that go on social media that are not true.

You need to be prepared for a long term goal and a lot of work and hours to even see the tiniest of success.

And success also depends on how you define it and how big your dream to succeed is if it’s not that big you will settle for quick fixes but if you really want success that will last.

Then building a firm foundation is key and that is an article for another day.

5. Success

After you have done the 4 steps above you finally see success, how do you know you ask because I have used these steps and have had success.

Also help others succeed don’t worry about greedy people, you will find them on social media even within platforms but remember when you help others to succeed doors of opportunities will open.

I know few people will appreciate you, others will want to just use you but trust me you will see success. I know it’s very frustrating but success does come be patient.


To become a Wealthy Affiliate member is free all you need is an email and your full names. You don’t even need a computer to be success, you can use a smartphone or An iPad.

I made my first money using the mini IPad and if you look at the work I have done you discover that determination and Persistence leads to success and if you want to learn about Success and determination click here! To read.

What are you waiting for, you have everything in you that you need for you to succeed, remember anything you want to change you can but you have to have strong desire then take action daily and you will be on your way to success before you know it.

And if you found this article interesting please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you and here’s to your Success.



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